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Tuscany Elopement Guide

Tuscany is a region in central Italy, most known for its natural beauty by the Apennine Mountains. From romantic beaches to famous Chianti olive groves and vineyards, Tuscany is a great place to elope in Italy and plan your honeymoon. We are here to help you put together your Tuscany elopement package with this ultimate elopement guide featuring our Italy elopement vendors who specialize in Tuscany small weddings and adventures, the best places to elope in Tuscany, and so much more.

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Elopement Vendors For Your Tuscany Elopement

Since Tuscany is such a gorgeous place to elope, there comes some planning involved in preparing for your elopement here. We recommend teaming up with a vendor who specializes not only in elopements in Italy but specifically Tuscany as a region. They will be the best resources to ask when it comes to remote locations to elope not many people may not about. They are also great to make sure you are following the correct rules and restrictions surrounding permits, fees, and any language barriers. Check out our featured wedding vendors in Tuscany below, so you can team up with them and start planning your elopement package in Tuscany.

Where to Elope in Tuscany


Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region. Even though this is a city, there are some of the most iconic sights and architecture you’ll ever see. You can easily plan a more personal elopement here during the off-season during the weekday if you wake up early before all the tourists. With its immaculate culture, Renaissance art, and delicious food, it’s kind of hard to say no to this magical city.

Val d’Orcia

If you’re looking for a picturesque view for your elopement, then Val d’Orcia has it. This valley is crossed by the Orcia river and stretches across the province of Siena. The actual location has been the inspiration for many renaissance painters, and we can easily see why. From its little villages, castles, and valley views, this is the richest location in both history and culture.

Monte Argentario

We really love Tuscany because you can also experience gorgeous sea views. Monte Argentario has the most beautiful transparent waters on its beaches. This location is a little calmer compared to other tourist locations and can be reached by road, foot, or even bicycle! Everywhere in Tuscany has a rich history and here you’ll appreciate the coastline dotted with crumbling forts and towers once built by the Spanish kings who ruled over 400 years ago. The busiest times to visit here are July and August, so keep this in mind when planning your elopement.


If you’re looking to explore a city like Florence without trying to find the perfect time of day and year to dodge the crowds, then Siena is worth a visit. Siena is more peaceful than Florence, and it is smaller. This medieval city is surrounded by a 1,000-year-old wall and has much of the same style of amazing culture and architecture you can see in Florence.

When to Elope in Tuscany

So when should you plan your adventure under the Tuscan sun? Our favorite month to elope in Tuscany has to be May. You also want to consider if you’re eloping in a city near Tuscany or if you’re opting for a more remote location.

Spring is gorgeous in Tuscany with mild temperatures and beautiful blue skies, and there are even fewer tourists around.

Summer months are the busiest time to visit Tuscany. July and August, in specific, are very hot and extremely busy times for tourists. If you want to aim for summertime in Tuscany, then we suggest June or September to still enjoy the heat but beat the crowds that usually come along with it.

Fall is another fan favorite for us because the temperatures are mild, there aren’t that many tourists, and you get to appreciate the fall foliage (which is a triple win in our book). If you want cool orange, red, and yellow hues as your backdrop, then we say go for a fall wedding in Tuscany.

Winter weddings are not popular at all with tourists and couples who plan weddings, which makes it a pretty amazing choice for couples who want an area completely by themselves. Even though it can get really cold and wet in Tuscany, you can still experience a magical wedding day during winter. The only thing to definitely consider is the shorter days that come with the winter months.

Permits and Leave no Trace in Tuscany

Unlike a lot of places and national parks in the US, you usually don’t need a permit to elope at some of the most beautiful and iconic spots in Tuscany. You may, however, be required to pay some sort of fee depending on the actual location and whether it’s on private property.

Our best advice here is to always double-check not only the website and contact information for the specific location you want to have your ceremony but ask your vendors too. They usually have the most up-to-date information since they specialize in the area.

Marriage License Requirements in Tuscany

So you want to tie the knot, legally, in Tuscany? Luckily for you, you don’t need to live in Italy to elope in Tuscany. However, you do need to have your paperwork all in order to make sure you can elope here.

To get married in Tuscany, Italy, you will need your passports, and birth certificates, and schedule an appointment at the specific marriage office in the city or town where you have decided to have your ceremony. A big rule of thumb to remember is to bring along someone who speaks Italian if you don’t. Your vendor is a good person to count on for this too!

Once you receive your marriage certificate, you’ll need two witness signatures. If you’re just eloping the two of you with no guests, then your vendors will do just fine as witnesses.

It’s important to note that the requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Tuscany, Italy may vary depending on your nationality, residency, and other factors. Therefore, we always recommend teaming up with an experienced wedding vendor who can guide you through the process.

If you want to keep things simple, you can always get legally married in the states before and have a commitment ceremony in Tuscany!

Best Places to Stay Near Tuscany

Since Tuscany is not only a gorgeous place to plan your wedding adventure, but it’s also a top honeymoon spot, we thought we might share some of our favorite places to stay. In Tuscany, you can find hotels and more intimate rental locations (which we prefer). Check out some of our favorite rentals to stay our when we are in Tuscany.


Check out this 3 bedroom Tuscan Villa with a private garden and pool.

Check out this 2 bedroom farmhouse in Chiantishire.


Check out this 3 bedroom villa close to San Gimignano.


Check out this 4 bedroom farmhouse by Brunello Vineyards.


Check out this 3 bedroom roof terrace house in Florence.


Check out this apartment in Siena, Tuscany.


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