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Hey there, my name is Irina. I was born and raised in Moscow, however, my constant wanderlust and travels led me to settle in the beautiful Italy. Well, “settle” is not quite a suitable word for me and my husband, as at least four months per year we spend out of Italy, mostly on the ocean coast of Portugal.

Although I had never dreamt or planned to live in Italy, now, having this wonderful chance in my life, I can’t help adoring it. It is indeed “bellissima” as Italians will tell you, diverse with every region being like a separate country, inspiring, delicious, friendly and extremely photogenic.

Moving to Italy has given a great boost in my photographer career. I am lucky to do a lot of photoshoots in awe-inspiring Rome, with history and art masterpieces that surround you there, making every photo look like a shot from a movie.

Yet, my real passion are outdoors adventurous shoots, on the beach or in the mountains, with wild landscapes giving you this endless freedom, involving exploring and discovering places barely visited before by other people.

I am always happy to meet new clients who share my passion for traveling, capturing their sincere emotions and happiness of being together in those magnificent places. I prefer not to pose my couples, giving them maximum space to make them feel as comfortable as possible, to capture those intimate emotions and expressions that couples would only share when they are all alone. I love when the photoshoot flows naturally with a lot of laughter and chats, making my couples feel that they are on a walk, and not on a photoshoot, as for me them having great time during the photoshoot is as important as delivering good photos.


I'm a photographer with an intimate and emotional approach to photography, based in Milan and traveling the world. The wedding day is a unique and precious moment in the life of a couple,
that’s why I think it’s important to have someone with a suitable sensibility next to it.
My promise and my goal is to live again the same emotions felt in the wedding day of a couple through my photos, recognizing even after many years.

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