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Run Wild With Me Photography

Based In: Colorado
Photographer: Run Wild With Me Photography

Run Wild With Me Photography

Based In: Colorado

Hey y’all! We’re Meg & Kevin!


We are seekers of wonder – dreamers of moments that cause your heart to race. Moments bursting with adventure that make you feel fully alive and reminded of just how magical this human existence is. This is why we are elopement photographers!

We help you plan the wedding day of your dreams! Where your memories come first and you get to have a blast marrying your best friend! 

As adventure elopement photographers we help couples plan a day that is truly about them.  A majority of our couples get married just the two of them, but we also create amazing experiences to share with a small group of guests up to 20.  We help couples  with everything from location suggestions, timelines, outside the box activity ideas, vendor + attire recommendations, a How To Elope Guide, officiating services, and  incredible photographs to document all the fun! 


Let’s Embark On An Adventure Of A Lifetime!

>> Feel Safe to Be Vulnerable

>> Pour Your Heart into Your Partner

>> Immerse Your Day in Intention

>> Relax & Embrace Spontaneity


Are You Ready To Embark?

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We knew we found our people when we first saw their business name, "Run Wild With Me" how beautiful, how romantic, how true. We felt a connection immediately with these two and knew we had to have them after talking to them and seeing their work. After a few short months the day finally arrived and it was beyond magical. We are so grateful to have found this beautiful couple, they made us feel so relaxed and prepared and helped us through the day with ease. My husband and I were naturally nervous and not quite sure what to do at times, but they helped calm our nerves and bring us down to earth many times. We had a truly perfect and relaxing day thanks to how Meg and Kevin helped us through. They have such a calm and peaceful energy, it was relaxing to just be around them. We were sad to see them leave at the end of the night, but we said our goodbyes and then patiently awaited to receive our gallery. Then it came!!! We were so eager to click the link when we saw the email come in. WOW, we were utterly speechless looking through the photos. We knew we found and hired an awesome and talented couple, but even still, we were completely blown away by what we saw. Not only did Meg and Kevin capture the place, the day, the details, the raw beauty perfectly, but they found a way to capture the experience, the feeling, the love.We could not be happier with these lifelong memories beautifully depicted in the artful photographs created by Run Wild With Me Photography. A+++++ 5stars all the way!!

Nicole Meacham

If I could give Run Wild With Me Photography 10 stars, I would. Meg and Kevin are passionate, motivated, detail oriented, talented, and beautiful. After a couple planning phone calls to break the ice, when we finally met in person, it was like seeing old friends. They did all the legwork and research necessary to make our day special. If things didn't go exactly as planned, they made it seem like that's how it was supposed to go. They had snacks when we forgot ours. They gave great verbal cues for our awkward selves. They were adaptable when we changed what we wanted. Accommodating when they didn't have to be. When we were unsure how to proceed during the pandemic, they were understanding, not to mention respectful of boundaries (I asked them to wear masks while in the car). I could go on and on. Just know they're great and talented. If you want an adventure wedding, hire them. If you have an ugly kid and want a portrait, I'm sure they could make them look amazing. I couldn't be happier with the service and solutions Run Wild With Me Photography provided. Give them all your money.


It is challenging to write about magic: an unseen but known to be mystical and surreal force of energy. While the ability to truly articulate magical experiences through text is left to a select few, we can all relate to observing and describing magic through our senses. We feel the sun’s warmth, smell fresh flowers, taste cool water, hear howling wind, and see the awe-inspiring images of all of the aforementioned. Most of us hope for some of this magic to make its way into our wedding day. All of us, in one way shape or form, will experience it. And with photographers like Meg and Kevin, we can have it in our photos. Meg and Kevin not only have the unique ability to photograph magic, but to bring it to your special day. The force between the two of them inevitably reaches the bride and groom, eliciting feelings of comfort, calm, confidence, and excitement. Their organized, thoughtful, experienced approach will ease even the most anxious of couples. Meg and Kevin will help you plan your experience, from officiating and organizing a first look, to planning adventures and places to explore for the perfect photos. They are timely and communicative, and their passion for this work is obvious and inspiring. I could not imagine our day without them, and have been swept away by the gallery they worked tirelessly to curate for us. Clearly, one would be remiss not to work with these two. I can assure you from our experience that they can be trusted with capturing the full magic of your day. They will get it all and more. Thank you, Meg and Kevin, for everything!


Hey. Do you want photographers that are going to give you some kick ass photos?! Do you want photographers who will have just as much fun taking pictures of you and your loved ones as you will being the center of attention?! Do you want to remember the best time of your life in the coolest way possible?! Then go with Run Wild With Me! Meg & Kevin were SPECTACULAR during our shoot. They came prepared with everything AND MORE if needed. Not only is their work top notch, but you can tell that this is not just a job to them. They TRUELY do enjoy pouring their hearts and souls into YOUR day. 10/10

Sarah Cummings

My husband and I knew we wanted to elope on 4-3-21 in Colorado, we just needed to find the perfect photographer to capture the day since family and friends wouldn’t be joining us. We lucked out with Meg & Kevin. They are some of the most genuine people we have ever met, and spent so much time getting to know us and understanding our vision for the day. We were not familiar with the Colorado area where we eloped so they put together a seamless plan for our elopement day. The images are stunning and perfectly captured all the emotions of our day which will allow the memories to live on forever!

Devon Ballard-Hudson
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Run Wild With Me Photography

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