These Ohio elopement photographers have the professional resources and the experience you need to kick off your wedding adventure. Check out their portfolios and contact them directly through the links below. They can’t wait to connect with you!

Ohio is known for its rugged hills and sweeping plains. Whether you’re planning an intimate city wedding in Columbus, Cleveland, or Cinncinati, or an adventure elopement at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Hocking Hills State Park, or Brandywine Falls, these talented Ohio wedding photographers are ready to capture your big day. All Wandering Weddings photographers are available for both in-state nuptials or destination weddings across the globe.

Note: The following photographers are based in Ohio state or work in Ohio full-time. To search our complete directory and view the best elopement photographers around the world, check out our Elopement Photographers By Location page.

Copper Photo Co.

photographer, adventurer, lover of documenting love stories. i want nothing more than to showcase the bond between two people with the photos i take. every single love story is different, and i want to showcase your kind of love with my kind of photos.

David Swidrak Photography

I’m David! Husband, father to twin girls, musician, Jesus follower. Always on the hunt for a good pour over. I’ve been capturing moments for the past 11 years, framing love in its raw form. I love meeting couples who are passionate about love, music, photography, and good tacos. If that’s you, then we pretty much just became best friends.

If you’re looking for me to show up with my fancy camera and take a bunch of posed photos with everyone smiling at the camera, we’re honestly not a great fit. I live for the candid moments, the laughs, the tears, the raw, the awkward, the feelings that made you fall in love in the first place. The moments when you think no one is watching. The emotion that floods in when you least expect it. Photography shouldn’t just be another thing on your wedding day checklist. It should be an emotional experience that takes you to a place where nothing else matters but the one you love. Where you can let your guard down and be you. I want you to pour your heart out for each other, falling in love all over again right before my eyes. I want to capture the real.love.stuff. Let’s create lasting memories together.

Ali Bonomo Photography

I’m full of simple honesty with mid-west charm. I believe there are never enough laughs, friends, and wine. I’m an absolutely hopeless romantic- in my mind, I am Nicholas Sparks lead character. I am passionate about animals & have the heart of a vegan, notice I said HEART because let’s be honest- a world without bacon?! I feel that hunger IS an emotion. I see the good in everything, which can be a flaw, but I’m alright with that. Goofball by day, wine drinking sunset watcher by night. Anything that comes out of Brandi Carlile and Stevie Nick’s mouths is literally music to my ears- they can do no wrong.

Connecting well with people is an understatement- much like my dog, I will assume I am new best friends with anyone I meet. Pretty much, I’m an open book and will literally tell you anything you would like to know.

My family is an extension of me. They aren’t just a part of my life, but they are the reason I am who I am. If they are my limbs, then my boyfriend is the one who holds my feet to the ground. Collectively the people in my life are the most important thing to me and influence me as a person and a photographer.

I believe that photos are stories and I love being able to tell people’s stories. If you are looking for Pleasantville family photos with cardigans and pastels- I’m probably not the photographer for you. If you want an experience to capture moments in your life with emotion and fun then I’m PERFECT!!

Drzazga Photo

Hi! We are Carly & Kasey Drzazga. We decided to start Drzazga Photo on our one year wedding anniversary after a long conversation about focusing on things that we love. Those things include dogs (we have two rescue pups!), photography, caring for others, travel, and each other.
We love small weddings and elopements because we can really get to know our clients and capture their emotion, vulnerability, and love for each other.

Eastlyn & Joshua

We’re Eastlyn and Joshua, a husband & wife team for weddings. Eastlyn likes to describe herself as a feeler and hiker with constant messy hair. Joshua likes to describe himself as craving more adventure than is safe for him. So if you’re all about that wild wind-blown hair and you’re not afraid to get a little dirty from a long hike or wet from waterfall mist, then we know we’d be the perfect match for your love adventure. However, more than we love drama of nature, we believe in story.

Photography tends to have a reputation of being the least artistic form of art because of its process and realistic depiction of what’s captured. Although intuitively creative, not all photographers are artists. But art is a language that has always been close to our hearts. As photographers, there is a richness that far exceeds just creating pretty pictures. We believe that we have an incredible opportunity to take part in the imperative art form of visual storytelling. It takes sincerity and a mind that is present, because before we can tell a story honestly, we need to first become “storylisteners.” Storylistening goes beyond asking your subjects the right questions and listening to their verbal narration. It also means being in tune to their inflections, actions and emotions—like the way they move their hands when they talk, what makes them smile & what makes them them teary-eyed.

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