These Georgia elopement photographers have the professional resources and the experience you need to kick off your wedding adventure. Check out their portfolios and contact them directly through the links below. They can’t wait to connect with you!

Whether you’re planning an intimate city wedding in Atlanta, Savannah, or Columbus or an adventure elopement at Toccoa Falls, Cloudland Canyon State Park, or Stone Mountain, these talented Georgia wedding photographers are ready to capture your big day. All Wandering Weddings photographers are available for both in-state nuptials or destination weddings across the globe.

Note: The following photographers are based in Georgia state or work in Georgia state full-time. To search our complete directory and view the best elopement photographers around the world, check out our Elopement Photographers By Location page.

Lauren Rae Photo

We are Lauren & Aubrey Hatch, and we believe in love, marriage, and awesome photos.

We’re a couple of adventure-loving southerners who have been in love for over a decade and married for nine years. Our hearts yearn for the wild woods and rambling mountain ridges of the Pacific Northwest, so while we love our home state of Georgia, we travel to the left coast as much as possible! When we’re not photographing other people in love, you can find us outside somewhere hiking, camping, and climbing with our little one – or else, if we’re at home, we’re usually watching The Office or having a low-key rap battle in our living room. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Ashlee Burgess Photography

Hey there, I’m Ashlee!

My love for photography can be traced back to childhood, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that I began to build a business out of that passion. In 2017, I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in photography from Columbus State University. And finally, in 2018, I began working full-time as a wedding + portrait photographer. (It seriously still feels like a fairytale most days!) I am so thankful to be able to support myself by doing something that I truly love, but the best part of this job will always, always, always be the connections — the incredible people that I get to meet and the unforgettable moments that I get to capture.

There are few things on this Earth that bring me as much joy as meeting and photographing people who are in love. But, if I had to name a few things… my husband, my mama, sitting by the ocean, morning light, and cups of coffee would be at the top of that list too! I believe that love and magic are real, I read my horoscope daily, and my soul gets restless between adventures. My business is my baby, so whether it’s revamping my website, redecorating my office, marketing, shooting, or editing — you can always find my heart right here!

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Haley Terrell Photography

Hi, friend! I’m Haley. Some call me Hales. You can find me in Atlanta, Ga. Born and raised. I have an itch to travel. I love ice cream and could eat breakfast for every meal. I’m in love with sweet Chris, who stole my heart on a blind date. I enjoy working out and being active. I’m a college football fan (go dawgs). I think winter is an unnecessary season. I’m often found in the middle of the dance floor. And I have a huge love for Jesus!

I’m a story teller and a romantic. So capturing your story is what I’m here for. I want to showcase the real, the raw, and the authentic. Photography for me is a way of collecting some of life’s most precious moments. So collecting those for others is a sweet honor of mine.

If this sounds like you, lets talk about how we can tell a piece of your story! Because for me, images are not just images but memories and stories we fail to put into words.

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MAKE Adventure Stories

When an exploratory call starts out with “Well, I know this might seem random, but could we…??? “ that’s absolutely music to my ears 😀 My name is Kate, and I am an adventurer and sporto home-based in the Atlanta Metro area!

After going a more “traditional” wedding/family/corporate photography route for a number of years, I had some of my outdoor friends ask me if I would photograph their cliff-top rock climbing wedding, as they didn’t know (and couldn’t find!!!) any wedding photogs that could *also* climb. (Who knew, right!?!) I agreed *without* hesitation, and it was an AMAZING weekend with one of the most touching & beautiful weddings I’d ever been part of. My sporty & outdoor peeps + the adventures I loved to do anyways = a mind blowing experience… The rest is history!

My little corner of the adventure photography world is that I encourage couples to actually DO the activities they love for their big day instead of feeling confined to the lists of ‘normal’ wedding venues we’re given. Backpacking the Appalachian Trail for a sunrise summit ceremony? Let’s do it! Mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, or sailing vows???? Totally! Something else at height, at speed, or off the grid? Heck yeah! I strive with each adventure experience—whether an elopement, intimate wedding, engagement, or, adventure session—to bring beautiful imagery to a meaningful place or activity, *not just* a pretty picture in a pretty place.

If all that that feels a bit ‘much’, no worries! I have mad respect for adventure-leaning weddings too! All that matters is you believe the idea of something *different* & *more amazing* than hotel ballrooms & commercial venues that churn out wedding after wedding. If that’s you, let’s talk. I absolutely believe that with careful research & planning, we can build a wedding experience with just the right amount of adventure for you and your partner, and/or your crew!

What about me? Well… my honey and I backpacked in the Grand Canyon for our honeymoon, and I’m addicted to being outside 😛 My sports of choice are constantly at war with each other for my free time! Hiking & backpacking. Rock climbing. Kayaking & SUPing. Road & Mountain Biking. Running. Camping & Van Life… I love them all! And, I must have been a nomad in another life, as I’m happiest when on the road:-) I’m stoked to meet you & your partner, and to experience what activities & places make your hearts sing as we build your perfect adventure wedding experience! Drop me a line here to start the conversation!

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Debonair Photography

Hi! It’s me Jeana, your newest third wheel. Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer based out of Augusta, GA. I’m a New Yorker, Army veteran with a HUGE passion for LOVE and most of all CAWFFEE.
Considering the world that we live in I choose LOVE. Don’t tell my family but I am a low key romantic. It’s what makes my heart beat hardest…seeing how much others love and can be loved.
I’m about capturing you two for who you are and what your relationship is. Not some fake, posed version of who you are. Anyone can do that. I want to go beyond that.
Let’s create an experience together!

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