Magical Golden Hour Engagement Session in Big Sur, CA | Karen & Kyle

Photographer: Flora Gibson Photography

Session: Engagement

Location: Big Sur, California

From the Photographer:
“Karen & Kyle came to glamp in Big Sur California from Atlanta and they asked for an adventure. They asked for all my local recommendations and it was so fun to share Deetjens breakfast secret with them. We started our session hanging out at their Ventana glamp site and made our way down the coast together. As soon as we arrived at the beach location I got my car stuck, yes my 4×4 snow tire car stuck at a beach i’ve visted 100x. As a girl who prides herself on her adventurous know how I still haven’t mentioned this to my husband.

This beach location is one of my favorites but is not for the faint of heart. When they reached out to me I knew this couple and this location would be the perfect fit. With Formal wear, hiking boots and a cliff side changing room we made our way to the key hole rock. We had so much fun shooting until the light had completely tucked behind the ocean. The full moon guided our path back to the cars ( I did get my car un-stuck with Karen’s help) and I rushed home to upload these images. This is my favorite shoot from 2018 and it was such a beautiful way to end the year.”

Thank you to Flora Gibson Photography for sharing this session, and congratulations to Karen + Kyle!

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