Handfasting Wedding Ceremony Adventure at Enchanted Rock

Handfasting Wedding Ceremony Adventure at Enchanted Rock

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Deciding to elope means you have decided to celebrate your wedding day how you want to. For Debra and Ed, they wanted to celebrate their union with a handfasting wedding ceremony on top of Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Check out their adventure and why they decided to elope in Texas.

If you want to skip the information, then jump to the photos from this handfasting wedding ceremony adventure.

handfasting wedding ceremony at enchanted rock

Why Elope at Enchanted Rock?

Debra and Ed love adventures. Like many other couples, they didn’t agree with traditional wedding norms. Their reason to elope was to have an intimate experience together.

Instead of going through the whole wedding planning process, these two opted to have a chill and adventurous hike together and celebrate with a handfasting wedding ceremony.

They also decided to host a post elopement party with their family and friends at a later date.

Another interesting fact we love about their elopement is they decided to share their personal vows during their honeymoon in Antarctica. We think this is a fabulous idea to separate your elopement into multiple days.

Nature and travel are two of the greatest gifts we have in life, besides one another.” [Debra]

what is a handfasting wedding ceremony

What is a Handfasting Wedding Ceremony?

Debra and Ed hiked to the tops of Enchanted Rock for their intimate ceremony together.

It was a powerful, yet intimate moment of love, and being on top of the Summit made it feel like the whole world could see it! Plus, the views were breathtaking.” [Nikk]

The handfasting wedding ceremony is originally a Celtic ritual when the couples’ hands are tied together to symbolize the unity and binding of two lives. 

This particular ceremony is usually done in Pagan and Wiccan ceremonies. However, more couples are incorporating this ceremony into their religious and secular vows.

The officiant is usually the one who leads this ceremony. As the officiant and the couple read the vows, the cords are wrapped around their hands.

Have you considered incorporating a handfasting wedding ceremony during your elopement? Let us know in the comments!

changing wedding traditions

Changing Wedding Traditions During Elopements

We have realized more couples are learning the true meaning of eloping together – celebrating your wedding day how you want to.

With more people learning how to elope comes a shift in what people think about “traditional” wedding traditions.

Debra and Ed’s romantic and meaningful handfasting wedding ceremony at the top of Enchanted Rock shows us how it’s ok to not follow the rules.

These two wanted to do something relaxing and fun, so they went hiking in their wedding attire to take some epic photos together! 

“Do it your own way! It’s your commitment to one another so don’t let others dictate how you do it.” [Debra]

Also, just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the wedding traditions you love.

We love elopements because there are no rules and because you have the freedom to do what you both want without the fear of looking “weird” to others. 

“There are so many ways to incorporate traditions into your elopement. You can still have a wedding party if you want bridesmaids, the bride can still walk down the aisle and make a grand entrance, and no one said first dances are off-limits even if it’s just you two!” [Nikk]

What wedding traditions are you considering including on your wedding day?

tips for eloping in enchanted rock

Tops Tips for Eloping at Enchanted Rock

We love Enchanted Rock elopements for its views and hikes. We love reliving their journey as Ed helps Debra hike in her wedding dress.

How epic are these two? 

Nikk’s top tips for planning an elopement at Enchanted Rock:

  • Plan your date carefully and keep an eye on the weather. 
  • If you want a more intimate elopement, find a day/time that doesn’t fall within peak park hours. Knowing your day/time will also help you account for the weather. 
  • Mornings tend to be a bit cooler while afternoons are warmer. 

Are you not sure Enchanted Rock is the perfect elopement destination for you? Check out our best places to elope!

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Photos From This Handfasting Wedding Ceremony Adventure

Thank you Nikk Nguyen for sharing this elopement with us, and congratulations to Debra and Ed.

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