Victor and Kim’s Western Texas Adventure Session
Post Elopement

Victor and Kim’s Western Texas Adventure Session

Sometimes all you need is to plan an adventure session together. Victor and Kim did just that on a private property in far West Texas where they spent time with horses and sat by a campfire to cut a cake. This is your sign to have a post-elopement adventure session together! Get all the details below.

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About This Couple Session in Texas

Photography by Elope Big Bend

“Victor and Kim got engaged in Big Bend National Park, so when it came time to celebrate their love and document this sweet season, they knew they wanted to return to West Texas. We did two shoots together; the first session took place at St Elena Canyon where they got engaged, and then, the next day, we met up on private land to take photos that captured some of the romance and nostalgia of the West — all with a little editorial flair.

We said hello to some locals (the horses) and then watched the moon rise up over the desert. After shooting sunset we met up at another local spot for a campfire and cake-cutting celebration to round out our time together.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

Permits and LNT

“This session was photographed on private property! Over 95% of Texas is private property, which means that many incredible and jaw-dropping locations exist outside of federal or state-controlled lands. For this session, we went to two different locations–both privately owned–and obtained permission from the owners to photograph the session on their ‘land.'” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

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Top Tips For Your Adventure

“The Big Bend Region is huge and if you don’t plan your itinerary well, you can spend many extra hours in the car just driving between locations. My top recommendation for couples looking to adventure in this part of the Lone Star State is to plan their lodging around what activities they want to do. The closer you can stay to where you are adventuring, the better! Less time in the car means more time to explore Far West Texas while you’re out here.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

Creating a Vision Board

“Kim & Victor approached our time together with a spirit of collaboration. They put together a vision board for the session which helped me get a better idea of what they were imagining for our time together, and, in turn, helped me recommend some locations that I thought would be a great fit. I love when couples make vision boards for their sessions and elopements because it helps me get a better picture of what types of imagery they are drawn to so I can focus my energy on creating those types of photos during our time together. I always tell my couples that it’s less about them using a vision board to build a shot list, and more about them using the vision board to create a ‘vibe’ of how they want the session to feel.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

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Details We’re Loving

“I loved how Kim and Victor used accessories (like hats and leather ponchos) to change up their outfits and make it feel like they had multiple different ‘looks’. Less time spent changing in and out of different full outfits meant we had more time to run around the desert together chasing light, and I love that it made the session flow so seamlessly.” [Anna Claire, the photographer]

Memorable Moments From This Session

From the photographer:

“As the sun went down, a fingernail moon appeared in the pink-hued sky behind them and it was such a sweet detail. West Texas is known for its big, open skies, and I love when the rising moon finds its way into the background unexpectedly.”

Photos From This Adventure Session

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