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7 Tips on What to do After Eloping


Congratulations, you’re both officially going to elope together! Planning an elopement can definitely be exciting because of how care-free and fun it is compared to planning a traditional wedding. But you’re probably thinking what should you do after eloping together… 

The short answer, you can do WHATEVER you both want!

If you read that and you’re still shrugging you’re shoulders, don’t worry. We’re here to give some ideas to help you plan your post elopement celebration together.

Here are our ideas on what you should do after eloping together:

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Announce Your Elopement to Your Family and Friends

This may sound stressful if you haven’t already done it, but it can definitely be fun if done right. Get together with your photographer or videographer to capture some epic shots of you both to announce your elopement together.

Some ideas you can implement here is using some props like holding a “Just Married” or “We Eloped” sign. 

If you want to announce your elopement within the same day to your family and friends, then get with your photographer to see if he or she can make a quick edit on lightroom, so you can send a quick group text. 

Another idea you can do is facetime your loved ones and talk to them right after your elopement.

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Make it a Multi-Day Adventure

Maybe you’re planning your elopement somewhere super adventurous like the Dolomites, or you want to glamp together on the white sands desert

If you have a big itinerary for your elopement day, then don’t be afraid to extend your elopement to a multi-day experience. 

By extending your adventure time, you don’t have to feel rushed or overwhelmed by what you should do after eloping. 

Talk to your photographer about a multi-day package, so you can have them document your adventure.

When you think about what you should do after eloping, keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer to this question. 

Just like your actual elopement ceremony, your elopement day and post elopement plans can be whatever you want them to be.

Enjoy Post Elopement Traditions Together

Even though you aren’t planning a traditional wedding, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the traditions you love. 

After eloping, you both can have your first dance together as the sun sets, or you can cut a mini wedding cake together.

If you want to get together with your loved ones after eloping and take part in some of these traditions, then that’s ok too! 

After eloping, you can literally do whatever you want! 

Have a Post Elopement Reception

A post elopement reception is one of the best things you should do after eloping! This will allow you to plan something with your loved ones to celebrate your recent union together.

Your post elopement party can be right after your elopement, or whenever you want! One of our biggest advice here is to not feel rushed by when you should plan your post elopement celebration. 

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Trash Your Dress

If you’re planning a longer elopement adventure or even a post elopement adventure, then consider trashing your elopement dress!

Yup, you heard us right! What better way to celebrate your marriage together than to embrace your adventure together and not be afraid to really get your dress dirty.

A lot of couples opt for a more relaxing elopement experience and then plan a post elopement hike the next day or after their post elopement party with their friends and family. 

This way they can get multiple uses out of their wedding dress, from different days, and end it with doing something epic like hiking over 10 miles in it or covering it in sand and water. 

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Go on Your Honeymoon!

This may sound like a “duh” idea, but it really should be that simple. After you both elope, you should go on your honeymoon together!

Enjoy that just married feeling together and relax together. Forget about your responsibilities and just bask in your love together.

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Enjoy The Start of Your Next Adventure

If you’re still not sure what you should do after you elope, then just remember to enjoy it.

Enjoy your elopement day, your honeymoon, and the rest of your lives together. Don’t overthink your wedding portrait “poses”, and don’t focus too much on the details of that day.

What you should do after you elope is to be able to remember the reason why you decided to elope in the first place. 

You should look back on your photos and remember every detail from that day because you weren’t overwhelmed by guests or how your flowers looked.

So what are you doing after you elope? Let us know in the comments below!


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Photo by Kortni Maria, LLC | Hand Lettered Signs by Misc. Delights Co.