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We created Wandering Weddings for the couple who are truly adventurous at heart. Our online elopement planning resource is for couples who prefer hiking boots over heels, who prefer hiking and fun outdoor activities, and who prefer a more intimate and unique wedding day experience.

This site is for couples who are fed up with wedding rules and traditions they just don’t agree with. It’s time to make your own traditions and elope.

Elopements allow couples to celebrate their wedding day the way they want to. So if you want to elope on an epic mountain or in the sand dunes, this website is for you.

Epic elopements and intimate weddings are our specialties. We have featured hundreds of couples who decided to elope around the world! If you ever wondered what an elopement looks like, then our site is a great place to do your elopement planning research!

Our goal is to provide the resources you need to bring your unique vision to life. This includes inspiration, planning resources, and the perfect vendors. Elopement planning starts here – with Wandering Weddings.



When you think about elopements, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Even though the meaning of elopements is becoming more popular in the wedding industry, we still strive to show couples elopements are more than running away with your partner to Vegas and getting married by Elvis.

Elopement adventures have no rules. Elopements are also for every type of couple. So if you’re already married, don’t feel discouraged because you two didn’t elope. Use our inspirational blogs to plan an epic vow renewal adventure together instead!

Our blog is filled with inspiration from our favorite elopements and intimate weddings to fun engagements and styled sessions!


So you’re pumped to start planning your wedding day, the Wandering Weddings way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. We break down everything you need to know in our resources. Our resources are divided into location guides, elopement packages, attire planning, and so much more.

We literally took care of all the research for you, so you don’t have to ask Google, “how do we elope”??

If you don’t see a specific resource you’re looking for don’t be shy and connect with us to see how we can help you! Wandering Weddings will forever be updating and adding new resources for our adventurous couples.


A major planning component of elopements is finding the right vendors. Since we specialize in helping couples plan their perfect elopement together, it was only fitting for us to create an amazing directory filled with every vendor you’ll need.

We weren’t kidding when we said “elopement planning starts here”.

We have members who provide exceptional services in photography, videography, planning, and floral design worldwide!

Commitment to Equality

We All Wander Together!

At Wandering Weddings, we’re not all the same. We feature couples from all over the world whom all tell different love stories. We love highlighting the differences in who we are, what we believe in, what we’ve experienced, and where we come from because we believe in including everyone. Everyone wanders, everyone loves, so we strive to continue wandering together as we grow.

Meet The Team

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Founder & CEO

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Executive Editor & Social Media Manager

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