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Moody Blue Mountains Elopement near Sydney, Australia | Amy & Sam

blue mountains australia adventurous elopement wedding

“We ran up and down mountain pathways, watched storms roll past, sat on cliff edges, and fully soaked up every minute of the adventure.”

Resolved to follow their hearts and forego a traditional wedding, this Australian couple knew their first priority was finding the perfect photographer. Sam and Amy agreed that Oregon-based Corrie Mahr was a match the moment they saw her work, even if she was located halfway around the world. “It was the biggest honor to be chosen from so far away,” Corrie shares. “Sam and Amy did a true elopement – just them two, their vows, an officiant, and a whole lot of celebrating on the the Blue Mountain clifftops… Everything was absolutely breathtaking. We wandered through rainforests, climbed on boulders, [and] sat on cliff edges with feet dangling…”

When the big day arrived, it brought along a very unwelcome guest – a summer storm. The couple anxiously tracked the forecast, hoping it would pass. Luck was on their side, and a brief reprieve allowed just enough time for a heartfelt ceremony and a quick adventure session before the rain returned. “Right as we said goodbye to the views… a massive fog bank rolled in and covered everything with a thick dark cloud,” Corrie recalls. “We all screamed and laughed at how perfect all the timing was… Australia stole my heart, the Blue Mountains stole my heart, but most importantly, Sam and Amy’s elopement stole my heart. Their love for each other was so moving, and the adventurous way they chose to commit forever to one another was inspiring.”

Photography by Corrie Mahr Photography


“We always knew a big, expensive wedding wasn’t for us, but to avoid disappointing people, we started planning one anyway. The more we planned it, the less excited we were about it. We always dreamed of getting married in a beautiful location, just the two of us, so we decided to put ourselves first and just do it! Best. Decision. Ever.”



“We were definitely set on choosing a location outdoors that neither of us had ever been to before. To keep things cheap and easy, we decided to find somewhere in Australia – we’re from Perth – so we jumped on Google to have a look at a few places. We stumbled across the Blue Mountains, and given we got engaged on top of a mountain in Canada, a mountain elopement seemed appropriate!”



“Planning was an absolute breeze! We started looking for a photographer first and came across Corrie Mahr Photography on Instagram and were absolutely blown away by her photos. Given she was based in the US, we emailed her to see if she’d be interested in making the trip over and luckily she said yes! I honestly cannot recommend her enough. So much talent and such a beautiful person. Corrie and her husband also agreed to be our witnesses, which was amazing… Once we locked down a date… we booked our flights and counted down the days.”



“In regards to eloping, if it’s what you want to do, then do it without hesitation. People can have their opinions but at least you’ll have a wedding day that you can be absolutely in love with. It was perfect for us, and we wouldn’t change a thing.”


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