Adventure Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographers

The best elopement photographers in Quebec Canada specializing in adventure elopements and intimate weddings.

This directory of the best elopement photographers is based in Quebec or works in Quebec full-time. To search our global directory of photographers, check out our Elopement Photographers By Location Page.

Gabrielle Desmarchais Photography

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fixation with the idea of beauty – the way the light from a sunset could turn a field of hay into a fiery spectacle, or a strand of hair into an intricate play on warmth and depth. I’ve forever chased the feeling of contemplation and nostalgia that comes with such beauty. I’ve run from one end of the globe to the other in the hopes of capturing it in some way or another; trying as best I can to hold on to something intrinsically ephemeral and transitory. In my mid-twenties, photography became a natural ally in my quest, allowing me not only to capture a moment, but a feeling. I’ve been on the hunt ever since.

Needless to say, the years I spent travelling and frolicking in the countryside have had a tremendous impact on the way I seek, perceive and capture beauty. Whenever I can, I try to get my couples outside and interacting with natural landscapes. After all, few things mirror the strength, fragility and singularity of love with the precision and grandiosity of a stunning landscape.

I want your story to be captured with the delicate poetry and light of a movie or dream; honing in on the texture and grain of your chemistry, on the blurry edges of your collected momentos and memories. My years studying film, fine arts and photography have no doubt had an impact on the way I look at photographic narration and storytelling. But fundamentally, no academic understanding of aesthetic and light can truly teach you the importance of genuine trust between a photographer and the people she captures. That’s why I put your ease and comfort at the very heart of our time together, creating a relaxed and safe space for a couple to feel vulnerable and natural. Only then can I have the privilege of witnessing and documenting your truest chemistry; the succession of tiny moments and unsaids that have made you choose one another in the first place.

If you’re curious about straying away from traditional wedding photography and you’re looking for a creative rendition of your special day that’s just as unique and intricate as your relationship is, I would love to hear from you.

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Julia Garcia-Prat

Hello there!

My name is Julia and I am a Montreal-based photographer. I was born and raised by free-spirited parents in the French country side (thanks Mom & Dad!) and started this business so I could fuel my passion.

I like to describe myself as a documentary wedding photographer with a love for fine arts. Holy moly, what does this even mean, you asked? Well, it means that I like keeping things real and aim to capture your day as it unfolds: raw, candid and spontaneous. With that being said, I also love to incorporate gorgeous aesthetics into my pictures. I like the minimal “posing and guiding” but I am here to help during couple pictures in order to make you look your best. Your images should speak volume! and if it means so go deep inside a forest or climb a mountain to get the perfect shot, then I’m all in!

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Trish Chiasson

Most days you can find me in my office, editing with a big cup of cold coffee next to me…I’ve likely forgotten about it. When I’m not workin’ my butt off, I love a good adventure. I lived in Banff, Alberta for almost 2 years and that’s when I really fell in love with the mountains. Now you can find me in the mountains of Vermont or Northern Quebec, hiking and camping in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter. I’m a lover of all seasons and all people! I used to think my love for literally everyone made me a bad judge of character, but I LOVE that I choose to see the good in people.
Some would say I’m like a golden retriever… actually, one did.

Anyways, I’m just an anglo girl livin’ in a francophone world, trying to learn the language! My favourite food is tacos…
the spicier the better!! My favourite songs are the ones I can dance in the rain to. I wear my Birkenstocks
year-round (yeah I’m that girl with socks and sandals), and I got bit by the travel bug at the young age of six years old. I’ve been dreaming and travelling the world bit by bit ever since.

Let’s adventure together!!

On y va ! <3

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