Chris and Tyla’s Intimate Minnesota Elopement Featuring Black Beach & Palisade Head

Chris and Tyla’s Intimate Minnesota Elopement Featuring Black Beach & Palisade Head

Chris and Tyla planned an intimate elopement in North Shore Minnesota, featuring an intimate wedding ceremony with loved ones at Black Beach and Blue Hour at Palisade Head as they cut their wedding cake. This elopement reminds couples of the importance of taking things slow and appreciating the moment together. Get all the details below.

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About This North Shore Minnesota Elopement

“We started their day by getting ready at their Airbnb in Two Harbors, MN!! They took their time getting ready (no rushing) and I captured those moments with them. Their friends were also staying in the same Airbnb. After they were all ready, we went to a secret waterfall location along HWY 61. It was important to them to exchange their vows privately before their ceremony in front of friends and family. After they shared their private vows and we took some portraits, we went to Black Beach, where they had their ceremony — followed by some family and friend portraits, and then they ended their day at blue hour with a cake cutting along the cliffs at Palisade Head.

The fact that Tyla made their wedding cake!! It was a raspberry champagne cake and it was SO DELICIOUS! And the colors of Chris’s suit and the bridesmaid’s dresses? The forest green color?! Simply DIVINE mixed with the fall season colors!! (And was a recommendation when they had asked me what colors would look best for Chris!)” [Samantha, the photographer]

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Permits and Leave No Trace During This Elopement

“Black Beach does not require any sort of permit for your elopement (not even a photography permit!) but that also means you can’t close off any section of the beach to other visitors! Definitely pick up after yourself (don’t leave garbage), don’t graffiti the large rocks, don’t feed the wildlife, etc!! 🙂

Palisade Head allows for portraits without a permit (for right now), but no legal ceremonies! Again, don’t leave garbage, don’t park anywhere else but in the parking lot, drive slowly, be careful of the edges since there are no fences!

The waterfall location for their private vow exchange can be insanely muddy (as you can see in the photos!) and if you don’t have the right car and tires, it’s super easy to get stuck! Where Chris and Tyla were walking was the parking lot you were supposed to park in.” [Samantha, the photographer]

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Top Tips During This Elopement

“Definitely consider eloping on a weekday versus a weekend! Black beach and Palisade head are some of the most popular locations up on the North Shore, and can be very busy on the weekends!! You can also consider sunrise on weekends!

Don’t be afraid to adventure in-land on the North Shore! You can find lots of hidden gems if you go a little in-land and off of Lake Superior. Also, try to plan at least ONE adventure!! Whether that’s hammocking, hiking, canoeing, stargazing, etc. This will really make your elopement into an experience!” [Samantha, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Nearly getting our shoes stuck in the mud! The amount of times we nearly slipped and fell or lost our shoes was astounding, when going to their private vow exchange location. We shared lots of laughs when walking through it!

Getting to see them exchange their vows privately without any pressure to perform in front of their family and friends. They were able to have a safe space to really connect with each other and share their hearts to one another. With the waterfall, I didn’t get to hear their vows but I think the photos I captured speak for themselves. You can just see the intimacy of the moment through their photos.

Taking their getting ready photos with everyone in the same house!! It was super fun to see all the relationships between their friends and family members, hearing a house full of laughs, and all the things.”

Final Words of Advice From the Photographer

“Don’t be afraid to create a laidback timeline with lots of ‘filler time’. This ‘filler time’ is perfect for leaving space for authentic moments to happen, or to spontaneously do something you want to do (like stopping at a certain spot for a couple of photos, stopping to get ice cream, etc.) You’ll actually feel so much more relaxed on your day with a chill timeline. Don’t schedule every single minute!

If you can’t decide between eloping (just the two of you) and inviting your loved ones, do what Chris and Tyla did! Have a private vow exchange that’s just for the two of you (and your own adventure) and have your ceremony with all your loved ones present! You get the best of both worlds, while still creating time and space for just the two of you.” [Samantha, the photographer]

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Photography | Samantha Burke Photography
Hair and Makeup Artist | Glamour Beauty
Cake | Made by Bride, Tyla
Officiant | Marry Me in the Northland

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