These Southern California elopement photographers have the professional resources and the experience you need to kick off your wedding adventure. Check out their portfolios and contact them directly through the links below. They can’t wait to connect with you!

Southern California is known for its perfect weather, breezy beaches, and desert landscapes. Whether you’re planning an intimate city wedding in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Long Beach or an adventure elopement at Joshua Tree National Park, Big Bear Lake, or Sunset Cliffs, these talented California wedding photographers are ready to capture your big day. All Wandering Weddings photographers are available for both in-state nuptials or destination weddings across the globe.

Note: The following photographers are based in California state or work in California state full-time. To search our complete directory and view the best elopement photographers around the world, check out our Elopement Photographers By Location page.

Photos By Britt Rakosky

Hi! I’m Britt!

I’m Just a home-grown Nebraska girl who is living in San Diego, California. I have a passion for all things abstract, and all things travel. I’ve always had a creative soul and there’s nothing better than getting to capture raw emotions in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I started out doing anything and everything, but there’s something so satisfying about capturing love. Not your stereotypical pose and smile at the camera, but the messy moments. I want to capture the laughs, the in-between looks, the messy and the cozy.  I want to adventure and travel with you and give you something that will be more than a framed picture in your living room. I am here to create an experience.

Let’s make memories.

My goal is to always provide a fun, laid back atmosphere to capture the most intimate, personal, and original moments during our sessions.

These intimate moments can’t be posed or planned. They tell your story, and I want to capture them.

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Pink Feather Photography

Hi my name is Sara, Iv been living in San Diego CA for the last 12 years, however, my soul still resided in the red dirt mountains of Utah where I’m from. I Love everything about Love no matter what it looks like! I have been married for 5 years to an amazing dude named Cliff He scooped me up at a time in my life I didn’t quite believe in love.
I Started photography 7 years ago (Whoa time flies) as a hobby and came to really love everything about it. Being able to save a moment, one of hundreds of thousands of moments in time is an incredible passion for me.
When Im shooting, my goal is to create a romantic piece of art. my love of nature really comes into play and I like to try to blend the romantic couples shots with amazing landscapes. I think there is something so incredibly magical about the nature and landscapes we have on this earth and so to be able to work that in to my photos is always a dream come true. Posed Photos aren’t really my jam. I want the real stuff, that yummy warm real life kind of love. A couple nerdy things about me, I am obsessed with Classic rock and roll, give me some Janis Joplin over Rihanna any day! My love of Sandwiches makes my families life very difficult come dinner time. Some days I wish I was a dolphin. My biggest goal in life is to keep doing what I’m doing and be able to travel the world with my adorable 6 year old Adalay and My husband Cliff.

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Dani Purington Photography

Hi, I’m Dani! I’m a lover of grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee enthusiast, SoCal native, and a sincere Jesus freak. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, James, for a year and a half now, and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with him and all things weddings. Like seriously, they pump me up. Expect me to be dancing all day at your wedding. With me, you won’t just get awesome photos. You’ll get adventure, crazy fun times, and a new friend! Because I believe in chasing dreams, exploring until you get lost, and finding adventures in the little things, even new friendships. Let’s talk!

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Love and Elopement Photography

Non-traditional & nomadic photographers, we’ve been wandering since 2015 – literally!

We’re Lauren & Allen and we’re Destination Wedding & Adventurous Elopement Photographers based in Southern California!  We moved here from Ohio, mostly for the location proximity to Mexico because….tacos and tequila. Slightly kidding. We also like to play weird games in the car like, “cows on my side!” We get pretty competitive. One time we randomly took a spontaneous road trip to document the solar eclipse, slept under the stars, then ended up in an alien-obsessed town throwing a festival for E.T. (don’t worry, this was in West Virginia). And honestly, it was totally rad. But most days…. we’re usually just struggling to figure out what’s for dinner.

We’re not total hippies (yet), but much prefer the adventurous life we have here in SoCal, working and living a tiny life on wheels, sleeping around all over the west coast. The most beautiful places are often right in our back yard. Making us equipped and excited to help with much more than just photography, but provide all the inside scoop on unique and desirable locations around Southern California. Inspired by our personal story, we decided to specialize in destination-based photography for small weddings, after realizing the more traditional approach wasn’t for us. Maybe you can relate? If so we’d love to meet you!

Capturing your amazing moments is absolutely our priority. But we also believe your wedding celebration is more than beautiful portraits – and deserves an equally amazing experience. We help you create a wedding-day experience fit to your story, values and sense of adventure. We factor in all the elements that are important to making your wedding day about you.

We believe ‘love is love’ – meaning we’re photographers for all kinds of lovers, cultures and origins, from all over the world. We empower couples like you to celebrate your love, your way. Make your own rules and go where your heart leads.

But what we can’t help you with… is deciding what’s for dinner. Good luck.

Congratulations & cheers, friends!

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Wildflower Photo Co

Hi there! I’m Karissa, a lover of all things exploring and nature. My husband, Mike and I spend most of our free time hiking, camping, and falling more in love with each excursion. Travel has been a huge part of our story, and if you’ve found your way to this corner of the internet, it’s probably a huge part of yours, too. Over the course of my wedding photography journey, I have fallen in love again and again with couples’ stories, sense of adventure, free spirits, and their unconditional commitment to each other. I feel like the luckiest person in the world each time a couple asks me to help capture a special moment in time for them. For you, it’s less about the lens and more about the two of you in your best moments of togetherness. For me, it’s about being there to support you and catch gorgeous moments along the way. I am the lead photographer, editor, head of social media, bringer of weird dance moves and made up words. Mike is the second shooter, production manager, location master, driver, and provides A+ dad jokes. We live in a quaint neighborhood in Los Angeles. We are lovers of Harry Potter, space, time, and all things fantastical. We love what we do and we can’t wait to join you on your best adventure yet.

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McCoy Wedding Photography

Thanks so much for stopping in!

You must be engaged!! Ekkk!! How exciting! Congratulations to the both of you. I hope we are able to capture some epic moments together for you!!

If you are looking for an adventurous, fun and creative photographer in Orange County, LA or anywhere worldwide, you have landed in the right place!

My name is Kay, and I have been in the wedding industry exclusively photographing engagements and weddings for over 8 years, photographing 400+ weddings in California, and around the country. I specialize in adventurous, fun and photojournalistic photography, perfect for the creative soul, and wild hearts!

Shoot me a message! I would love to hear from you!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kay McCoy

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James Furman Photography

I’ve been dreaming of being a photographer for National Geographic since I was a kid. Obviously, I haven’t become one, and I don’t want to be one anymore (hey, National Geographic editors, don’t take it seriously, just shoot me an email, ok?). But I’m still obsessed with nature. I mean, what can be more beautiful, right?
Though there’s another piece in this puzzle. I’m a wedding photographer, and I love taking pictures of loving couples! Unfortunately, combining beautiful nature with a wedding isn’t always possible, so I after 7 years of doing wedding photography I decided to focus more on destination and elopement photography. I believe that a person needs to be inspired to create something beautiful. For me the recipe of my inspiration is quite simple: a loving couple and magnificent nature. Let’s create together!

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Maia Chloe Photography

Hey there, beautiful human!! I’m Maia.

Also, ASHKJGFLJHALLLK, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! Congrats x a million and I hope I get to meet you and celebrate with you!

So, who am I, right?? I am a dog mom, wanderer, and iced tea addict and obviously an adventurous elopement + wedding + couples photographer. I’m a creative soul who craves authenticity in EVERYTHANNGG, who feels most at home in golden sunsets and sunrises, and who eternally itches to discover and explore. I’m happiest, most myself, and full-hearted when I’m covered in dirt and sweaty and tired from climbing mountains and running in waves and taking in a leaves-me-speechless kind of view. And the best feeling in the world, to me, is meeting two people in love and having them become FRIENDS, not just clients.

So here’s the thing— growing up, I was addicted to love stories in books. I just couldn’t get enough of the epic, star-crossed, gentle, all-consuming love stories that I read about and dreamed about. BUT, as I joined the world of the adults, I realized that we are actually surrounded by ground-shaking and tear-jerking and heartwarming love stories no matter where you look, even in the real world!!

SO, I fell head over heels in love with capturing these stories and sharing them through photography, the same way a younger me got lost in the words and the magical worlds and the fiction. I’m all about capturing the most real, raw, genuine, and slippery moments that you want to remember forever. The kind of love that is endless and powerful and kind and electric. The real YOU, just as you are, together. Your story, through all it’s ups and downs and challenges and victories; all of it from start to finish.

If this sounds like your vibe, LET’S CHAT!! Like right now!! Can’t wait to meet you :))

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