Elope in Scotland: Moody Elopement Inspiration

elope in Scotland

Photography by Kati Schweiger

Scottish highlands Elopement Inspiration

This moody elopement in the Scottish highlands is the perfect inspiration for couples who are looking to plan a raw and intimate ceremony together.

Kati Schweiger, the photographer, documented this styled elopement session to combine aspects she loved and to inspire other couples who are considering eloping in Scotland.

“Photography is the beauty of life captured. Real. Unadulterated. Stories written by life. It´s not about the couple, and it´s not about the photographer. It´s about what happens in between. For me, it’s a beautiful way to get in touch with wonderful souls and to share my time with people in a very creative way.” [Kati]

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Details From This Styled Scottish Highlands Elopement

This intimate elopement was styled in St. Mary´s Space and Glencoe, Scotland. St. Mary’s Space is a cozy little accommodation filled with amazing details for couples looking for a more raw and authentic look for their wedding day.

We love the getting ready details and their choice of wedding attire for this shoot, including the Reclamation wedding dress. Kati tells us this look is easily achievable for couples who want to recreate their day to mimic the same vibe as this Scotland elopement.

“As a design element/decor for intimate and raw elopements, I´d choose a big dry flower-bouquet and a flower crown. Through the dry flowers, you´ll have this raw touch on the one hand and the romantic on the other hand. It also lasts a lifetime!” [Kati]

Elope in Scotland With These 3 Tips From The Photographer

Planning an elopement can be overwhelming even if you aren’t inviting over 100 guests. You still have to decide what type of vibe you want to go for, where you are going to elope, and what you are going to wear, just to name a few. For this reason, we created a guide on how to elope, and we make it our mission to ask amazing photographers, like Katie, for advice. Here’s her advice:

1. Make Your Elopement Personal and Beautiful

Katie recommends incorporating elements that are important to you two.

“Do a hand-fasting ritual, which is a symbolic ritual, It’s about the binding-together and unity of two people. Write your own personal vows. It is so intimate and can be so beautiful. And go on an adventure and make memories.” [Kati]

2. Find a Quiet Little Spot

She also recommends going on an adventure to find a remote spot for your ceremony. This rainy elopement had two spectacular views from their vow exchange to their ceremony.

“I think the best and intimate spots are the ones you need to hike up (45min-2h). You won´t meet anyone there, just peace and quiet places for the intimate ceremony. Besides, most of the time you have an incredible view.” [Kati]

3. Embrace Nature’s Elements

This styled elopement was rainy and embraced every element nature brought. Kati recommends couples role with mother nature’s agenda and embrace the beauty of it.

“I´m in love with wind, and the movement it creates. It can be cold and windy on the one hand side, and it can also be romantic, emotional, and warm on the other. The Highlands in Scotland, or rather the whole north, is perfect for this. Indeed, you get the dramatic, moody skies, crazy wind, and stunning sunsets! There are sometimes 4 seasons in one day. You can’t be sure it won’t rain, but you can be sure it will be the most incredible elopement!” [Kati]

Photographer Style During This Elopement

One reason why our team loves elopements is that no two elopements are the same. Even if they all revolve around wedding vows and a ceremony, the way the day is documented can make all the difference.

Kati has a specific style that translates well from this Scottish Highlands elopement. Her vision consists of raw, intimate, and wild moments. She specifically focuses on the small details such as hands, flowers, and other personal touches that may be difficult for a photographer to fully document during a large, traditional wedding.

“I love shooting details, and I think it´s very important. My favorite detail element is HANDS – Those strange, magical, beautiful shaped parts of us. So important to express love. To let you know what you feel without words. To touch, to discover, and to play. Hands are pure magic to me!” [Kati]

Memorable Moments During Elopements

During this elopement in Scotland, Kati was able to be fully immersed in the couple and moments during their foggy ceremony. She tells us she cherishes moments such as the first look when the bride walked barefoot on the river bend, despite the cold and rain.

“The other highlight was the shooting in Glencoe, the place underneath this giant mountain rock, the clouds, the drizzle – the whole scenery and the mood was breathtaking. I was speechless and so happy that I was part of it.” [Kati]

Kati tells us that elopement photos are more than just photos for couples.

“They are fragments of their narrative and love documented and told via my eyes. I feel so lucky I had the opportunity to see this love. Eloping is one of the most truly personal and wonderful ways to get married. It´s an unforgettable experience.” [Kati]

If this elopement is inspiring you to elope in Scotland, then you should check out some of the best places to plan your elopement.

Other Vendors:

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Dress | Reclamation Wedding Dress

Flowers | Wild Flower Workshop

Model | The Martins Photography

Retreat | Belle Art Photography


Photos From This Moody Scotland Elopement Inspiration




Thank you to Kati Schweiger for sharing this inspirational Scotland Elopement with us! Are you ready to Elope in Scotland?

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