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Utah Elopement Packages

If you want deserts, red rocks, canyon cliffs, and sparkling rivers, then Utah is calling you to elope. The landscapes in Utah are far from epic, and there are so many different areas to explore, depending on what you both want to do during your elopement day. Whether you plan on going skiing in the mountains during the winter or explore iconic destinations like Zion National Park, your Utah elopement will be beyond perfect. Our comprehensive Utah elopement package covers everything from locations, vendors, and tips for your Utah elopement.

* While we don’t offer bundled elopement packages in Utah, we do provide you with all of the information and resources you will need to create your perfect elopement package. Our Wandering Weddings members are also amazing vendors to ask questions. These members have plenty of experience curating awesome elopement experiences for couples.

How to Elope in Utah

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Vendors to Build your Perfect Utah Elopement Package

When putting together your Utah elopement package, you want to consider your overall elopement budget. Whether you’re planning a desert elopement in Moab or a micro wedding near Arches National Park, your budget is everything when planning! Elopements have a pretty big range when it comes to an average price because it all depends on what vendors you decide to include on your wedding day. Please note that you are not required to include every vendor type in your package.

Are you ready to start planning your Utah elopement?

Check out our vendor categories to consider when thinking about your elopement package:


These vendors are where most of your elopement budget will be going towards, but for good reason. On average, our photographers will charge $2,500-$6,000 per elopement. This depends on how many hours of coverage (half-day versus full-day) a couple is looking for their Utah elopement package.


Like elopement photographers, videographers are going to be a great investment for your elopement day to document your adventures together. On average, our videographers will charge $2,500-$6,000 per elopement. Keep in mind, this depends on how long you want your elopement footage to be. For example, a full-day video coverage would cost more versus covering just your elopement ceremony.


On average, our officiant members will charge $500-$800 per elopement. Officiants are great to orchestrate your favorite traditions and wedding vows. It’s also important to note that some other vendors are also officiants, so we recommend always asking.

Elopement Planners

You don’t necessarily always need a wedding planner for your elopement adventure, but having a planner does help if couples have a very clear elopement vision. The average price for our planner members is $1,000-$3,000. Planners are also great for couples who don’t want to DIY or worry about anything, or couples who live far from their elopement destination.


Since you’re planning an elopement, you’ll need less floral arrangement than your average traditional wedding in Utah. If you aren’t down to DIY your own bridal bouquet, then a florist in Utah can average $300 to $600.


Are you looking to elope in Moab, Spring City, Morgan, or Salt Lake City? Even though there are plenty of public land options to consider eloping to in Utah, there are also some pretty neat private venues in Utah too to include in your elopement package. Our team loves private venues because they do offer you more privacy and flexibility when you two are going to elope. Private venues, on average, will charge $300 to $4,000, depending on the location.

Places to Elope in Utah

Utah has a bunch of places to explore. There are actually so many different options that it’s easy for couples to become overwhelmed. Where are the best places to elope? Do all places in Utah require a permit? Will any of these places be remote and off the beaten path? Since Utah has so much to offer from stunning Moab views to epic sunsets at every turn, we highly recommend you team up with a Utah elopement vendor.

While we are going to mention some of our favorite places to elope in Utah below, it’s important to note that connecting with one of our members who specialize in Utah elopements will allow you to have your elopement at secret locations and trails not many people know about.

As professionals in the elopement industry, it’s our goal to provide you with all the tools and information you need to plan an epic elopement, but it’s also our goal to keep these areas protected. Our list of elopement locations in Utah should give you a good idea of where you would love to have your ceremony together. Once you know what areas you two are loving, then connect with our members to start planning your adventure!

Check out some of our favorite areas for your ceremony or elopement portraits:

Arches National Park

North of Moab you’ll find one of the most popular national parks in Utah, Arches. This park is everything you have ever wanted your Utah elopement to look like. With more than 2,000 sandstone arches, there are no short of picturesque spots for your portraits together. Summer elopements here can be pretty hot, so it can make exploring a little uncomfortable. We suggest planning a Spring or Fall elopement here. Since this is such a popular spot, we definitely recommend considering avoiding the weekends, so you can explore more popular arches in the park without the stress.

Weddings at Arches National Park are allowed are specific locations. Each location has a group size limit and its own set of regulations. A wedding permit here is about $185. Apply for your wedding permit here with time. Their website mentions a processing time of 10 business days.

Antelope Island

Maybe you’re looking for something different in Utah that doesn’t involve red rock formations. Antelope Island is the largest of ten islands within the Great Salt Lake in Utah. This island is absolutely amazing, and you’ll get to see epic views of reflective waters and wildlife. Besides enjoying the gorgeous water views, you can also spend your wedding day hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding together. A wedding application is required to hold your ceremony at Antelope Island. The application fee is $60.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is pretty epic, and it’s no surprise it’s one of our favorite elopement destinations for your Utah elopement planning. When thinking about what type of location you want to add to your Utah elopement package, think about what you want to do and what type of views you want. Canyonlands is the perfect name for this park because that’s exactly what you see. Canyonlands has 527 miles of eroded canyons, mesas, and arches around the Colorado River to admire, perfect for couples looking for a unique view. Weddings are permitted at this location, but groups are limited to 25 people, perfect for elopements and micro weddings. Apply about a month before your wedding day to allow for your application to be processed and plan on having your ceremony at Grand View Point, Green River Overlook, or Mesa Arch. The application fee is about $185.

Dead Horse Point State Park

Photo by Sam Starns

Located at the end of a mesa and 2,000 feet above the Colorado River, you’ll find Dead Horse Point State Park. You’ll be able to enjoy a view that seems like it goes on for miles into the canyons. For smaller wedding ceremonies, there are several sites to pick from here. Please keep in mind you need a special use permit ($60) and you should also plan to apply at least a month in advance. Like with all the locations we mention in Utah for your elopement, please leave no trace (LNT) during your elopement adventure together. This location in particular mentions live or cut flowers not being allowed in the park.

Zion National Park

If you’re planning a Utah elopement, then we are sure you’ve heard about Zion. This park is a climber’s paradise. There are 2,000-foot sandstone cliffs that are gorgeous to not only look at but perfect for adventurous couples who want a different type of wedding day. If you’re considering climbing to a remote spot in Zion National Park for your elopement, then consider planning your elopement in Spring or Fall. If you’re a couple who just wants a perfect backdrop for your ceremony, then you can drive through Zion Canyon’s scenic drive, which cuts through its main section, leading to forest trails. Wedding ceremonies at Zion require a special use permit, regardless of group size. The application fee is $100 and must be submitted three weeks in advance to be considered.

Keep in mind, Zion is one of Utah’s most popular elopement locations. Plan ahead with your elopement team to ensure you have the best experience.

Bonneville Salt Flats

If you’re looking for a minimalist, desert vibe, then Bonneville Salt Flats is a gorgeous elopement destination. This area was formed when ancient Lake Bonneville dried up. Now, visitors can see unique salt deposits, giving your elopement portraits a unique look. Since this area is so flat, this destination is perfect for couples who want to explore without a huge hike. Couples can play a game of croquet, throw frisbees, or even plan a romantic picnic together. If you’re planning on including props that are not part of the natural surroundings, then you will need a film permit.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is gorgeous not just for its views, but we also love the endless possibilities this location offers elopement couples. Do you want to plan something completely different? Consider jeeping through this area together and taking fun elopement portraits during your adventure. You can also camp together or plan a water activity. Since this Lake spans Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is huge! With over 1.25 million acres of the Glen Canyon area, this location is perfect for couples looking to stop and admire the view together. This area does get pretty packed. If you want to avoid the crowds, then plan a winter elopement and pack in layers to stay warm.

When to Elope in Utah

Utah is one of the few places that is absolutely beautiful to elope year-round. Because of its favorable weather, Utah has a lot to offer and allows couples to appreciate each season. If you want to have an epic ski adventure, then winter is your best bet. Are you looking for gorgeous blooms? Then you should elope in Spring. Summer in Utah is perfect for water activities such as exploring Lake Powell. On the other hand, Fall elopements in Utah will allow you to enjoy cooler weather and gorgeous fall foliage.

When it comes down to it, you want to think about what you want to be doing during your elopement. Depending on the activities you want to incorporate into your wedding day, your elopement team can recommend certain seasons that will work. Like always, steer clear of busy weekends and holidays to avoid big crowds. We love sunset and sunrise elopements because it gives couples more of an opportunity to have a more intimate elopement ceremony.

Permits and Marriage License in Utah

When it comes to planning a Utah elopement in places like gorgeous Moab or anywhere else, you want to make sure you have the permits you need. Some places don’t require any permits to elope, but other places do. It’s important to always double-check with the location before or ask your elopement vendors for advice. Another important thing to remember is to follow the rules and regulations set in place at your elopement destination. It’s our duty to leave no trace (LNT) when we visit public lands. Let’s all do our part and stay on the trail and respect the lands we are visiting.

Getting a marriage license in Utah is pretty simple. Both parties need to apply for the marriage license and pay the fee ($50). The beauty of planning your elopement in Utah is there is no waiting period to get married. As soon as you get your license, you can tie the knot. However, keep in mind the license is valid for 30 days.


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