Micro Wedding Vineyard Ceremony & Elopement Adventure in Sicily, Italy

Micro Wedding Vineyard Ceremony & Elopement Adventure in Sicily, Italy

Kara and Jason got legally married in the US, but they wanted to celebrate their wedding day with their loved ones. Check out their micro wedding vineyard ceremony in Siciliy, along with their elopement adventures after!

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About This Vineyard Elopement in Sicily

“On the first day, they started off their morning with a yoga class at their Airbnb. I loved this idea to start on a relaxing note and hiring someone to come teach a class for everyone. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and slowly getting ready for their ceremony in the vineyard.

They said their vows, with their best friend as their officiant. Afterwards, they celebrated with a champagne toast, a delicious cake, and a home cooked meal by a private chef.

For their second day, we adventured around Sicily. We started with exploring Mount Etna (which was actually active when we were there!), then drove to a cool little castle on the ocean. There they read private notes to one another, along with giving eachother a small gift. They shared wine, explored the area, and then hopped in the water. This was one thing Kara was most excited for – to swim in the ocean with her dress!

We ended the evening chasing a gelato truck, and eating it on the side of the road.” [Kelsey, the photographer]

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Deciding Where to Elope

“They sent out a questionnaire to get information about what their loved ones enjoyed when they traveled, the time of year that would work well, and more – they landed on a few locations around the world. But which would they decide on?! They decided on Sicily Italy!

It had all of the best worlds that they were trying to achieve including good food, culture, history, adventure and they found an epic Vineyard Airbnb.” [Kelsey, the photographer]

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Planning a Destination Micro Wedding in Sicily

“Like with any wedding, focus on the things that are most important to you. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, you are choosing that destination for a reason. Embrace the culture. Make it an experience for yourselves and your loved ones. Add in fun activities, enjoy the cuisine, and get out to explore. Make your wedding day a fun day, but you’re just adding getting married to it!

If you are planning on having quite a few logistics (dinner party, ceremony, wanting to explore), it may also be beneficial to have a wedding planner since you won’t physically be there throughout the planning process. This may relieve a lot of stress on your end and allow you to just enjoy knowing that the planning is in good hands.” [Kelsey, the photographer]

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The couple tells us planning internationally adds another layer of roadblocks to work around. Planning ahead of time and connecting with vendors who specialize in the area can help.
“We wanted something that felt more ‘us’ rather than the traditional formal wedding. It sounded like more fun to be able to spend quality time with those who were there with us. We did a full week with our guests and were able to do some really fun adventures outside of the wedding celebration. Plus it made for really beautiful pictures.” [The Couple]

Estimated Cost Breakdown of This Micro Wedding in Italy

Venue, flights, car rental: ~$8.5k
Photographer: ~$5k
Attire: ~$2.2k
Food and drink: ~$400
Total: ~$17k

“The majority of costs came from the venue and travel costs. And since we were going to stay for a week, I spent a lot of time researching before committing. We were able to find a local woman who cooked homestyle meals through our Airbnb host that saved a ton of money on the food cost, and the food was fantastic. So overall, we came in less than we budgeted.” [The Couple]

Top 3 Things to Remember When Eloping in Sicily

  1. Give yourself time to scout the areas you are hoping to visit or take photos at for your elopement day. I had a bunch of locations I was excited about from the looks of photos online, but logistically, some of the roads to get to these locations didn’t have accurate directions or the roads were in rough shape. I was happy I went and explored beforehand so that on the day, one of us had the confidence on how to get there to avoid any hiccups.
  2. Check holidays. In Europe, they have quite a few holidays or times that businesses just shut down. Check into this beforehand to make sure you can plan accordingly.
  3. Sicily in particular has a variety of landscapes. Decide what you want to be around first (ocean, mountains, volcanoes), then start looking in those areas for accommodation and venues.

“Kelsey was fantastic to work with. We had been on the fence about hiring a photographer at all, because of the extra cost to have someone from the US travel or the unknown of working with someone local. She was a huge part of the reason our wedding worked out as wonderfully as it did. Everything she did was to help us feel more comfortable and happy, including hunting down the gelato truck at the end of our adventure session so that we could end the day with ice cream” [The Couple]

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Details About This Destination Micro Wedding in Sicily

“I personally loved that they hired a private chef to cook them a delicious italian meal. They set up a table outside and had an intimate meal with wine for the end of the night. It was a great way to celebrate, take care of their loved ones, and end the evening in a special ‘Italian’ way.

They made their entire wedding into an experience, and focused on the small details that really mattered to them.” [Kelsey, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Micro Wedding in Sicily

From the Photographer:

“The ocean castle, for sure. I found a few locations before I was actually in Sicily, but the one thing that Kara really wanted to do was jump in the ocean at some point. I wasn’t finding the best-secluded beaches until I found this little castle right on the ocean.

It was the most magical little moment I think I’ve ever witnessed. They wrote each other letters and gave each other small gifts, explored the area, then, later on, jumped in the ocean. It was such a blast.”

From the couple:

“I got to have enough time to enjoy each part. We had a vacation to explore Sicily. We had a day for the wedding. But we also had a day just for a photo adventure. One of the things I hear from friends who go the traditional wedding route is that it goes by so quickly and they aren’t able to soak it all in. We made sure to plan in a lot of time for being in the moment and not having to worry about what came next.”


Photography | Kelsey Converse Photography
Accommodation | Sicily Airbnb 
Florist | Grasso Giuseppe Fiori Ed Arte


Photos From This Sicily Micro Wedding


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