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The Importance of Optimizing Your WW Listing and Overall Business for Growth

Have you been optimizing your listing on Wandering Weddings? Have you been optimizing your business’s website or social media pages? Believe it or not, these two things can have a major impact on your overall growth as a business. We’re going to break down the importance of optimization, and how we have seen it being a huge game-changer for some of our top-performing members on our platform.

At Wandering Weddings, we pride ourselves on sharing all types of love, from around the world. By sharing different love stories, we also share the work exclusively from our members on both our blog and social media. Our search directory is the perfect place for couples to search for their ideal vendor based on the location they are interested in eloping.

But how do they decide which vendor is the right one for them?

Representing Yourself Through Your Listing

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It’s not enough to just be listed on our directory to automatically get leads from your “dream couple”. Unfortunately, you do have to put in some work on fine-tuning your listing, so couples can understand and be drawn to who you are!

Think of your listing as your resume…but for couples. You’ll want to basically make sure you have every element in your listing completely filled out and customized to who you are. The more detailed you are, the better!

optimizing your WW listing

Here are our 8 tips to optimize your WW listing

  1. Make sure you connect your website and social media to your listing.
  2. Indicate which locations you specialize in.
  3. Make sure you have your correct contact information.
  4. Include a bio that briefly, yet enjoyably, describes who you are and why you love doing what you do. (you can use headings in the bio to create sections that are easily skimmable to viewers)
  5. Include a good mix of some of your best work in your gallery (here’s your chance to truly hook them).
  6. Ask previous couples to leave you a testimonial, so prospective clients can see how much fun it is working with you.
  7. Your list image is the single most important photo of your listing. This is the photo that grabs viewers’ attention and gets you clicks when your listing is showing among many other photographers/vendors.
  8. Update, update, update every month or so!

You want to make sure everything looks good on your listing because you’re probably not the only vendor who is listed in the specific location your ideal couple is looking at. In other words, if your listing has nothing but your contact information and website compared to someone who has everything filled out, we guarantee you that couple will be contacting that other vendor.

Not sure where to start optimizing your listing? Connect with our team on our members-only Facebook page 

Make Sure You Update Not Just Your Listing But Everything Else Too

Did you catch our last tip in the previous section? Couples like to see new, fresh content. If you’ve had a listing with us for a couple of months, and you haven’t swapped out some photos or changed your “about me” in a while, then maybe it’s time to give your listing a mini facelift.

You’ll not only want to be updating your listing every now and then, but updating your website and other social pages is super important. By keeping all of these things updated, you’re showing couples you’re very active and involved in your business. They are also able to see in real-time (through current IG posts, blogs, and IG stories) what your most recent elopements and engagements look like.

Couples care about the experience, so it’s important to communicate that through your website and social media too in order to get more leads!

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The Importance of SEO for Your Business

If you haven’t heard of SEO (search engine optimization) before, then it’s definitely time to start learning some SEO basics for your business. SEO is essential for websites and businesses to rank well in Google search results. The better you rank, the more eyes will be on your business.

Blogging is a great way to up your SEO game, but so is updating your listing. Why is SEO important for your listing? Believe it or not, but making sure your listing is complete also increases your SEO presence. Some ideas you can include in your listing are including details on some of the locations you specialize in or even including some of your top tips when eloping in that area.

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Become a Featured Member To Grow Your Leads

While you can absolutely book elopements, post elopement adventures, and engagements, optimizing your listing through your base membership with us, it’s important to talk about our overall growth.

We are still smaller than bigger directories (since we have niched down specifically to elopements), BUT we are growing every day. This means more and more members jump into our directory, including our most popular locations.

If you’re looking for something above and beyond just being part of our community and the benefits listed above. We would strongly suggest inquiring about a featured vendor spot.

Becoming a featured vendor gets your listing places first in the most high-traffic areas of our website. If you are joining Wandering Weddings JUST for lead gen, and not the other benefits, this is the route you should take. Currently, about 75% of the leads coming into our website are going to our featured vendors. Please keep in mind these are premium placement spots and availability is limited. To become a featured vendor, you must first hold a base $200/yr membership.

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Not Enough Time To Update Your Listing?

If you’re thinking… how the heck am I supposed to keep up with all of these optimizations and cover elopements and engagements too?! We got you covered!

At Wandering Weddings, our members and couples will always come first. We want to make sure you have more time to take care of your couples, instead of worrying about your business. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your social media accounts, then maybe consider hiring our team to manage your social!

How does it work? We meet with you and get to know you and your goals to see if we are a good fit. This happens during the discovery call which is 100% free. Then the onboarding process starts. We then create a client folder for you including notes on your tone/voice. We also love having your brand fonts and colors so we can use them in all content created for you. Our social media packages will include ALL scheduling and planning to fully take advantage of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (depending on what package you select).

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