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ROVA FineArt Wedding

I´m Simone. Heart and soul behind ROVA. I have two addictions in my life: Photography and traveling…
I´m originally from a small medieval town in the heart of Germany, Bavaria called Nuremberg, the home of famous artists, like Albrecht Dürer.
I dedicate my live to beauty… That can be the beauty of landscapes, of people (that has nothing to do with how people look like), the beauty in darkness and the beauty of emotions… That´s why I capture Fine Art. Fine Art, conceptual pictures, and Fine Art wedding pictures.
I do have a lot of experience in traveling, currently, I visited 47 countries in this beautiful world… And there are much more that are waiting for getting explored…. There is so much beauty out there…

High mountains, rough surfaces, the endless ocean, breathtaking landscapes, crowded cities or whispering forests…
I could get lost in exploring new places…
You see, I´m a bit crazy about traveling. The same enthusiasm arises when I can take pictures.
To combine these two passions, I´m a destination wedding, artistic photographer.

I capture your unique stories, the stories of your life and of your love. We create a unique concept for your wedding on which place on this beautiful planet it ever will be and make your wedding pictures truly outstanding.

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