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Intimate Boho Wedding at Olympic National Park, WA | Vanessa & Tim

intimate boho elopement pnw wedding olympic national park washingtonPhotographer: Beginning and End Photography

Session: Intimate Wedding

Location: Olympic National Park, Washington

From the Photographer:

“There are certain people in the world, and clients, that you just connect with on a personal level. I’m so lucky to be able to say that I have the most amazing couples, and Vanessa and Tim are no exception. Vanessa contacted me back in March describing her perfect day, and what she wanted out of her intimate wedding. Her vision [was] exactly what I love about these types of love stories… this intimate wedding [took] place at an Airbnb at the base of the mountain, with [a] first look in the woods, intimate picnic… [and] candlelit portraits [on] the beach.”


“[When] we first got engaged, I did what every other typical bride probably does – go and research the most gorgeous wedding venues… fall in love, and then get 100% discouraged when finding out how much it would cost to get married there. We initially planned on inviting way more people than we ended up with… We didn’t have much help from either side of the family regarding finances, so the wedding was basically going to be out of our own wallets. We knew we wanted to get married, and when it came down to it, we decided we would rather have an intimate ceremony, the reception back at our own house, and then spend the money on our honeymoon celebrating each other and setting our marriage up for a great start.”



“When others ask you what they can do to help, TAKE THEM UP ON THEIR OFFER! I am a fairly independent person, and I know exactly what I like and how I want it done, but that kind of bit me in the butt the last week prior to the wedding. I was exhausted and running around like a chicken with my head cut off! We had a pretty intimate ceremony, but decided to throw a reception party with a few more friends back at our house the next day, and I truly wish I would have recruited more family and friends to help me get the final touches for the wedding and our house done so I could have relaxed and enjoyed it all a bit more.”



“We are both pretty much on the same page about our favorite part: the first look! Tim was [supposed] to write a letter… and hand it to me – like the one I had prepared for him – but instead he handed me his phone with his letter typed up in [his] notes… [that] pretty much sums up our relationship and is something we will never forget. Also, reading our personalized vows to each other and getting to hear the promises we wrote in front of our closest friends and family was another favorite part.”


Coordination & Florals | Chloe Nicole Weddings + Events
Bridal Designer | Grace Loves Lace
Makeup | Urbanista Weddings
Hair | Kristen Swanson
Wedding Cake | Trixie’s Cakes

Thank you to Beginning and End Photography for sharing this session, and congratulations to Vanessa + Tim!

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