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21 First Dance Moments all Adventure Seekers will Love

Some think when a couple elopes, they can’t enjoy traditional moments, like their first dance as husband and wife.

However, our team and photographers at our Facebook community disagree!

You can have your first dance on your elopement. These pictures are proof that you can dance together on a beach, within the trees, on a mountain, or under the stars. You can dance with music, or with no music at all.

Unlike traditional weddings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to inspirational first dance portraits for elopements. 

“I went with my Hungarian clients to Isle of Skye, Scotland, for their elopement. Even though it was a beautiful morning, it was very cold and frosty for the last day of October. They were lovely and so happy. They enjoyed every cold minute of the session. When they did see the sun rising, they started to dance to welcome the sun’s rays.” [Laszlo Horvath]

Groom dips his bride during first dance.

Photo by  The Drawhorns 

“Katee and Eric climbed to the top of a huge rock formation in Rocky Mountain National Park for their first dance, and they danced at 12,000ft!” [Jess]

“After exchanging vowes in front of the most spectacular view of Santorini, April and Eric had the most romantic first dance overlooking the best sunset in the world.” [Teo]

“Ang and Lex never had engagement photos done. So, after their elopement, they changed clothes and danced together on the beach in the pouring rain.” [Taylor]

“This couple eloped in Mount Rainier National Park at sunrise. After their ceremony, the sun made its way up from behind the chilly mountain peaks warming up the previously frigid morning air. These two took the opportunity to celebrate the sun, the warmth, and their new marriage with the happiest first dance. They danced on the hiking trail where they said their ‘I do’s,’ with nothing but the mountains as witnesses.” [Sheena]

Bride and groom dancing on the mountain.

Photo by Scenic Vows

“Cory and Tina live in Yosemite and knew they wanted to have their first dance on top of a mountain. Tina had been talking about the song ‘You’re Amazing’ by Martin Kerr, so I downloaded it and surprised them just in time for a beautiful sunset first dance.” [Scenic Vows]
Bride and groom dancing on a boat.

Photo by Sam Starns

“They had their first dance on the historic boat ride back from a sunrise hike at Glacier National Park. It was amazing!” [Sam]

“When I danced with you for the first time, I felt your heart beating with love.” [Ruslan]

“Alaina and Andrew danced their first dance on the porch of their rental home in Crested Butte. The three of us had gone on a hike for portraits after their ceremony, but they made it back to the house before their parents. While waiting, Alaina started playing music on her phone, and I suggested that they could do their first dance right there. They were both so excited to share this moment without an audience, and later said it was one of their favorite parts of the elopement day.” [Nina Larsen Reed]

“The bride and groom finished their first dance with air guitar solos and asked their family to join along with them.” [Nicole]

“It was the last moments of sunlight over the California cliffs just after Heather and Stephen shared their vows. They began to slow dance, but Stephen couldn’t contain his excitement, so he swept Heather off her feet and spun her around.” [Melody]

“Marwa and Brian eloped at the Foxfire Mountain House in Mount Temper, New York. The entire time they were together, they truly could not stop smiling. The thought of being married truly overcame them once they finished signing their marriage license and started to slow dance. No music was playing. It was simply a dance of pure excitement and joy.” [Maria]

secluded first dance moment photography.

Photo by Magnolia Wyld

“Climbing up the side of one of Arizona’s beautiful red rock cliffs to capture the love between a couple at sunset, could not be described in a million words or feelings. Just pure magic. I am not sure what was shining brighter, the sun or them.” [Jamie Akers]

“This first dance was in Yen Tu Mountain in Vietnam. The bride and groom love to dance under the night sky and stars. When all the stars came out, they choose a high place on the Yen Tu Mountain and let the moonshine, the stars, and the cooling breeze take them into the rhythm of that night.” [Duc Thien]

“With the water drops falling from the ceiling and the amazing acoustics of Yoda cave, Maddy and Griffin’s first dance was one I will never forget. Having your officiant, who’s also a professional musician, makes our elopements even more special.” [Autumn]

If you are looking for more inspiration from this couple and photographer, then you should read the Elopement In Southern Iceland, A Love Story.

Bride and groom share a first dance together.

Photo by Aimee Flynn

“This dance was spontaneous, which is the beauty of elopements! Your first dance can be wherever, whenever, and to whatever music you want. Even no music is fine! So for this couple, the combo of busting a spontaneous move, funky Joshua Trees, and a glorious sunset made for a pretty epic first dance.” [Aimee]

elopement dancing photography.

Photo by Amber Spits

“The feeling of dancing with your soulmate in a place where you’re alone on top of the world after you vowed your unconditional love to each other is pure magic.” [Amber]

sunset dancing for bride and groom.

Photo by Amber Spits

“Every culture has it’s own dance, a different pace, and a unique beat. Just like every relationship has it’s own rhythm.”  [Amber]

first dance between couple

Photo by Micah Emily

“As Winchell and Lance explored Garden of the gods, they chose a quiet nook with a bit of privacy to share their first dance. I watched as these two swayed back and forth, dancing to the sound of the wind while sharing adoring looks. But the real truth is that Winchell and Lance love to be goofy together, and it didn’t take long before Lance pulled out some big dance moves that made us all laugh and smile!” [Micah]

“First Dance on the mountain top in Telluride, Colorado. I organized and shot their JEEP elopement and afterwards, they had their caking cutting and first dance to music on their cellphone.” [Whitney]

first dance kiss.

Photo by Riss + Steven Photography

“These two are so in love, and they couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other the whole day! They travel to National Parks often, and the Grand Canyon was so fitting for their elopement. Their day was full of joy and dancing to their song, while the sunset at the on the North Rim. Hence, it was perfect for them in every way!” [Marisah Akers] 

Are you inspired to start planning your elopement? If the answer is yes, then you should check out our Elopement Planning Resources. We connect photographers and other vendors with couples who are planning to elope.