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The Ferros

Based In: Italy
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The Ferros

Based In: Italy




Ciao! We’re Nico and Vinx an Italian couple sharing life and work together. Got married some years ago and our wedding was definitely one of the best days of our life! So we deeply understand how you are feeling and how important is every detail and choice for your wedding. Telling love tales, documenting engagements, elopements on the enchanting TUSCANY HILLS, over the cinematic DOLOMITES, in a sunny APULIA as well as around EUROPE – or abroad is definitely what we love doing and makes us feel so thankful.


In love for cinema & visual art in all its shapes, our multi-awarded photography style mixes all the things that move us the most. With our background in cinema and advertising – we’ve been art directors for almost 15 years in International creative agencies, this allowed us to bring all of this experience and knowledge into the way we conceive our work today as photographers as well as storytellers. Creatively and emotionally inspired by the soul of your story, together we will make it a unique piece of art. We see photographing as a moment of sharing, an act of love and trust to treasure.


It’s the truly most precious thing ever: the two of you, your story. This is why we’re so pleased you are here, thinking of us as part of your day. Because we strongly believe in the wonder of human relationships, the connection with you will be an incredible source of inspiration to us. It will allow document your day, making you feel at ease and create one-of-a-kind and timeless moments. We will capture the truest version of you two together. So there will be nothing more to add!


So, we really look forward to knowing more about your story! If you would like to enquire and share with us more details about your day, visit our CONTACT PAGE and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a response or use Hotmail, please check your spam folder. For any other enquires you can also email us at [email protected]
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When we began looking for wedding photographers we knew we weren't looking for your typical cookie cutter style, we wanted creative images we could use in our home in place of art. This was surprisingly difficult to find, however The Ferros exceeded our expectations with this. I have had many people tell me they have "never seen wedding pictures like that" when we have shared our albums with them. The images are beautiful and real, something we will treasure forever. Not only are the Ferros creative and talented, but Nico and Vinx are wonderful caring people - they take getting your perfect images very seriously and and with great passion. We are forever grateful to have these memories to look back on. We can't recommend The Ferros enough and if we could have them capture every special moment of our lives we would!

Jennifer and Martin
Canada, Vancouver

It’s really funny because now it’s like Nico and Vinx are more than just our photographers. They’re our friends for life and we believe this was meant to be. They showed us amazing spots we could have never imagined, they made us feel like we knew each other since ever. So, when our photos were ready and they sent us a message, we literally were over the moon! They are a gift we’ll treasure for the rest of our life and be grateful forever and more! If you are thinking of getting married or having some pictures to capture your story (and these two are available) we will never say enough times how worth it would be.

Erika and Beni
Scotland, Glencoe

When I started looking for photographers for our wedding, I knew it was going to be a lengthy hunt because I was looking for something different than the typical, pretty, perfectly nice wedding photos. We wanted to find someone with an artistic point of view, that directed and produced a whole album of dramatic, beautiful photos, even with the candid moments. As someone who isn’t really a romantic, or comfortable being the center of attention, particularly in front of a camera, I certainly wasn’t going to be able to produce that result without a lot of help. When I stumbled across the Ferros’ Instagram page, I knew I found something special (I can’t even remember how I did, but I thank my lucky stars). When we finally met them we had the opportunity to get to know Nico and Vinx and they are just lovely human beings: kind, patient, down-to-earth, genuinely interested in knowing about the people they will be capturing, and fun to be around. They made two regular, more-silly-than-romantic, people look pretty incredible in both our couple’s and wedding photos and they captured all the fleeting, little moments so well. They truly deserve all the recognition they have received and more. I’m already scheming up future plans for a baby-moon in Italy (or wherever they might be), if they’ll grace us with their talent again.

Joy and James
California, San Francisco

When we first discovered the Ferros, we fell in love with their ability to capture mysterious, enchanting, cinematic romance. Their version of poetry. Nico & Vinx are beyond the ordinary, and the most sincere couple imaginable. Their vision with nature is so naturally mesmerizing, in the truest form of art. So when they told us to jump in a lake, gown and all… we thought nothing more than to trust their process, knowing they would be some of our favorite moments captured. Twisted tree roots, bundled up branches, muted moody color tones, ridged mountains, and of course… the misty clouds that follow wherever they go. They find the imperfections of nature and blend the human art forms to create the most unexpected sceneries, full of magic. Nico & Vinx have become friends we’ll forever cherish. We are so thankful for the memories, a dream come true…

Lindsey and Alberto
Italy, Dolomites

Nico and Vinx are amazing professionals but also super humble human beings. They have been always supportive and gave us the opportunity to enjoy even more our wedding making us feel understood, always at our ease. It was so easy and fun too to share ideas, feelings with them. They literally made us live a dream! The photos are absolutely amazing, they’ve managed to capture our feelings like we couldn’t even imagine. Looking back at them it's like we're living those emotions for one more time. Fede and I would highly recommend Nico and Vinx, not only for their super talent but for their warm and laid back personalities.

Giulia and Fede
Scotland, Isle of Skye

Living a dream is what happened when we had a look through all of our images taken with Nico and Vinx. Our story told by their vision left us speechless and overwhelmed. They took time to listen to us and it created a safe space for us to feel connected and completely at our ease. When Nico and Vinx showed us the gallery we were literally in tears.

Elisa and Matteo
Italy, Verona

We cannot describe all the feelings we had when we saw the pictures for the first time. They literally made our hearts race! The whole experience with Nico and Vinx has been such an incredible journey, we will never forget those days spent together. Every time we go back to the images we've created together, we can't help to cry... They're certainly more than "images", it's the story we will be able to tell to our children and to those who matter in our life.

Alexandra and Leif
Italy, Dolomites
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Our work is aimed to create images to be treasured in your memory: details, looks, delicate and intimate moments, we look for everything that can truly tell the unique story of your day. From the smallest gesture to the biggest emotions.

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