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Washington Elopement Packages

Washington is no doubt one of the most popular places to elope among the couples we feature on Wandering Weddings. We love seeing the amazing adventures that our Washington vendors go on with Wandering Weddings clients. In this guide, we’re going to give you the rundown on putting together your Washington elopement package with amazing vendors and gorgeous locations in WA state.

You’re here, which probably means you’re thinking about eloping and considering Washington as your location. You decided to elope so you could plan the most amazing adventure day that prioritizes what you want. But, getting down to planning can feel overwhelming between permits in different states, national park restrictions, and vetting vendors from miles away. It might feel simpler to go with a pre-built elopement package, but if you do, you lose what you came here to do. Plan the wedding that YOU want.

We started Wandering Weddings because we want you to be able to have the wedding you dreamt of but make the planning easier on you. So, we’ve put together everything you need to build the perfect elopement package that still keeps your unique vision at the forefront. Let’s dive in!!

What You Need In Your Washington Elopement Package

Here’s where everything starts! What do you actually need to elope in Washington State? Washington is one of those states where you literally have endless possibilities on both locations and activities you can do, year-round. Washington is also one of the top states we have featured vendors available to help you plan your dream wedding day. Here’s our list of suggested vendors to check off when putting together your elopement package:

  • Location
  • Permit
  • Officiant
  • Attire
  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Planner
  • Videographer
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Accommodation
  • Catering

Disclaimer: While we don’t offer bundled elopement packages at the moment, we do provide you with all of the information and resources you will need to create your perfect elopement package in Washington. Our Wandering Weddings members are also amazing vendors to ask questions. These members have plenty of experience curating awesome elopement experiences for couples.

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Washington State?

  • Location: Free to $3,000
  • Permits: Free to $800
  • Officiants: $300 to $500
  • Photographers: $1,500 to $8,000*
  • Videographers: $1250 to $7,000*
  • Outfits: $200 to $1,500 per person*
  • Florists: $200-$1,000
  • Hair and Makeup Artists: $100-$200 per person
  • Elopement Planner: $1,000 to $3,000
  • Accommodations: $250 to $1,200 per night
  • Catering: $80 to $1,200
  • Travel: $20 to $500 per person

* Indicates a “spend what you want” category. That means, while we have an average figure listed, you can go far above this average if it is an important vendor to you!!

Extra Costs for Eloping in Washington

Vendor Travel Fees

While there are tons of amazing vendors in Washington, a lot of them are based in Seattle and your adventurous elopement is maybe 2-3 hours away from their facilities or offices. Make sure you ask about travel fees and budget an extra $150-300 per vendor.

Cold Weather Clothing

If you live in Miami and are planning an elopement in Washington in November, you’re going to want to invest in some cold-weather outdoor gear. Base layers, puffy coats, snow boots, and hand warmers should definitely be on your packing list! Check out REI Co-op for some budget-friendly options on your outdoor gear.

Rental Car

Most of the pretty views in Washington are going to require that you drive at least 2 hours from the airport. You’ll likely need a rental car if you are coming in from out of state. If you’re planning an elopement from October to May, get a car that has AWD or 4WD. Traction laws apply on the high altitude curvy highways that you may need to travel en route to your elopement location.

Altitude Acclimation Period

Altitude sickness is a real downer and is even worse if you’re feeling it on the day of your elopement. If you are considering a mountain elopement in Washington, give yourselves a few days in Seattle to acclimate before you head up into the hills. It will add some money to your lodging budget as you may, but we think it’s worth it not to feel awful on the big day!

Tourist Seasons

There are times of the year when Washington is more expensive than others depending on the various tourist seasons. During winter, the mountain towns (especially ski resorts) are a lot more expensive to stay in since many people are there for ski vacations. The cheapest time to visit Washington State is in late September. In this month, the temperature ranges between the mid-50s to about 71, which is just a little on the cool side for most people. July to September is sometimes tough to navigate because it’s wildfire season. Fires are sporadic throughout the year, so have backup plans for weather and high number of tourists.

Example Elopement Packages in Washington State

Photo by Van Gachnang

There are a ton of amazing vendors to choose from in Washington who could help you out with your elopement. You can really fit your elopement package into any budget. We’ve put together some example packages for inspiration for you, and to show just how much elopement budgets can vary based on what you want to do!

The Local Washington Elopement

  • Marriage License: $70
  • Commitment Ceremony: Free
  • Location: Free
  • Local photographer for one hour of coverage and location planning: $1,200
  • Hair and Makeup: DIY
  • Clothing: $200
  • Florals: DIY bouquet and boutonniere ($50 in materials)
  • Travel: $20 in gas to get to a local hike
  • Dinner afterward at a local restaurant: $100

Total: $1,640

The Mountain Adventure Elopement

  • Marriage License: $70
  • Officiant for Ceremony: $400
  • Permit for Ceremony Location in a National Park: $250
  • Photographer for half-day coverage with digital images included: $3,500
  • Florals for two people (like two bouquets, or a bouquet and a boutonniere): $500
  • Hair and Makeup: DIY
  • Clothing and Accessories: $400
  • Ceremony Decoration: DIY ($100 for materials)
  • Travel: $200 in gas to drive round trip to Washington
  • Airbnb for three nights near the National Park: $600

Total: $6,020

The Luxury Travel Elopement

  • Marriage License: $70
  • Commitment Ceremony: Free
  • Permit to use National Park: $100
  • Photographer for a full day of coverage with digital images included: $7,500
  • Videographer for ceremony only with highlight film: $1,200
  • Hair and Makeup (not both!): $125/person
  • Clothing: $750
  • Florals for one person (like just one bouquet): $175
  • Picnic Grazing Board from a Local Butcher: $80
  • Bottle of Champagne to Pop for a celebration photo op: $40
  • Travel: $400 for flights + $325 for car rental
  • Dinner afterward at a nice local restaurant: $200

Total: $10,965

Vendors For Your Washington State Elopement Package

couple exchanging vows on Mt. Saint Helens in Washington State elopement

Photo by Kate Ames Photography Featuring Mt. Saint Helens Elopement

We have amazing vendors all over the world for our elopement packages, but Washington is a hot spot for incredible photography and videography talent. There are tons of amazing vendors for you to choose from in every category of Washington State. When putting together your Washington State elopement package, you want to consider your overall elopement budget. Elopements have a pretty big range when it comes to an average price because it all depends on what vendors you decide to include on your wedding day. Please note that you are not required to include every vendor type in your package. Here are some of our favorites! 

Are you ready to start planning your Washington elopement?

Check out our vendor categories to consider when thinking about your elopement package:


Many people put a good chunk of their budget towards a photographer for their elopement and for good reason! If you don’t have a planner, your photographer is going to be your go-to local expert for locations, timeline creation, and suggestions for lodging, activities, and more! Not to mention, your photos are what you’ll have left to share your adventures with friends and family. In Washington, photographers generally range from about $1,000 to $7,500 for 1 hour of coverage to all-day coverage. Your photographer will help advise you on how much time you’ll need for your elopement, and most will have suggested packages for different elopement styles. Take a look at our amazing Wandering Weddings photographers who will love hearing all about your elopement plans below!


Like photographers, videographers create amazing lasting memories of your adventure elopement that are amazing to share after the fact! It can be so special to share your vows and ceremony with loved ones… or just keep it to yourself and cry happy tears every time you rewatch your highlight reel. Videographers also offer a variety of packages from an all-day hike into the mountains packages to ceremony-only offerings that just give you a simple edit including your audio. Many also offer a short emotional trailer-style hype video of your day that is an awesome addition to a longer video that might have audio or more footage of your adventures! In Washington, videographers range from about $1,200 to $8,000 depending on hours of coverage and deliverables.

Elopement Planners

Planners for your elopement can be a great option if you are planning from another state, need some help creating your vision, or want specific setups at various locations for your elopements. We have seen planners set up amazing picnic sites for our couples while they’re busy saying their I Do’s, and create amazing arch and flower arrangements for ceremony decoration. So, if you want to take your elopement up a notch, consider a planner to help with the logistics. Elopement planners in Washington range between $1,000 to $5,000 depending on scope and location of the elopement day. Check out some of our favorite Wandering Weddings approved planners below.


Washington is special because you don’t need an officiant to get married. But, if you would like to have someone help you create a meaningful ceremony and give you some pointers on vows and readings, there are some incredible folks in Washington who officiate elopements. You can find officiants who specialize in a variety of different types of ceremonies, from religious to focused on your dogs and peppering in some quotes from the Office. They range in price from $300 to $800 depending on location and what you want to include in your ceremony. Many planners, photographers, videographers, and florists double as officiants as well. So keep an eye out for vendors who can offer multiple services for you.


Whether you’re just looking for a quick bouquet or a more elaborate ceremony site decoration project, you’re going to need a florist! Most can work with a wide range of budgets depending on the types of flowers and size of your decorations. Keep in mind that florists will need access to your ceremony site prior to the wedding to set up. Make sure you check the rules of the ceremony site you have rented to make sure you can decorate the space with flowers. National parks and local parks tend to have stricter “leave no trace” rules about what you can bring and decorate with.


Catering companies don’t have to be for big parties! There are so many options when it comes to treating yourself to a great meal after your elopement ceremony. Catering companies are a great resource for small private dinners at picnic sites, private rental properties, and farms. Local butchers often offer grazing board packages that elevate your picnic to the next level! If you just want a luxury dinner and don’t want to go out or do the dishes, a private chef would be a great fit for your elopement day!

Places To Elope In Washington State

We’ve gone over all the other vendors you’ll need for your Washington elopement package, but we saved the best for last. There are incredible options for locations to get married in Washington from private venues on mountainsides, to stunning backpacking trails, to beautiful parks in the bigger cities. Unsurprisingly, the views of Washington’s national parks draw in a bunch of couples year-round.

Like most popular destinations, many of the prettiest spots to elope in Washington require permits and reservations in advance. But, there are still some popular sites that still let you drive up to a gorgeous view last minute.

From misty waterfalls and forests in the Hoh Rainforest to high alpine lakes and mountain peaks in the North Cascades. Washington even has some of the most gorgeous beaches to check out too like Ruby Beach and Rialto Beach. It would be nearly impossible to fit everything we know about elopement locations in Washington into one post. So, we’re going to touch on some of our favorite locations here, but check out our more extensive Washington elopement location guide. Don’t forget our local vendors will have insight into many of these locations as well and can be a great resource when you’re planning your day.

Mount Rainier National Park 

washington elopement packages best places to elope at mount rainier

Photo by Nick Plus Danee

With its 14,410-foot mountain peak, Mount Rainier National Park is a sight to see. This park is about three hours from Seattle and has beautiful views of waterfalls, glaciers, and lakes.

This location is ideal for adventure seekers, and those couples who are looking for awesome photo opportunities during their Washington elopement.

A permit is required for all wedding ceremonies held within Mount Rainier National Park. Please note that additional permissions are also required for photography/videography, so make sure to include your vendor’s contract information in your application form.

Mount Rainier application fee for their permit is $60, and you must submit your application at least 4 weeks prior to your requested date. 

If you’re thinking of eloping at Mount Rainier, then you should check out our Mt. Rainier elopement guide.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park has everything from gorgeous snowy mountains and beaches and rainforests as backdrops as you exchange your vows.

This National park is about two hours away from Seattle and has three different ecosystems all around it.

This location is ideal for couples who want to get married somewhere private and surrounded by nature. Olympic National Park is quiet and serene, and we are sure you’ll find an ideal spot with no big crowds surrounding you.

Olympic National Park requires a special use permit for weddings and elopement ceremonies.

The application fee for this permit is $50, and you also need to submit your application at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding day.

Can you imagine seeing a sunrise or sunset over this gorgeous mountain range? This Rainy Adventure Elopement at Olympic National Park, Washington will give you some awesome inspiration!

Continue planning with our Olympic National Park elopement guide.

North Cascades National Park

Can you believe this is one of the least visited parks in the country? North Cascades National Park is a serene location with 400 miles of trails to hike. Get your backpacks ready because this park has a little bit of everything from alpine lakes, rocky ridges, stunning waterfalls, and glaciers for miles.

North Cascades, like most other national parks, also requires a special use permit for weddings and ceremonies.

The application fee for this permit is $50, and it’s also advised to submit your application at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding day.

Check out our North Cascades National Park elopement guide.

Snoqualmie Pass

If you’re looking for an elopement location close to Seattle, then you should add Snoqualmie Mount Baker National Forest to your Washington elopement package list.

Do you love skiing? This place is ideal during winter to ski and enjoy the beautiful snow. If you are planning a summer elopement, then you can explore gorgeous trails and waterfalls after you both say ‘I do’.

Hoh Rainforest

videography by True Northwest Weddings

Are you looking for something completely different? Hoh Rainforest is an oasis of lush greenery covered in ferns.

Hoh Rainforest is actually located on the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. Within Olympic National Park.

The trees here are huge, and it’s also a great location destination if you are looking for something mystical and ethereal.

Please note the same permit requirements for Olympic National Park are also required for Hoh Rainforest.

Green moss hangs from giant trees, and light slips through tree canopies creating picture-perfect lighting. This is the most popular spot, but other old-growth forests in Washington will give you the same feel.

Washington Coast

The Washington Coast is over 150 miles of secluded beauty. This is a romantic getaway for couples who want to elope somewhere glistening with water and sun.

You will also see some gorgeous sunsets in this area with forests and sea as your backdrop. Being a few hours away from Seattle is great, but there are also little towns close by. Take it a step further and camp by the beach for your Washington elopement.

Palouse Falls State Park

Washington is gorgeous everywhere, but you can find some awesome locations in Eastern Washington such as Palouse Falls State Park. This park has over 13,000 years of history. It is known to be one of the last active waterfalls on the Ice Age floods path. This epic waterfall is a must-see. Check out this Dreamy Elopement Inspiration Session in Palouse Falls for some inspiration.

When to Elope in Washington

Photo by Emett Joseph

The mountain state covered by forest is beautiful year-round, so it’s no surprise that you can elope in Washington any time of the year. However, Washington State does experience four seasons with drastically different weather and scenery (although some would argue Washington only has a wet and dry season). Here’s what you can expect from the unpredictable Washington weather during each season!

Winter (December – March)

If you’re wanting a truly private elopement experience, then a winter elopement in the Pacific Northwest is your best bet. Moody skies, rain, and gorgeous snow can all be experienced during this season. Eastern Washington can see more blue skies and snow in the lowlands in comparison to the west side, but you can still experience a winter wonderland everywhere in Washington during this time of year. This is a good time to visit ski resorts or rent a cabin to snuggle up together before or after you snowshoe or ski down a mountain. Keep in mind, however, a lot of roads and trails in national parks will be closed due to the weather during this time.

Spring (February – June)

During spring in Washington, the snow will start to melt, roads and trails will become more accessible, but it’ll still be rainy and snowy at higher elevations. We like spring for waterfall and forest elopements in Washington. The change of weather and rain can make it particularly whimsical.

Summer (July – September)

Although Summer is usually more crowded, it is a great time to elope in Washington State if you’re planning during sunrise, sunset, or a weekday! You can expect 70+ degrees in western Washington State and slightly warmer temperatures in eastern Washington. There are little to no rainy days (but still prepare just in case). You’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous hikes and beautiful wildflowers in the mountains. Connect with a vendor to navigate avoiding the bigger crowds at more well-known elopement spots.

Fall (October- November)

It gets a bit rainier in October (especially on the west side of Washington state). If you want to experience the fall colors, then plan for an early October elopement when fall colors are at their peak. Keep in mind that weather can change quickly during this time of year, so expect snow (at higher elevations) and rain. However, we love elopements in the Fall for Washington because there are significantly fewer crowds.

Getting a Marriage License in Washington State

If you’re planning to have a legal wedding ceremony at North Cascades National Park, then remember to apply for your marriage license! The license itself is about $69.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Washington has a three-day waiting period, so you can’t get married the same day you get your license.
  • You have 60 days to use your license.
  • You can apply for a marriage license in any county of Washington State and use it anywhere within WA. However, you’ll need to return it to the same county you first applied.
  • You’ll need an officiant and two witnesses to make your wedding ceremony official. Some elopement photographers double as an officiant, and you can always ask some hikers passing by to be witnesses if you want a just-us wedding day.

Remember if you don’t want to stress the legalities during your elopement adventure, you can always plan a commitment ceremony instead of a legal wedding ceremony in Washington. You can deal with the paperwork (officiant and witnesses) before or after your adventure together.

Washington State Permits

If you decide to have your wedding ceremony at any of the elopement locations we mentioned above, then you should double-check to see if that location requires a permit to get married. Please note, that most of these places will require a permit and/or fee.

We suggest going to their websites for the latest permit information. If you decide to have your elopement wedding at one of Washington’s state parks, then you need to get a permit from the state, county, or city. Here are some things to double-check for your Washington elopement location:

  • Is your location pet-friendly?
  • Does your location have restrictions on where in the park or area you can have your wedding ceremony?
  • Are there restrictions when it comes to guests and how many people you can invite? Some places may only be able to accommodate 5-15 people.
  • Are there restrictions on decorations such as arches and chairs?
  • Does your location allow floral bouquets?
  • Is your location accessible during your desired elopement date? Remember, some areas can’t be accessed during parts of the year.
  • Is there high traffic at your desired elopement location?
  • Have you considered eloping at sunrise, sunset, or during the week?

Top 5 Things to Remember When Planning an Elopement in Washington

    1. The best time to visit is June – October.
    2. The summer months of June-September are also the dryest months.
    3. Remember to obtain permits and pay location fees (if applicable).
    4. Have fun, and enjoy every moment during your elopement.

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