Emily Santoro

Emily Santoro

Based In: Florence
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Emily Santoro

Emily Santoro

Based In: Florence
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

I am the creative & unconventional one. The kind of person that does not follow what the world say, but choose to create her own path.
And that’s why I do what I do, helping couples creating a day that scream “This is us!” that’s what we want, and this makes us happy!

You see, your wedding day does not have to be a copy of what you saw on social media.
It can be anything you want! Literally throw out the window all the rules, and plan a day that truly reflects you two and your relationship!
I will be there by your side guiding you and giving you all the support you need.

How do I help:

– I give you a complete guide with 86 pages that explain step by step How to elope
– I research and do a personalised location scouting for your  outdoor symbolic ceremony + couple photos + activities suggestions
– I give you vendors suggestions
– I build a personalised timeline for the day
– I will be by your side to guide you through the process

About my approach:

I will report you day in a natural way, there is no need to pose or make any efforts just enjoy the moment and leave the rest to me.

Your wedding/elopement day is not an all day photoshoot, but is an experience for you two to enjoy and be yourself, and this count also for your couple photos moment.
I will be there to guide you with gentle tips, making jokes and have some fun together!
It is my mission to report you two as you are, and catch your natural and own way to melt into each other.
You can think about me as your adventure friend ready to catch all the moments.

Why I love elopements:

I truly believe that going intimate is the best way to get married!

It gives you a day where the focus is actually on you two, and not on the event.

It allows you to be vulnerable, to be yourself.
It gives you time to enjoy meaningful relationships with those who you really care about.
It opens a door full of possibilities where you can decide in total freedom to do what really makes you happy.

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Your special day is about you two, let's do something that truly reflects who you are!

If you think about your "Perfect day", not the wedding day but a general one, what would you do?
Where would you be, what activities are you doing? This is the very first step to start planning your elopement!
It does not matter what the rules say, what it really matters is having the most incredible day together, made of things that make you happy!

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