Andrea Tortora Films

Andrea Tortora Films

Based In: Italy
Videographer: Andrea Tortora Films

Andrea Tortora Films

Based In: Italy

Prior to being a wedding videographer, I am a person who seeks to understand and empathise.

As a wedding videographer, I am devoted to capturing and conveying the inimitable and poignant beauty of the wedding day. With skill and sensibility, I employ visual art to create films that embody the essence of the emotions experienced on that momentous occasion. I meld the strength of imagery with the elegance of lights and shadows to craft an unforgettable visual tale that will enable my clients to revisit those memories indefinitely.

Love and mountains

[5 min]

A true professional. Choosing a provider for a significant event such as a wedding requires trust and reliability. Having known Andrea for some time, I was aware of his great passion for his work, and so my wife and I had no doubts in choosing him as our wedding videographer. Andrea and his team were discreet, attentive, precise, and never intrusive during the ceremony, yet always affectionate. When we watched our wedding video, tears overcame us, and we wished we could remain immersed in that emotion forever. Thank you, Andrea, for making that day unforgettable, and we will always hold you in our hearts.

Tania + Alice
A true professional

Andrea is a truly unique artist and professional. The passion he brings to his work is evident and it shows in the quality of his productions. He made our wedding day unforgettable by turning it into a film that still moves us every time we watch it. The quality of the images and the selection of music are simply perfect. We are immensely happy that we chose Andrea for our wedding film, which exceeded all of our expectations and was even more emotional than our photographs. This would be a choice we would make a million times over and, in the future, we would entrust him again for any other special occasion. Thank you so much, you were amazing!

Cristina + Stefano
unique artist
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