Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Based In: Dolomites, South Tyrol
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned, Woman Owned
Photographer: Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Ellen Alfreider | Wedding Photographer Dolomites

Based In: Dolomites, South Tyrol
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned, Woman Owned

A local Dolomites elopement photographer  & gnome friend that helps peppy couples get married in dramatic landscapes in a way that 100% reflects them, with a magical fantasy movie touch.


Imagine being so small, embraced by huge mountains – and
with the wind in your hair, tell how much you love each other


Here’s To The Reverse-Thinkers Who Seek Fun, Freedom & Connection: Get Showered With The Cozy Vibes & Warm Fuzzies Elopement Experience – From A To Z.

This is a truly caring and playful and intimate elopement experience with a touch of Italian charm & local hospitality. For people who love secluded locations beyond the mainstream,
You can see me as your personal Dolomites elopement photographer and backbone gnome, that keeps your quest as smooth as a baby’s bottom. From the planning to the gallery delivery. And beyond.

You’re as safe as a gnome in its snugly mushroom home

Pursuing your very own quest and wonders is key to creating a one-of a kind proposal to your love, or epic elopement in the Dolomites.
My local gnome wisdom, helps you to effortlessly craft those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, give you simple 1:1 guidance and sprinkles genuine fun all over your adventure.

You won’t be left wondering like a lone sock in the dryer.

I Love To Help My Couple Save:

1. Countless hours wasted on info-hunting.
2. Tripping into tourist mayhems.
3. On missing out hidden gems not even Indiana Jones would find.

“From the very beginning, we could tell that Ellen prioritised our needs.
As a local to the area, Ellen is very knowledgeable about potential elopement spots, as she’s personally scouted hundreds of these herself.”

– Justine & Zac

Each Fully Custom Made Elopement Package In The Dolomites Includes:

✨ EPIC PHOTOGRAPHS – A cool mix of epic, dreamy & candidly fun photography – you won’t miss out on any of your personalities 😜

✨ COMMUNICATION – 1:1 human connection, to build a unique friendship-like relationship. So you can feel free and relaxed to be yourselves on your elopement day

 PLANNING SUPPORT – Tailored planning & decision-making help via email, chat & 1:1 videocalls when you need them and how you need them – so you’re not left wondering what the next steps are, and get to decisions easier & faster

✨ CUSTOM PICKED ITINERARIES  & ACTIVITIES – based on your wants, interests and personal pace

✨ EXCLUSIVE PLANNING RESOURCES – so you still can explore on your own

 LOCAL FRIEND IN THE DOLOMITES – that holds your hand with fitting first-hand advice, tells you about local stories and culture, and makes you feel relaxed all the way through your elopement

✨ FULL DAY & MULTIPLE DAY PACKAGES – so you have less-stress and have a laid-back elopement day

…and more tailored stuff like exclusive activities, local cultural enrichment or more photographs in fantasy garments


Ready to make YOUR Elopement in the Dolomites happen?

  1. Contact Me

  2. Let’s have an easy peasy lemon squeezy chat about your wedding day – tell me what you’re dreaming about

  3. Book your tailored package and enjoy the adventure!


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Elopement in the Dolomites Couple Kissing in the middle of nowhere in the mountains

Elopement Wedding in Alta Badia, Dolomites

This couple wanted to celebrate their wedding day differently!
We went on a small hike and enjoyed the freedom in the beautiful landscapes of the Dolomites.

I took this couple to a place they have never been before. They trusted the small blueprint of ideas I gave them for celebrating their wedding and totally enjoyed being spontaneous for the rest of that day, without following strict timelines.

This way, we could take easy peasy photographs that were unposed and true to them, without feeling in a rush!
The mountains, especially the Dolomites, are a place that's totally aligned with who they are and what they like.

Is it the same for you too?

Wandering Since 2020

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