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Bali Elopement Photographers

Bali is probably one of the most gorgeous tropical place for your elopement. We personally love Bali as an elopement destination because of the warm weather, scenic views, and honeymoon potential. These Bali elopement photographers are perfect to team up with and plan your wedding day. Bali’s stunning landscapes, from lush rice terraces to pristine beaches and dense jungles, give you plenty to pick from and explore during your adventurous elopement.

One of the most popular outdoor wedding locations is the Baliem Valley in the heart of the island, known for its dramatic scenery and rich cultural heritage. Another breathtaking option is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, famous for its stunning greenery and peaceful atmosphere. For couples looking for a more adventurous setting, the Bali National Park offers rugged coastlines, diverse wildlife, and secluded beaches, perfect for a romantic ceremony. Teaming up with an elopement vendor who specializes in Bali elopements helps you prepare, especially if you’re traveling from the States. A local photographer will always have more insight into the best places to elope, what you should pack, and any rules and requirements you should consider throughout the process.

The photographer vendors below are our members who specialize in Bali elopements and micro weddings. 

Hiring a Bali Wedding Photographer for Your Destination Elopement

Bali is pretty epic, so you need an epic photographer to help you navigate your adventure. Even if you plan on having a micro wedding in Bali, our Bali photographers can help you from start to finish. Some of our elopement photographers also offer their services for more traditional weddings. So whether you’re looking to elope somewhere in one of Bali’s gorgeous parks or at a beautiful beach resort, we have the right team for you.

If you are planning an elopement with a photographer who is based in Bali, then you should account for travel expenses in your elopement budget if you’re thinking about eloping at one of Bali’s national parks.

Q&A For Your Bali Elopement Regarding Photographers

We put together some of the top questions we get from couples just like you when they are planning their elopement.

How Does an Elopement Photographer Cost in Bali?

Photographers’ prices in Bali will vary, depending on what you want and what they offer in their photography packages. The biggest determining factor is how many hours of coverage you’re looking for. In Bali, photographers will charge anywhere from $1,000- $6,000 for elopement coverage. Another thing to consider is if you want to have a multi The more you want to cover, the higher the price. Finally, consider if the Bali photographer is locally based or just specializes in that area. If they specialize in the area, you may have to account for travel expenses. 

Here are some examples:

  • Commitment ceremony photos at a beach resort on one of Bali’s private beaches and portraits after the ceremony – $1,000
  • Elopement ceremony at NungNung Waterfall with loved ones plus portraits at 2 additional locations near the ceremony – $3,500
  • Elopement ceremony in Jatiluwih Rice Terraces with portraits after at multiple locations all day, with additional portraits the following day at a separate location. – $6,000

Keep in mind these are estimates and every photographer has their prices set.

What Is Included In My Bali Photographer’s Fee?

Elopement photographers tend to be more expensive than traditional wedding photographers. Elopement photographers are more hands-on and include more services in their package pricing. It’s important to ask, “What’s included in your Bali elopement package?”

Here are some items that may be included in your package:

  • Travel expenses
  • Location scouting
  • Timeline planning
  • Permit and leave no trace guidance
  • Multi-day elopement adventure
  • Inclusive packages with all vendors you’ll need
  • Guidance for travel and accommodations
  • Wedding albums
  • Set up and take down assistance for decorations
  • Officiant and witness protocol

Keep in mind that not all photographers will include everything in this list in their packages. Some of them might offer different tier options and some photographers may just offer traditional photo coverage.

Do I Need More Than a Photographer for My Bali Elopement?

This depends on what YOU want on your wedding day. If you want to keep things simple, then just a photographer will do. After all, you’re eloping at an amazing place, there isn’t a need for a ton of decorations. 

With that being said, you can 100% outsource and hire more elopement vendors to help you. Even though you are eloping, you can still hire a wedding planner, officiant, videographer, florist…

Explore our elopement directory to team up with a vendor in a different category OR ask your designated Bali photographer who they recommend.

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