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Breathtaking Elopement in Wondrous Southern Iceland | Anne-Sophie & Laurent

southern iceland waterfall elopement adventure wedding

“One of my favorite moments [was] when we adventured in the moss landscape. It was misting and there was fog, and it just felt so raw and beautiful.”

Photographer Gabrielle Desmarchais describes this elopement as a dream. “Few things mirror the strength, fragility, and singularity of love with the precision and grandiosity of a stunning landscape,” she says. “I have always had a thing for [the] moody and melancholy, and those were the two things I wanted to explore in my photos.” Anne-Sophie and Laurent were determined to skip the hassle of a traditional wedding, viewing their nuptials, instead, as an opportunity for a true adventure. They envisioned a day that could only be described as “magical” and worked closely with a team from Le Coeur Bohème to create the perfect elopement experience.

This couple braved the wind, rain, and even snow to bring their fairytale vision to life. “I think it is important to mention this,” Gabrielle explains, “because we see so many beautiful photos of couples in Iceland, and we don’t realize how hard it actually is to shoot in those conditions… I was touched by the intensity of [the couple’s] love and by their chemistry. It was very easy to work with them, because they were willing to adventure anywhere [and] had fun doing it. Even in hard conditions, they really let go [of] any barriers to show their love, tenderness, and vulnerability, which is key for me to be able to capture the magic… The adventure of love [is] the best adventure there is!”

We agree with Gabrielle – without a doubt, this elopement is truly a dream!


“We always wanted to get married in a magical setting, like in the movies, however we also wanted it to be hassle-free as much as possible. Our options were limited with what would have been a 150-person guest list in the context of a more traditional wedding. This is why we chose to elope in Iceland, a place where the scenery is always breathtaking, whether it be overlooking a waterfall, a cliff, or a beach. We wanted to say ‘yes’ to spending the rest of our lives together without the fuss and the stress of all the planning, which can be expected when organizing a more formal wedding. Eloping does not mean, however, that we won’t be able to renew our vows in front of friends and family eventually!” 

[Anne-Sophie, Bride]


“Laurent and I had always wanted to go to Iceland because of the beautiful places to explore and the magical scenery but could never find the right opportunity or reason to go. When we met with the popup team and they suggested Iceland, we knew that it had to be there – the place we had always dreamed of going to! With its chilly weather and out-of-the ordinary landscapes, we knew right away that this was the best place for our elopement… we absolutely loved the place where we did the ceremony, with the waterfall in the background – it was just like in a fairytale.”



“…we found the amazing company Le Coeur Bohème, who had recently launched a new elopement branch of their company POPUPMARIAGES! This is an awesome collective of wedding vendors who plan, style, photograph, film, and provide hair and makeup for elopements all over the world… We trusted them with every single detail of the trip, and we sure did not regret it. “



“Laurent and I met for the first time [about] eight years ago. Actually we didn’t really ‘meet’ then, rather I saw him for the first time as he was playing the role of a pirate in his high school’s play… I knew right there and then that he was the one for me… when I learned that my cousin was throwing a party at her house about a month or so after the play, I gladly attended the event. That night was unforgettable. I think this is what we call ‘love at first sight’. Laurent and I just had this unexplainable connection, which has never wavered… last year, when Laurent asked me to marry him on the same stage where he had played [that] beautiful pirate seven years before, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes!”



“Hire an awesome team to help with planning and bringing your vision to life! The vendors at POPUPMARIAGES [of Le Coeur Bohème] were so creative and professional so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We put 100% [of our] trust in them, and the result was even better than we could have imagined. It’s important to work with the best and to let them do their thing!”


Coordination & Styling | Le Coeur Bohème
Florals | Hellébore Créations Florales
Hair & Makeup | Chelsea Dawn Chawsky of Locks to Lashes
Jewelry | Eugenie Bee
Bridal Skirt | Dream It Yourself
Groom’s Suit Jacket | Atelier Karanta
Groom’s Shirt & Tie| Atelier Baratin
Bolo Hat | Blackburn&Raymond
Invitation Suite | Acétate La Boite
Videography | Beau Vidéo


Thank you to Wandering Weddings member Gabrielle Desmarchais for sharing this session, and congratulations to Anne-Sophie + Laurent!

Member Spotlight Page | Gabrielle Desmarchais Photographie

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