Winter Bliss on Lake Crescent: Nyika and Omar’s Dream Elopement

Winter Bliss on Lake Crescent: Nyika and Omar’s Dream Elopement

This couple’s winter elopement at Washington’s Olympic National Park, featuring Lake Crescent, is the perfect inspiration to embrace an intimate elopement adventure this year. Nyika and Omar’s wedding day unfolded with tons of romance and a touch of spontaneity that perfectly reflected the couple’s laid-back nature.

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A Day of Magic at Lake Crescent

The day began at Blue Haven Airbnb on Lake Sutherland, where the couple prepared for their elopement in separate quarters. They shared a first look at the dock and then packed some PB&Js for their adventure.

We arrived at Lake Crescent to an incredible scene. Moody clouds hung low, reflecting on a perfectly glassy lake. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t an ounce of wind or crazy weather! They strolled out to the end of the dock and set up Nyika’s flowers. Mountains surrounded them with clouds drifting in an out as they said vows.

Rain drops softly dotted the lake as they shared their first kiss. Their ceremony was beautiful, intimate, and exactly how they hoped it would be!” [Amy, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Future Couples Eloping at ONP

Amy suggests winter is a wonderful time for eloping at Lake Crescent. The serene atmosphere, free from the summer tourist crowds, allows couples to appreciate the view and each other. Additionally, for couples considering this location, Amy advises having a backup plan just in case the weather is not in your favor. OR you can always pack some umbrellas with you!

“This couple did not need a permit as they had a group of less than 5 for their ceremony. We packed out all of our trash and made sure to leave the locations around the lake as we found them.” [Amy, the photographer]

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Flexibility and Enjoying The Adventure

Amy Galbraith emphasizes the importance of flexibility when planning an elopement. Despite initial concerns about the weather, the day turned out to be dry, showcasing the unpredictable yet enchanting nature of elopements. In the spirit of spontaneity, the couple, accompanied by Amy, explored various locations, including a private property along the Elwha River generously offered by the florist’s sister.

Here, amidst vintage tableware and a bottle of wine, Nyika and Omar celebrated with a champagne toast. We loved the small details Amy captured like when the couple played and danced along the river while snapping photos with their Polaroid camera.

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Photos From This Elopement

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