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5 Valuable Tips for Announcing Your Elopement

5 Valuable Tips for Announcing Your Elopement

Wondering how to announce your elopement? Losing sleep over what the response might be?
We are all for keeping your nuptials an intimate experience, especially when saying “I do” involves a little adventure, but we also understand that the news is not always well-received. To ease your fears and help prepare you for the big announcement, we asked real couples to share their thoughts and personal stories. Now we’re passing their advice on to you!

Wondering how to elope? We can help with that too!

1. Wait Until Your Ready

There are no strict guidelines on how and when you should announce your elopement. If you are thinking about eloping, then you want something intimate. If you want to announce your elopement the day after or a month after, that is completely up to you and your honey.

great sand dunes national park colorado elopement wedding

Amy Bluestar Photography

Keara from Hilo, Hawaii shares…

“I felt as though I wanted to talk to my parents about it before we officially decided, so that conversation went great! My mom was pretty relieved, to be honest, to not be helping in planning a big traditional wedding. I’m also sure my Dad was relieved he wouldn’t be needing to figure out how to pay for it. We told Aaron’s parents after we eloped, that as per his request. That conversation went great as well, and they were also very excited for us!

Best advice for telling family and friends? Tell them when YOU are ready! Eloping is meant to be more of an intimate way to say your vows to each other and that day is about what you and your significant other want, not what everyone else thinks it should be. We ended up still wanting to have a backyard BBQ/potluck, so when we started telling everyone else, it came along with an invitation to the party.”

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2. Send Invited Announcing Your Elopement or For a Reception

A great way to announce your elopement is to print your favorite picture from your elopement day and send it to your family and friends with a personal note. At the end of the day, your loved ones will be happy for your unity, and there are more ways to celebrate than being present when you say “I do”. If you still want to dance the night away, add a reception date with your announcement invites.

adventurous yosemite national park elopement wedding

Brooke Shannon Photography

Kaylie from Southern California shares…

“We wanted family and friends to still feel like they were part of our special day, even though they couldn’t be at the actual ceremony. Before our elopement, we sent out invitations that were worded, ‘Join us for the celebration of our marriage.’ All of our guests knew that we would be getting married ahead of time in Yosemite.

The party took place two weeks after we got married at my parent’s house and included most of what you would have at a wedding reception. We had an entrance, first dance, DJ, food, and drinks. Our vows were recorded, and we played it right before our grand entrance as a way to include everyone in the ceremony. We also had pictures from the wedding day at the party, which was really fun for our guests to see. Fortunately, we did not have a lot of push back, and I think people really admired the fact that we knew what we wanted and we were willing to go the distance to make it happen.”

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3. Announce Your Elopement on Social Media

Maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle of sending snail mail. A great alternative or addition you can add to your elopement announcement is utilizing social media. Everyone and their grandma is on social now, so use this to your advantage. Compile together some awesome pictures from your wedding day and post away!

great sand dunes national park colorado winter elopement wedding

Cedar & Pines

Mandy from Colorado shares…

“We told our immediate families before we went, so they knew the plan. Corey and I are both so close to our families, so we couldn’t keep it from them! We did keep it a secret from everyone else, and I actually posted an announcement on Instagram and Facebook. We have so many friends and family that we wanted to tell ASAP, that seemed like the best way to get our exciting news out!“

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4. Throw a Reception Party to Celebrate Your Marriage

We hinted at this before, but throwing a party is never a bad idea. We love it when couples throw a BBQ reception and surprise their family and friends with their elopement announcement. This is a great way to keep things casual and include everyone without the fear of not being able to afford to.

Bekah Kay Creative

Meghan from Baltimore, Maryland shares…

“We decided to elope with our parents and siblings present. We both have large immediate families who are so important to us, so we also threw a BBQ at our house a few weeks after our wedding for 50 of our nearest and dearest. The same 50 who would have been present had we chosen to go the traditional wedding route. We sent invitations announcing the date of our elopement, and we would be having a party to celebrate. It was so fun, laid back, and exactly what we wanted. We also sent out announcements to the rest of our extended family and friends with pictures from our elopement, and a short explanation of our day. My advice is to not worry. Your family loves you, and you are going to worry way more than they will!”

5. Keep It Casual

We saved the best for last because it’s important for all couples to remember this. If you want to keep things casual, then that is perfectly ok! You can have a party, you can wait to tell people, you can share a couple boxes of pizza with your family and friends… You can do whatever you want and keep things as simple as you want.

Angela Hays Photography

Taylor from SLC, Utah shares…

“We kept all of it really casual. We didn’t even post about our engagement on social media until quite a bit later. A lot was done by word of mouth, and when people asked, we would preface by saying that the ceremony would just be family.”

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Don’t Forget to Make it Official

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