Run Wild With Me Photography

Run Wild With Me Photography

Based In: Colorado
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Run Wild With Me Photography

Run Wild With Me Photography

Based In: Colorado
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Hey there! We’re Meg & Kevin of Run Wild With Me Photography! 🏔️ ✨

We have photographed over 200 elopements and intimate weddings since 2017. We specialize in working with just couples who are looking to get married more intentionally and with more privacy in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and beyond. We are also highly compatible and experienced if you have up to 20 guests

Our brightest passion is rooted in adventures – the process of the journey. Whether you’re looking for a private waterfall, mountain lake, scenic hike, or a mellow drive through autumn landscapes, we will help you discover the most perfect space to get married – we’ll meet you there! 

We’ve been together for nearly a decade and got married in Thailand near wild elephants and fresh coconuts. Our experience getting married means everything to us, and helping other couple’s dreams come to life through planning and photographing their elopement truly fills us with joy! Our expertise is putting you at ease and knowing what you might need before you even need it. 

Get ready for the wildest double date of your life and alchemize your most adventurous dreams into your warmest memories! If you feel that you connect with us, we would love to chat more about how we can help you along every step of the way. 

Every elopement photography package includes:  

🥾 Step-by-step planning + ongoing support

🧭 Customized locations guide

💄 Vendor recommendations

⏳ Thoughtful elopement timeline 

💍 Ordained officiant + custom ceremony

📸 Elopement + photography permits

☎️ Planning calls

📚 Comprehensive elopement guide

☮️ All humans and forms of love are always welcome 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ ✊🏿

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It is challenging to write about magic: an unseen but known to be mystical and surreal force of energy. While the ability to truly articulate magical experiences through text is left to a select few, we can all relate to observing and describing magic through our senses. We feel the sun’s warmth, smell fresh flowers, taste cool water, hear howling wind, and see the awe-inspiring images of all of the aforementioned. Most of us hope for some of this magic to make its way into our wedding day. All of us, in one way shape or form, will experience it. And with photographers like Meg and Kevin, we can have it in our photos. Meg and Kevin not only have the unique ability to photograph magic, but to bring it to your special day. The force between the two of them inevitably reaches the bride and groom, eliciting feelings of comfort, calm, confidence, and excitement. Their organized, thoughtful, experienced approach will ease even the most anxious of couples. Meg and Kevin will help you plan your experience, from officiating and organizing a first look, to planning adventures and places to explore for the perfect photos. They are timely and communicative, and their passion for this work is obvious and inspiring. I could not imagine our day without them, and have been swept away by the gallery they worked tirelessly to curate for us. Clearly, one would be remiss not to work with these two. I can assure you from our experience that they can be trusted with capturing the full magic of your day. They will get it all and more. Thank you, Meg and Kevin, for everything!

Olivia + Cody

Many freshly married couples gush over their wedding photos and think their photos are better than everyone else's. We're human, right? ;) However, with Run Wild With Me taking care of your special day and turning your day into literal art work, you can honestly know that there aren't many other people with photos like yours. They are genuine, breathtaking, and truly capture the feelings of the day. I cannot even begin to put a number to the amount of people in true awe of the photos Meg & Kevin created. Every single person that viewed them said they should be published in many different magazines.

They put in many hours with us and without us to help plan our day to ensure it went exactly as we wanted it. They took the time to actually get to know us, so that they could know what our preferences are without having to stop important parts of the day to ask questions. They put in genuine effort to know the things that mattered to both of us. The amount of location guidance, planning, and knowledge that they were able to provide and leverage was absolutely incredible for us and so very appreciated. We chose to go somewhere neither of us had been, so we were able to put our COMPLETE trust in them to pick a location that felt magical to us.

On our actual day of elopement, they arrived right when they promised. On important days, there are always things you forget, no matter how well you try to plan. All of the little things we forgot, they had and without missing a beat provided so that we didn't have any hiccups on our day. They took such incredible care and planning to help us achieve our first look without seeing each other-even though we were in the same rental- that they created literal magic in our first look photos. They helped us separate by allowing me to ride with them and him to drive separately. I felt safe, happy, and to be honest cared for.

The entire day was comfortable with both Meg & Kevin-no weird dynamics. They helped us find the perfect lighting to ensure the background for our ceremony was as majestic as we dreamed. They put us first to ensure we were able to enjoy the weather and the nature views we dreamed of. They posed us without any stiffness or awkwardness. They took time to see what poses we were comfortable with each other and worked around that to get the best lighting and view for the portraits. They were able to be in tune with us enough to catch us in cute moments with one another-to truly capture our moments of love. They helped me carry my flowers and any other items I needed help with. They knew the best paths for our hike to maximize our timeline for our sunset photos. When we needed a moment to absorb our surroundings, they didn't rush us or get impatient with us. They knew when to be quiet with us to enjoy and they knew when we needed help without us having to ask. The amount of -just knowing- in almost all of our interactions and day was an incredible gift of theirs.

With their planning, we didn't have too many hiccups. We eloped at a public space, so even though there were people around, our photos are just us. The mishap that probably stole the most time was the bustle for my wedding dress. It wasn't completed as requested. Meg took time to try to help me so that I could bustle my dress for the hike but it was not able to bustle! Thankfully Meg had a back up plan! She had a bridal buddy, which she was kind enough to allow me to use and helped me in and out of every time we needed to pull dress up or bring it down for our photos. The amount of patience and kindness she had with that was extraordinary! I couldn't have gotten through the day without her help.

If you are looking for photographers you can trust, enjoy their company, and that care about you as a person not just as a job, you need to schedule an intro with Meg & Kevin. They will ensure your photos are truly works of art while caring about the experience you have on your elopement day. You cannot find kinder people or more talented photographers to spend and capture your day with.

Sarah + Josh

My wife and I cannot say enough positive things about Meg & Kevin. From the first phone call over a year ago, throughout the entire wedding/elopement planning process (recommendations, timeline, jeep rentals, etc.), and especially our wedding day, Meg & Kevin were completely amazing humans. They listened to everything we said, and "ran wild with it". We ended up having truly the most magical experience, and we have these two incredible, creative, kind, hilarious and beautiful humans to thank for it!
Despite only knowing each other through Instagram, emails and phone calls, when we met them at 6am for our ceremony, we were immediately at ease. Meg & Kevin have this way about them that make you feel like you've been friends for the longest time and we feel lucky we were able to share so much with them. Also - there couldn't have been a better person to officiate our ceremony than Kevin, because just the sound of his voice makes you feel calm and happy.

My wife and I were a little nervous about the actual photography aspect of our day because we had never had professional photos like this done before, and neither of us typically enjoy a lot of attention; however, Meg and Kevin are PURE MAGIC. Not once did we feel like we were put on the spot or even getting our photos taken for that matter - everything was so easy and natural. We honestly felt like we were just having a fun time with friends enjoying the beauty around us (in fancy clothes). Usually people will say "the photos don't do it justice" but in this case, when we look at our photos, we are immediately transported back to the best day ever.

Caroline + Katie

Meg + Kevin - the most amazingly kind, thoughtful, and talented photographers we have ever encountered! Literally our dream photographers! We can not say enough kind words about them. It was such a blessing to find and work with them!

From the beginning we knew there was something unique and different about them. They truly love what they do and you are not just another client to them. They took the time to get to know us and listen to us. In return we got to know them better on a personal level so that when we met up it wouldn’t feel awkward.

They were basically our wedding planners as well. Going above and beyond what most photographers do. They crafted a detailed list of recommended elopement locations tailored to our wants. The entire process was a breeze without any stress added on us. Once we choose our location they continued to stay in touch communicating and sent us a recommended timeline of how our day could potentially flow. A few days before we eloped they got on the ground at our locations and sent us some photos along with their thoughts.

We are so glad we trusted ALL of their recommendations including different pose opportunities when they arose during our day. They definitely know what they are doing! Such a breath of fresh air to work with them!

Honestly, we felt as if we had known them for years! They made us feel completely comfortable. We knew we could trust them with our day. Our day flowed naturally and we were completely relaxed the entire time. We were just hanging out with good friends who just so happened to be taking our photos. They authentically and organically captured our day and brought to life what we had envisioned - except even better than we could have imagined!

We are so in LOVE with ALL of our photos!!We keep looking through them reminiscing, trying to choose our favorites then realizing we are basically adding hearts to all of them!!

Our friends and family are completely blown away! We are told our photos look like something straight from a professional magazine! We even had a friend tell us she loved them so much she would hang them in her home like works of art! What a compliment!

We can’t thank them both enough for all of their hard work from the beginning to the end! They both exceeded our expectations!

It was such a delight to meet and work with them! So great to have had an amazing experience and come out with such good, kind friends in the process!

If you can’t tell, we highly recommend Meg & Kevin!!

Alyson + Matt

We knew we found our people when we first saw their business name, "Run Wild With Me" how beautiful, how romantic, how true. We felt a connection immediately with these two and knew we had to have them after talking to them and seeing their work. After a few short months the day finally arrived and it was beyond magical. We are so grateful to have found this beautiful couple, they made us feel so relaxed and prepared and helped us through the day with ease. My husband and I were naturally nervous and not quite sure what to do at times, but they helped calm our nerves and bring us down to earth many times. We had a truly perfect and relaxing day thanks to how Meg and Kevin helped us through. They have such a calm and peaceful energy, it was relaxing to just be around them. We were sad to see them leave at the end of the night, but we said our goodbyes and then patiently awaited to receive our gallery. Then it came!!! We were so eager to click the link when we saw the email come in. WOW, we were utterly speechless looking through the photos. We knew we found and hired an awesome and talented couple, but even still, we were completely blown away by what we saw. Not only did Meg and Kevin capture the place, the day, the details, the raw beauty perfectly, but they found a way to capture the experience, the feeling, the love.We could not be happier with these lifelong memories beautifully depicted in the artful photographs created by Run Wild With Me Photography. A+++++ 5stars all the way!!

Nicole + Paul

If I could give Run Wild With Me Photography 10 stars, I would. Meg and Kevin are passionate, motivated, detail oriented, talented, and beautiful. After a couple planning phone calls to break the ice, when we finally met in person, it was like seeing old friends. They did all the legwork and research necessary to make our day special. If things didn't go exactly as planned, they made it seem like that's how it was supposed to go. They had snacks when we forgot ours. They gave great verbal cues for our awkward selves. They were adaptable when we changed what we wanted. Accommodating when they didn't have to be. When we were unsure how to proceed during the pandemic, they were understanding, not to mention respectful of boundaries (I asked them to wear masks while in the car). I could go on and on. Just know they're great and talented. If you want an adventure wedding, hire them. If you have an ugly kid and want a portrait, I'm sure they could make them look amazing. I couldn't be happier with the service and solutions Run Wild With Me Photography provided. Give them all your money.

James + Jessica
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