Scotland Elopement Guide + Loch Coruisk Elopement
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Scotland Elopement Guide + Loch Coruisk Elopement

Scotland is a gorgeous country with endless vistas, epic hills, and historical landmarks. This is not only a top place to elope, but it’s also a perfect place for couples looking to elope at a remote location. We have all the details on how to plan the perfect Scotland elopement together.

Do you know how to elope in Scotland? Jump to this inspiring Scotland Elopement at Loch Coruisk in Isle of Skye below.

How to Plan a Scotland Elopement

When to Elope in Scotland

Scotland is gorgeous year-round with unique qualities to appreciate. It all depends on what type of elopement you both are aiming for. Spring, Autumn, and Winter can give you gorgeous lighting, but winter months are also wetter months in Scotland.

Summer is beautiful, but the weather conditions are harsher, and you should consider a sunrise or sunset ceremony during this time to avoid harsh lighting. Summer is also the busiest time to visit Scotland.

If rain is a big concern for you, then we definitely recommend eloping in Scotland from April to May.

Where to Elope in Scotland

There are multiple places you can visit and plan your elopement. While we are going to mention a few popular areas, it’s important to note that we recommend teaming up with a vendor who specializes in the area to discuss hidden spots a lot of tourists don’t know about!

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is first on our list and also lands a spot on our best places to elope. This epic destination is stunning with waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, volcanic rocks, beaches, and more to explore.

Many couples who want to elope in Scotland, usually opt for a location within Isle of Skye. This popularity can lead to trouble finding accommodations during busy months in Summer.

Check out this Enchanted Fairy Glen Elopement in the Isle of Sky.

Trossachs National Park

Near Edinburgh and Glasgow, you will find gorgeous Trossachs National park. This park in Scotland is filled with beautiful mountain views. You will also enjoy lochs (lakes or sea inlets), rolling hills, and forests.

A popular spot here is Loch Lomond. Another important thing to note is the number of loch locations in Scotland. The couple we feature below planned their elopement in Loch Courisk.


If you’re looking for a romantic destination, then Glencoe is a great place to consider eloping. This landscape is filled with mountain views, lochs, waterfalls, and so much more. This is also a perfect destination for couples looking for a moody and dramatic ceremony destination.

Outer Hebrides

The Western Isles of the Outer Hebrides is a unique landscape known for its beaches and interconnected islands. This is the perfect spot if you want a stunning view on a beach.

This area is perfect for a more relaxing elopement experience, although there’s plenty of hiking and wildlife to enjoy here as well.

Scotland Marriage License

Foreigners are not required to have legal residency to get married in Scotland. All you need is the appropriate paperwork including your passport, birth certificate, a notice form, and two witnesses.

If you aren’t traveling with family and friends, then talk to your elopement vendors, who will more than gladly act as your witnesses!

Other important things to consider if you want to legally get married in Scotland is submitting your marriage notice at least 3 months before your wedding day to avoid any complications.

Once your marriage has been approved, you will receive a marriage schedule, which should be taken with you to your wedding ceremony. You will also receive this paperwork 7 days before your wedding day.

After your ceremony, you need to submit your marriage schedule to the registrar’s office within 3 days of your ceremony. If you don’t turn this document in time, then your marriage will not be legalized!

If all this is too overwhelming for you, then you can absolutely opt to legalize your marriage at home and hold a symbolic ceremony in beautiful Scotland.

Check out this website for all the marriage documents needed for a Scotland elopement.

Elopement Vendors for Your Scotland Elopement Package

Now that you know how to plan a Scotland elopement, let’s talk about teaming up with the perfect elopement vendors to build your Scotland elopement package.

Check out our members who specialize in Scotland elopements:


Scotland Elopement at Loch Coruisk in Isle of Skye

Photography by Love Skye Photography

Rosie Woodhouse, from Love Skype Photography, had the amazing opportunity to capture Daidree and K’s intimate elopement together. This is the perfect Scotland elopement story to inspire you to elope at this gorgeous destination.

Not only did this couple plan their elopement in Scotland, but they also went on an epic adventure together, admiring the landscape and animals nearby.

Want to skip this elopement story? Check out all the photos from this Loch Coruisk Isle of Skye Elopement.

Details from this Elopement

This couple decided to have a winter elopement in the Isle of Skye. Rosie tells us that Scotland is actually beautiful during January. Couples can enjoy low sunshine, beautiful light, and snowcapped mountains.

However, this time of year is also the wettest in Scotland. In fact, the couple and their elopement team had to reschedule their elopement due to the weather.

“It turned out that January 2020 had possibly the worst, wettest weather ever recorded – but with a little local planning and rescheduling, we were to create their perfectly imagined day.” [Rosie]

The couple decided to elope at Loch Coruisk, which is only accessible by boat or on foot. This gorgeous inland water loch is surrounded by gorgeous wildlife and animals.

Why Scotland

Rosie tells us Daidree previously lived on a smaller island near their elopement destination. She also has a passion for West Scotland.

She tells us how Scotland has gorgeous spots to elope. Hiring a local with knowledge on these locations will help guide couples away from more populated areas for their ceremony.

K is a theatre director in London and Daidree is a trainer and opera singer from North Carolina.

“I loved hearing about their stage and singing experiences, but mostly I delighted in their passion for the environment and landscapes and the commitment to each other and everything that they do.” [Rosie]

Tips For Eloping in Scotland

Rosie has helped hundreds of couple elope in Scotland, and there are some key things to bear in mind:

  • Research the area. Scotland is a small country but it takes a long time to travel around. Freeways and Uber don’t exist outside of the cities. Thus, planning for a slower way of being is essential!
  • Reach out to a local expert who really knows the area of Scotland where you would like to elope. They will make your life so much easier with location scouting, knowing all the best vendors and suppliers in the area, and local land rules and regulations.
  • Don’t underestimate the weather! It can change your plans suddenly and an attitude of adventure and adapting to circumstance will keep you smiling. Daidree and K eloped in January and they followed a regime of ice-cold showers in the run-up to their day so they didn’t negatively experience the cold in their wedding attire.
  • Pack layers of clothes and hiking boots – even in summer.

Favorite Moments From This Elopement

We love how Rosie captured the small intimate moments throughout the day between these two.


“Sharing a glass of champagne on the return boat trip and the small herd of deer that appeared magically on the hills watching as Daidree sang the Hills are alive with the sound of music! There was no one there other than us and the deer, and it was a moment of such joy and privilege.” [Rosie]

Other Vendors Involved

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Photos From This Loch Coruisk Isle of Skye Elopement


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