When couples decide to elope, they decide to go against the grain in society and do something different. They also decide to elope because they both love adventures and traveling. However, many couples get frustrated and don’t know how to pick a photographer. After all, there are so many photographers in the world. How in the world do you find an elopement photographer you can trust?

We made finding an elopement photographer easy. Our Wandering Weddings photographer members are experienced photographers who have documented multiple elopements and intimate weddings. If you are wondering where you should start your search on this list, then you should ask yourself two questions. 

1. Where do I want to elope? 

This world is big, and there are so many gorgeous places to elope. We created multiple inspiration elopement packages that go into specific details on some of our favorite places to elope. If you want even more inspiration, then check out the best places to elope to see specific location ideas. When deciding where you want to elope, remember to think about a place that either means a lot to both of you or a place you both really want to check off of your bucket list. Once you decide where you want to elope, you can hop on over to our elopement resources to get more inspiration!

2. What type of elopement photography style do I like?

Our elopement photographers range in different photography styles, and their gallery and social media can give couples a pretty good idea of their past elopements and creative directions. From our experience, we have realized that a lot of photographers who specialize in intimate weddings and elopements actually adapt and change their creative direction depending on the couple they are working with. Our members want you to love your wedding day photos, so we recommend connecting with them to see who you connect with. 

Now that you have thought about these two questions, it is time for you to pick your elopement photographer. Wandering Weddings is the number one source of adventure wedding vendors from around the world. Search our international directory of photographers below.