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This is my dream job! I have always wanted to do something artistic. I have found my outlet in photography. I love meeting new people and staying connected to the friends I get to work with. My style lets you just hang out with the people you love the most for a few moments without distractions. It’s not just about the images you can share afterwords, but about the time you get with your loved ones then.

I am based in Omaha NE. But I am adventurous and love the opportunity to travel. Some fun things to know about me; I’m a mom to four amazing kids, and married for 13+ years. I love kayaking (wish I could go more), I love salsa, The Office, hiking, and would love to go to Italy someday.

Mostly I just feel like I am extremely lucking to get to do what I do. I get to capture some of the most amazing moments in the lives of some great people. It’s an honor and I love it.

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