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Intimate Stanley Park Wedding in Vancouver, British Columbia | Lauren & Mo

Mo and Lauren met at university, where they just so happened to share the same class schedule. What began as a partnership over course projects soon turned into a close friendship. That friendship eventually evolved into a beautiful relationship, and seven years later, the two were ready to tie the knot! The couple’s main objective was to keep their nuptials simple. After initially considering an elopement, they quickly realized that having their loved ones present was too important. With this in mind, they settled upon an intimate wedding that would gather their nearest and dearest to witness their union.

“During the portrait session, Lauren and Mo were just beaming with excitement, they couldn’t believe they were finally husband and wife,” their photographer, Kaoverii Silva, recalls. “They really embraced this time with each other, which made my job extremely easy. I truly love this part of the day, because I get to witness such a magical and special moment between my couples… to be one of the select few to witness something so beautiful is an incredible experience!”


“…we wanted something simple that included our favorite people. We also weren’t sure we even wanted a ceremony at all and wanted to just get married in front of an officiant, but the thought of not having any of our loved ones there was the decision-maker and having our simple ceremony ended up being the perfect fit for us. It was low-key and stress-free which is exactly what we wanted for our special day…”



“Our photographer was a huge help in us picking our location… we wanted it to be near the trees and water and also wanted great backgrounds for our photos. Kaoverii really helped us narrow down where the ceremony would be and picked our perfect location for our wedding photos. The planning was super simple, which I’m sure most brides don’t say… we had a short timeline to work with so that was a big driver for us to not overthink things. Even though I had the same things many traditional brides do, like a florist and photographer and venue, it was simple because it was so intimate, so it didn’t feel like we were planning a grand party for a large group… It was a great experience and still allowed us to have a special moment with those that we love without the drama that can come with planning a wedding…”


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