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Vermont Elopement Photographers

If you’re thinking about natural landscapes filled with mountains and forests to explore, then Vermont may be the perfect location to plan your wedding day. Since you’re considering eloping in Vermont, you need a pretty rad photographer to help document your special day together. Finding a Vermont elopement photographer is important to ensure your adventure goes by smoothly and beautifully.

The photographers below specialize in elopement photography for adventurous couples. They also have expansive experience documenting epic elopement adventures in this beautiful state. Are you not sure where to elope? Are you thinking about what would happen if the weather is less than ideal for your wedding day? You can ask all these questions and more to your Vermont elopement photographer.

Vermont Wedding Photographers

The term elope is still relatively new, especially for couples just starting their planning. A good majority of couples who end up eloping might not have known they wanted to elope in the first place. These Vermont wedding photographers are also a great option for your elopement or adventure wedding.

Are you still unsure how you should manage your elopement planning? Check out our how to elope guide for all the tips and tricks when planning your elopement together.

Note: The following photographers are based in Vermont or work in Vermont state full-time.

Feel free to jump to one of their profiles to check out their work, or to reach out to them and start planning your wedding day together in Vermont.