The Outlovers

The Outlovers

Based In: Western CO & UT
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: The Outlovers

The Outlovers

Based In: Western CO & UT
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

So, the idea of a ‘normal’ wedding just wasn’t getting you excited, hey? And now you’re thinking about eloping in Utah? GREAT choice!

We’re Chad and Vanessa, and we are ‘The Outlovers’. We’re based in Utah and western Colorado, and we are here to support ALL couples who find their deepest connection in the great outdoors.

As a husband and wife team, we’ve got you covered! We’re not only your photographers: we’re your planning assistants, support team, unofficial tour guides, ceremony officiants and dog wranglers extraordinaire (heck yeah, you can bring your woofer to your elopement!). We’re going to be by your side through the entire planning process: helping you choose a location, writing a day-of timeline for you, advising on what to wear and what to bring, helping you figure out permits etc.

We want the experience to be nothing but FUN for you both.

Adventure is etched deep into the DNA of our relationship. Your’s, too, we’d guess? In fact, we’d bet good money that you and your partner thrive on new places and new experiences? Well then, it’s only natural that you’d want that for your wedding day, too. We can promise you that whatever kind of adventure you’re envisioning, you’re going to find it in Utah…..

  • Wanna hike up a mountain in the dark and share your vows as the sun rises over the peaks? We’ll bring breakfast.

  • Prefer a sunset-session Jeeping the dirt tracks of the remote desert, staying out to watch the stars? We got beers and headlamps.

  • Does the idea of a multi-day road-trip around Utah’s epic national parks get your heart racing?? We’re already plotting the route.

Is all this getting you a little more excited about wedding planning?? We sure hope so, and we’d love to join you on that journey.

Vanessa and Chad x



We will LISTEN to your dreams and what you actually WANT your wedding day to look like.

We will SUPPORT you as you navigate the path of eloping.

We will craft a tailored adventure wedding experience that is 100% YOURS.

And we will give you the FREEDOM to celebrate your love in epic-as-heck fashion!


Drop us a message below, or head on over to our website if you want to see some more.

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The Outlovers made our Colorado/Utah elopement everything that we hoped it would be! They helped us plan an amazing, once-in a life time trip with a beautiful ceremony we will never forget! Chad and Vanessa are down to Earth, kind, and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Our photos match exactly how we felt about our day: pure bliss!

Chad and Vanessa are more than just photographers. They helped us plan our trip and provided advice on where to visit and what to do, even when we weren’t with them. They were our 'hiking guides', leading us on our drive up the mountain and through the dark with our headlamps on to our sunrise ceremony spot. Even as we raced to catch sunrise, they helped keep the mood light and made sure we never lost sight of the reason for the day. They have such an obvious passion for the outdoors and that helped us appreciate the experience that much more.

We couldn’t have chosen a better pair than Chad and Vanessa to accompany us on our special day!

Carrie & Dom

Working with Vanessa and Chad was awesome. They took the time to really get to know us and understand what we wanted and more importantly, what we didn’t want. They helped make our Adventure Elopement everything we imagined and more. We trusted them to find the perfect location for our ceremony in Moab and they delivered for sure. Our sneak peek photos are breathtaking. We cannot wait to see the rest of our pictures. We asked for our Adventure Elopement to be classy, intimate, fun, and of course a bit of adventure. Vanessa and Chad delivered that and so much more. Thank you!!!!!! You’re the best!!!!

Julie & Brian

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for Vanessa and Chad, The Outlovers. Initially, I was quite skeptical because I was allowing strangers out west to pull off my dream wedding without ever meeting them. However, they overdelivered! Instantly, we connected with their down to earth personalities, it really helped calm our nerves. Their take on things was SO refreshing and really put us at ease. There were no rules, there was no pressure, it was just us and free spirit flowing around us. We have zero regrets choosing The Outlovers. We will cherish our wedding experience forever because of them

Stephanie & Andy

An experience unlike any other! Truly, once in a lifetime. Chad and Vanessa’s attention to little details, their in-depth research for a dream location and their laidback and flexible personalities made the whole process so wonderful. We couldn’t ask for better photos to remember this perfect adventure. Chad and Vanessa’s huge hearts and calm demeanors make these two a dream team! We feel we have gained two worldly and exceptional friends. We cannot wait to get out and explore together when our (dirt) paths cross again!

Sasha & Danny

Adventuring with Vanessa and Chad was an absolute dream! They are fun, flexible and creative: a wonderful combo for a great adventure. Communication was so thorough and incredibly helpful and supportive. They truly captured our personality as a couple, making the entire experience extra special.

Nicole & Elié

Working with Vanessa and Chad was a dream come true, they were super open and we felt so comfortable around them. They made us feel like we were completely and totally cared for! We could not have asked for a better experience with our mountaintop adventure.

Christina & Kaylynn

We had the most awesome views all to ourselves! They helped us feel totally at ease in front of the lens and our photos are STUNNING! We had a blast hanging out with Vanessa and Chad and would now consider them friends.

Katie & Nathan
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Soulmates, playmates and lifelong adventure buddies.

We’re from the US and Scotland, we met in Honduras and have lived and worked (as professional scuba divers!) in Indonesia, Fiji and Tonga since.

Our loved ones refer to us as ‘two turtles in one shell’ we’re such twin souls.

We’d guess that your relationship has been built on the strong foundations of a shared love of adventure, travel and the great outdoors?

Yup, ours too!

'Home' is wherever we are with each other (and our two rescue pups!) and that's a pretty great feeling.

Wandering Since 2021
The Outlovers

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