Elopement Inspiration at Acadia Featuring Sand Beach and Lobster Boating

Elopement Inspiration at Acadia Featuring Sand Beach and Lobster Boating

What’s better than exploring a gorgeous beach in Acadia National Park? How about going boating to catch lobsters and eat a delicious meal together before heading back to your bed and breakfast to relax in the hot tub as a married couple? Get inspired by this styled session below.

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About This Styled Elopement in Acadia

“The day truly just had the goal of getting to know them as a couple genuinely and I took that into consideration when structuring it but we wanted to feature a lobster session. Knowing that Cadillac Mountain would be busy we opted for Sand Beach for our Sunrise session where they wrote real nice words to each other about their relationship. We then headed to breakfast at a spot I had been to before and knew was family-owned called Two Cats Bar Harbor and got permission to take photos. We had breakfast and then headed to the lobster boat to begin our tour and that part of the day. Then we went to Schoodic Point for some portraits later on and then back to their bed and breakfast for a hot tub session!” [Danielle, the photographer]

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Details We Love From This Styled Shoot

About the Lobster Tour in Maine

“They are not a tourist trap, these are REAL lobster farmers, and all the storms have been hitting them hard so I would love to get more couples on their boat. Also.. the captain can technically marry them on the boat, so there is that!

They are truly just genuine down-to-earth people. All of the lobsters were caught by them. They took us to show where they put the lobster traps how they bring them up on the boat, check their traps, and bring in what they caught. They also took us to a nearby island where we saw lots of seals!” [Danielle, the photographer]

Lobster Boat Tours Corea, ME website

“We then headed to Schoodic Point to take a look at the water and they just wanted to sit down on a blanket and find a bit of a quiet spot to themselves and were able to see the main part of Acadia from there. We then headed back to their Airbnb because they had their pup with them and this spot was dog-friendly, it was called the Open Hearth Inn. – From here they were tired from the day and wanted to relax and they got in the hot tub. There is just so much chemistry between these too, it got steamy physically and metaphorically, so I felt at that point I ought to give them some time alone!” [Danielle, the photographer]

Permit and Leave No Trace (LNT) For This Location

Permits are not required for Acadia National Park for simple ceremonies of up to 10 people (including the officiant). There are a few restrictions to consider such as no setups of any kind are permitted, the ceremony can’t interfere with other park visitors’ use of the area, and you should stay on sand, trails, and rock surfaces during the ceremony. For a full list of restrictions and regulations on having a wedding here with 10 or more guests please check out Acadia’s website. There are designated areas for larger groups with capacity limits at each of the locations.

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Top Tips for Couples Eloping Here

“Opt for sunrise and a weekday if you want to avoid the crowds, with the exception of Cadillac Mountain (which isn’t an approved ceremony spot but just to note it is the first place to watch the sunrise in the US, so a lot of tourists go in droves to watch it there) – in some ways this is good because a lot of folks will be there leaving some other spots to be more free! Acadia gets 3.5 million visitors a year on par with Yosemite, so it is really key if you want to avoid the crowds to be strategic, especially in the more popular areas and especially in the summer months where it can be super busy. Schoodic point is quieter and that is also where I have included some photos, it is a further drive (about an hour).” [Danielle, the photographer]

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Photography | Moon Rising Photography
Models| Heather & Doug
Lobster boat tour | Lobster Tours

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