Adventure Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographers

The best weddings photographers in Texas specializing in adventure elopements and intimate weddings.

This directory of the best elopement photographers is based in Texas or works in Texas full-time. To search our global directory of photographers, check out our Elopement Photographers By Location Page.

Anthony Godines Photography

My name is Anthony and I’m so lucky that you’re here! I’m a traveling wedding and portrait photographer currently based in West Texas. I’m a husband and a father, I love to travel to new and exciting places, I’ve got an unhealthy obsession for tacos and breakfast burritos and my day is never complete unless I squeeze and kiss my wife and kids.

Every couples session, every wedding, I’m always looking to capture true and authentic connection. We don’t get there by posing only but by letting you live in the moment of your very own love story. Every moment, every smile and every fleeting emotion can be captured and remembered for generations to come.

This is your story and these are your moments. If you’re up to inviting me into your story to document it then reach out and say “Hey!” and we’ll tell one hell of an amazing love story.

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Nikk Nguyen Photo

Hey there!

I’m a full-time wedding photographer residing in Austin, Texas. In my spare time I like to hang with the pups, ride my motorcycle, and hangout on the couch with my girlfriend. I’m currently as happy as I can be living just us 5 (Carolina, Murph, Tater, & Apple) in our cozy apartment experiencing this crazy adventure called life.

I’ve been a photographer for 3 years now and I’ve explored almost every sub-genre of this profession. In this short journey thus far I’ve realized that the only thing that can make my heart skip a beat, put a smile on my face, and bring a tear to my eye is capturing love stories. I view my job as not a documentor, but a keeper of time. The thought of the couple sharing these photos 20, 30, 40 years from now and feeling like it was just yesterday when their love was so fresh simply gives me goosebumps.

I love to create images that evoke emotion, awe, and even inspiration, but appreciate there is also a need to create classic, timeless images. If you are looking for professional coverage, with an artistic, memorable, and contemporary flare I’m your photographer.

I would love the opportunity to capture your wedding day and deliver it with great care and professionalism. In today’s market place it’s hard to know who to trust. With the desire to deliver powerful images that you will cherish, I feel that you do not have to settle for less.

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Local Embers

We’ve been married since May of 2016 and dang, do we freaking love it. We’re huge supporters of this marriage thing. Our story goes something like this: we met in 2013 and stayed friends for a while until one day it occurred to us that we could spend our lives together. We went from being friends to thinking of marriage in a matter of minutes. Our love is an easy one.

We created a tiny human and we named him Revel Hayes Brown. This kid is our world. He’s gentle and tiny and sweet and everything about him is perfect. We love love love him. Anyways, we spend our days binge-watching Netflix (like lock ourselves in a room and watch a whole season in one sitting), we dream of far away places and go there from time to time, and we spend a whole lot of time laughing. We want a full life – to see the whole dang world. To see it, taste it, and experience all that it has to offer. We’re curious beings; lovers of light, the Lord, deep talks, and all things authentic.

We love people, it’s kind of our thing together. We pay attention – that’s why photography works for us.

We’re lovers here to capture love.

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Anna Claire Beasley

My name is Anna Claire (yup, double first name!) and I am a 22-year-old photographer based out of Lubbock, TX. I love the outdoors and worked for almost three years as a student trip leader at a local outdoor program, taking college students on adventure trips like backpacking and canoeing and teaching classes at the local climbing wall.

Backpacking, caving, cycling, and being in the water are my favorite outdoor activities and my adorable pups, Mahwah and Camino, and fearless husband, Danny, are my three best buds and beloved travel companions.

While my first language is English, I also have a basic understanding of ASL and Spanish!

I travel often and have a passion for human right’s issues—which has taken me around the world; from cloud forest mountains of Costa Rica, to rural villages in the Dominican Republic, Amsterdam and Denmark.

All of that said, for me, living adventurously is not some kind of fad, it’s a lifestyle—and adventurous moments aren’t just big hikes and gorgeous views; They exist in the spaces where we step out of our comfort zones.

My excitement is in the intimate moments that ground us and make us feel present. Sometimes you find it in cold morning hikes. Sometimes it’s just PBR and friends around a campfire. Other times it’s just holding each other’s hands after you say “I do.”

No matter the geographic location, that’s the space that gets me stoked.

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