Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Based In: Dolomites, South Tyrol
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Based In: Dolomites, South Tyrol
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

A local Dolomites elopement photographer that helps peppy couples getting married in the beautiful mountains in a way that reflects them 100%.



What Matters To You For Your Wedding Aren’t Those Typical Things…

You don’t care about lots of decorations, lots of invitees, lots of things that are simply “too much”.
So why try to fit into a box everybody else is?

I totally get you: What matters to you is a stress- & drama-free wedding, that gives you space to vibe out – to enjoy little things like holding hands whilst peacefully walking towards your perfect elopement spot or enjoy some scattered raindrops on your skin.

A strict timeline which is typical for big weddings isn’t for you, since you’re peppy peeps who simply like discovery, exploration and well, to spontaneously have an ice cream whenever just because.

That’s all I can give you as a Dolomites Wedding Photographer

Your Elopement’s An Enrichment For Your Relationship.
It’s An Investment Into Feeling Free.

An Elopement is a whole different thing, because it’s tailor-made to you. There are no rules, and you can simply put every single piece of energy into what you love.
It’s an investment and commitment into the best moments of your lives, which will make you feel endlessly enriched.

It’s not about performances: It’s about letting your unfiltered self fly.
It’s not about frustrations & “having-tos”: It’s about your chest filled with those big positive emotions & having a freaking blast.
It’s about that no drama llama in you who enjoys the perfume of hot grass & the child in you who just wants to be carefreely stoked all over.

It’s everything you want it to be.

An Elopement in the Mountains
is like an easy peasy lemon squeezy
trip in wedding clothes!

Not a difficult difficult lemon difficult
stressful wedding day.

Hi, I’m Ellen – Your Local Dolomites Elopement Wedding Photographer

My family sees me as a bit of a guerilla. I don’t like to follow old-fashioned have-tos. Instead, I stand for everything that isn’t regular and people who want to beat to their own drum.
After my first ski elopement wedding, I knew my calling was to support alternative couples who don’t see themselves having a traditional kind of wedding day.

  •  Breakes wedding rules that don’t serve you, and gives you tailored new ideas instead!
  • Makes sure you avoid typical tourist mistakes that end up with huge disappointments!
  • Keeps you warm, safe and in a good mood – for your day to be as amazeballs as possible!

Each Elopement Package In The Dolomites Contains:

  • Elopement Wedding Package tailored to your wants & needs, completely built from scratch to sustain your own individuality.
  • Personal research and location scouting from me as a local photographer, to get the best photo locations and VIP tips on how to prepare for your mountain wedding
  • Flexibility & Spontaneity in case of unexpected events and the possibility of celebrating from 4 hours to multiple days to make your wedding even more special
  • A non-judgemental person who deeply understands why you want to get married differently and takes care of you. With me, you can feel free to be silly and amazeballs
  • Chauffeuring you to the locations, everywhere possible in the Dolomites, and South Tyrol are included – no hidden fees and no stress
  • Online gallery with edited files in high resolution and web, with print and download rights to share with your friendos and family
  • Positive energy, moral support, and some stardust here and there to give you the best possible experience

Ready to make YOUR  Elopement in the Dolomites happen?

  1. Contact Me

  2. Let’s have an easy peasy lemon squeezy chat about your wedding day – tell me what you’re dreaming about

  3. Book your tailored package and enjoy the adventure!


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Elopement in the Dolomites Couple Kissing in the middle of nowhere in the mountains

Elopement Wedding in Alta Badia, Dolomites

This couple wanted to celebrate their wedding day differently!
We went on a small hike and enjoyed the freedom in the beautiful landscapes of the Dolomites.

I took this couple to a place they have never been before. They trusted the small blueprint of ideas I gave them for celebrating their wedding and totally enjoyed being spontaneous for the rest of that day, without following strict timelines.

This way, we could take easy peasy photographs that were unposed and true to them, without feeling in a rush!
The mountains, especially the Dolomites, are a place that's totally aligned with who they are and what they like.

Is it the same for you too?

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