Lucy Schultz Photography

Lucy Schultz Photography

Based In: Colorado
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned, Woman Owned
Photographer: Lucy Schultz Photography

Lucy Schultz Photography

Based In: Colorado
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned, Woman Owned

You’re going to look epic.
We’re going to have fun.
I’m going to get dirty.

Every elopement is personal and wildly different. Couples who love vibrant color and a candid approach are my jam! Give me the keys to your life for a day so all your shenanigans, emotions, joy and mutual weirdness we call love is captured for you to relive again and again. My photography is inclusive – that means ALL couples celebrated. Additionally, my photography packages include the entire adventure photographed because I truly believe in your story being told from start to finish. I empower you to choose plans that make you grin the widest – your elopement shouldn’t be like anyone else’s. Great photos come from great moments, so let’s make sure there are a lot of those.

It’s so important to leave the earth better than we found it. I come prepared and am committed to being a steward of the outdoors. I love bringing people into the magical places I’ve found, so check out my free elopement guides to Colorado, 18+ western national parks, and destination locations like Hawaii and Costa Rica.

I’m a certifiable crazy cat lady and I put the B in LGBTQ. When I’m shooting I’m a normal human being total goof, creating a fun atmosphere where it’s easy for you to feel comfortable being YOURSELF. The word “professional” in front of “photographer” is hard for me to stomach, since I lie in the dirt A LOT and have been known to swear like a sailor. But what I lack in dignity I make up for in sound effects. I’ve been shooting couples full time since 2013 though, so I guess I must accept the title. I met my husband when I moved to Colorado in 2015 – literally, on my first night here- and on the day we got married, we signed our license on our friend’s backs under a treehouse and ate from a pizza food truck. I recommend it all. I am also an “adult”. I’m based in Colorado, but spend much of the year living nomadically out of a completely unglamorous camper traveling across the US & beyond to shoot national park elopements. I enjoy camping, off roading, archery, scuba diving, birdwatching, and eating cheese.

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Relive it all.

Your photos will transport you back to every moment,
allowing you to relive the day,
and the way,
you married your person.

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