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Zion National Park Elopement Guide

When you think of Utah while planning your elopement, the first place that probably comes to mind is gorgeous Zion National Park. Southwest of Utah, you’ll find this gorgeous paradise with massive sandstone cliffs and unique plants and animals. Zion has one of the most picturesque locations for your ceremony together and it’s perfect for elopement adventures or intimate weddings. Zion National Park also lands a spot in our best places to elope list, so it’s only natural we create a comprehensive guide with all the things you need to know as you put together your Zion elopement package. Our guide features elopement vendors, top places to elope in Zion, and so much more!

How to Elope in Zion National Park

This is a pretty long resource. Use the links below to jump to the section you’re most interested in while planning your Zion elopement.

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Where to Elope in Zion

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Zion elopements are pretty epic, not just because of the stunning views you can see, but the number of locations you can elope to. We’re going to talk about some of our favorite places to elope in Zion National Park, but it’s important to note that connecting with one of our members who specialize in Zion elopements and intimate weddings will allow you to have your elopement at secret locations and trails not many people know about.

As professionals in the elopement industry, it’s our goal to provide you with all the tools and information you need to plan an epic elopement, but it’s also our goal to keep these areas protected. Our list of elopement locations in Zion should give you a good idea of where you would love to have your ceremony together. Once you know what areas you two are loving, then connect with our members to start planning your adventure!

*Keep in mind if you’re wanting to elope within the park, then there are several locations you can plan your elopement ceremony that requires a permit. There are, however, a bunch of other locations outside the park that you can plan your elopement without a permit. This is where hiring an elopement professional is super important.

Check out some of our favorite areas for your ceremony or elopement portraits:

Zion Overlook

If you’ve seen any photos from elopements in Zion, then we are sure it was near Zion Overlook. This gorgeous area is a popular spot in the park. You’ll get scenic views of the canyons below, and our members love sunset portraits here. Since it’s so popular, we highly recommend sunrise and weekday visits here.

Temple of Sinawava

If you’re looking for an intimate spot with great views, then the Temple of Sinawava would be perfect for your micro wedding ceremony together. This location is for 35 people or less, which isn’t a problem for adventurous couples like yourself.

This location is one of the approved locations within the actual park for your ceremony. This area is also the last stop on the tram into Zion Canyon and can get pretty popular. We love this spot because of the amazing view you get from the towering red cliffs above you.

Zion Canyon Slot

Hidden within the canyons of Zion, you’ll find quiet slots to escape the crowds and heat. This is one where your elopement team will definitely be needed to scout out the best remote slots around the park. Keep in mind, however, if you’re eloping during the rainy season (July-September), then these slots can fill with water and cause flash floods. Definitely have a plan B in mind if you want these types of portraits on your wedding day.

Menu Falls

Probably one of the quietest and most intimate locations you can apply for your permit at Zion has to be Menu Falls. We love this location because it’s the most remote of the locations you can plan your ceremony. While there is no bus stop here, there is a gorgeous waterfall and deck perfect for the two of you to elope. This area is so intimate that the application states a maximum of 10 people are allowed. If you’re looking for the best time to elope at this location, then we recommend Spring.

Timber Creek Overlook

Another ceremony location you can apply to in Zion we love is Timber Creek Overlook. This overlook allows a maximum of 20 people and 4 cars, so we plan to carpool if you’re planning a micro wedding here. We love this area because it’s easy to get to, has epic views of the canyons, and can be very intimate during the slow season.

Permits and Rules for Zion Weddings

Wedding ceremonies at Zion require a special use permit, regardless of group size. The application fee is $100 and must be submitted three weeks in advance to be considered. Since Zion is such a popular wedding destination and more couples are wanting to plan their elopement there, plan ahead. We suggest applying for your permit as soon as possible to secure your spot.

It’s our duty to leave no trace (LNT) when we visit somewhere amazing. As more couples realize how amazing it is to elope, more couples are visiting these amazing scenic areas, like Zion. Let’s all do our part and be conscious of our elopement decor and pick up after ourselves. If you have any questions or concerns, then our elopement vendors are the best people to ask.

When to Elope in Zion

There’s really no bad time to elope in Zion, but there are times of the year when this park will definitely see way more tourists compared to other times of the year. In summer, for example, it’s very hot in the park and there are tons of people exploring. If you absolutely want to elope during the summer, then get together with your photographer and plan a weekday, sunrise, or sunset elopement. Your elopement team will give you the best suggestion for you to have a beautiful wedding day.

If you’re looking for a season when not many crowds will be around, then winter is your best bet. Our members tell us the crowds are a fraction of what they are in the summer, and you’ll even get some beautiful dusting of snow over the red cliffs. Another great time of the year to plan your Zion elopement is Fall.

The biggest thing to take away as you plan your elopement at this iconic park is, a lot of people visit Zion. If you want a truly intimate experience, then plan a sunrise ceremony. Another thing to remember is to pack in layers! Why? Since you’re in a desert, when the sun goes down, the temperature will drop. Ask your elopement photographer what they suggest to wear under or over your wedding attire.

Vendors For Your Zion Elopement Package

As you start to plan your Zion wedding adventure, it’s important to have the right team by your side. Hiring an experienced elopement vendor will allow you to plan with ease. Check out our featured vendors who specialize in intimate weddings and elopement adventures in this gorgeous national park in Utah.

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