A traditional wedding was never on the table for BobieJo and Darren. From the very beginning, they agreed that the day they said “I do” would be unique, intimate, and, most importantly, meaningful. So on a chilly spring day, accompanied by only ten family members, the couple exchanged vows at the top of Vail Mountain against gorgeous sunset views. The bride and groom had carefully selected poems and excerpts from their favorite literary works for each of their guests to read at the ceremony. “[They were] pieces we thought expressed the depth and sanctity of the day…” BobieJo shares. “They were blessings, really, and each person got to speak one. Hearing our family members read the poems Darren and I had sent back and forth to one another during the very first weeks of our relationship was surreal.”

Their photographers, The Scobeys, knew this couple was special from their very first conversation. “…we knew that these two had a love story that we wanted to be a part of telling,” they recall. “It was intimate and meaningful in every sense of the word… For us, the creative process always involves allowing nature and relationship to take center stage. We want to celebrate the beautiful locations that our couples choose to get married [at], and we want to showcase the connection that these two people have.” There is no doubt The Scobeys met their mark. They captured this couple, their wedding, and the incredible surroundings just flawlessly!

Photography by The Scobeys


“I have absolutely never wanted a big wedding, and Darren was totally onboard with making sure that whatever we did… would be small and meaningful. We didn’t want anything about that day to feel cheap or impersonal or off-the-shelf, and controlling the size of the wedding seemed like the exact right way to accomplish that.”



“We chose Vail because we both grew up going there… our families have deep roots in Colorado. My mom and Darren’s dad are from the same Denver suburb, our fathers have both been going to Vail to ski since the 1960’s, and Darren’s grandfather was in the Army 10th Mountain Division ski infantry that trained at Camp Hale right near Vail. [He] fought in the battle for which the Riva Ridge run at Vail was named. It wasn’t even a question that we wanted to get married in this place that held so much significance for both of us and for both of our families.”



“Planning was incredibly straightforward. Darren and I are both in training to be surgeons, so I think we both have personalities that appreciate just making a decision and getting on with it. I made a single Evernote checklist of things we needed to accomplish, and as soon as we found a solution to each piece we thought was beautiful and meaningful, we got or booked or made it and didn’t second-guess it. We also were really ruthless about not doing or having anything that we didn’t believe was important to the day… It resulted in a day in which everything that mattered was present and nothing that didn’t matter was there to clutter up the experience. It was also great to enlist my family in the process. My dad coordinated getting my dream cake from a baker in town, and my mom and sister made all of our flowers. Everyone in our families is busy… [but] the scale of everything still let them contribute in really meaningful ways.”



“Listen to your heart about what feels right, then do that and don’t look back.”


Thank you to The Scobeys for sharing this session, and congratulations to BobieJo + Darren!

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