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SEO For Photographers: Get Off Social Media and Go Work On Your Website


SEO Tips for Elopement Photographers

SEO for photographers is an important topic to discuss. Unfortunately, SEO is also a complicated topic most seem to put off in their business. We’re here to tell you, you need to focus on this to grow your business. SEO, in a nutshell, allows future couples to easily find you through organic search!

Being a photographer, especially for intimate weddings and elopements, can be both rewarding and exciting. However, you may become overwhelmed with how to get your work in front of people without investing hundreds in ads or spending all day, every day on social media.

During times where you are stuck at home, it’s important to work on your own business’s personal growth because Instagram’s algorithm will only take you so far.

Let’s break down why you should get off social media and start making power moves optimizing your content.


Google Knows All

When you are looking for a product or service, where do you tend to turn to? Most probably, you get your phone out and Google it. The same is true for couples planning their wedding day.

There is tons of competition in the wedding industry, yet many of them are still not optimized to be found online. Here’s something even we discovered here at Wandering Weddings, an online presence is everything.

If Google can’t find you, then your next couple certainly won’t either. Thus, the main goal of SEO is to get to the top of page 1 on Google when a couple searches something related to your photography service.

But how does this work? If a bride searches ‘elopement photographer’, she is most likely going to click on your website if it lands on the first page of her search results.


Social Media is Saturated

You’re probably thinking, ‘but what about social media’? While your growth on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are important, they may not be as lucrative when you’re looking for a source to bring in new clients.

Don’t get us wrong, social media is important for engagement and creating a community where your current and future clients can converse and create a trustworthy customer journey.

Social media, however, is something that is saturated and difficult to stand out. Thus, why photographers should get off social media and work on their website’s SEO. SEO is more successful at being a passive traffic source without relying on a paid ad strategy to reach a bigger audience.


Start Blogging for Your Elopement Photography Business

Do you blog on your elopement photography website? If the answer is no, you should seriously think about starting one for 2 reasons:

  • Blogging allows couples to see your style of work and share your work across different platforms.
  • Maintaining a blog gives your website more content, which equals more opportunities for Google to find you.

If you do have a blog, however, it’s important to optimize those blogs. What does this mean? To make things simple, consider tailoring your content specifically towards the audience you want to attract.

Elopement photographers, for example, want to attract couples who are planning their wedding at an adventurous location. Use this information to tailor your blogs when you shoot a specific elopement location.

Our team took Corey and Dylan’s Fuel Your Photos SEO course for photographers to better prepare our team to optimize our current and future blogs and website content. In just 3 months of implementing their tips and tricks, our views and website clicks tripled!

What does this mean for you? Their course, like many others out there, is a great resource to get started in SEO optimization for your blog and website. The difference is that Corey and Dylan’s course, like our blogs, give specific examples tailored to elopement photographers.

They have also been kind enough to offer our audience 10% off their SEO for photographers course. Sign up using code WANDERING to receive 10% offGET STARTED HERE


5 Quick Tips on SEO for Photographers 

So now that you know what SEO is and why it’s important, you need to start digging through your website to sort out all the nuts and bolts. Let’s go over some surface maintenance you can start with.

1. Optimize Your Blog Content

We touched on this briefly. A simple reminder, write well but use the right keywords in your blog posts to help search engines better find you and rank you against your competitors. It also helps to get to the point with your keywords sooner rather than later.

2. Invest in Tools to Help Your SEO Growth

Tools like the SEO course we mentioned, Yoast, and SEMRush make SEO easier to manage and understand for anyone trying to better rank and be found. We use multiple tools like these because they are user friendly and help us achieve our overall SEO goals.

SEMrush is your best friend when it comes to doing keyword research and planning out your content. We would literally be lost without this tool. Get started with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL of SEMrush. 

3. Think About Optimizing Everything on Your Website and Blogs

Here’s a helpful reminder as you go through your website: everything on your website should serve a purpose and be geared to a specific topic. Everything on your page is also important, meaning titles, meta descriptions, header tags, alt text for picture, URL structures, and more. Even though this sounds intimidating, SEO for photographers is really simple once you get it down packed! Our team is definitely here to help if you have any questions.

4. Internal and Outbound Links will Help You Grow

Here at Wandering Weddings, we feature multiple elopement photographers in our blogs. These photographers are encouraged to link our content back to their site because it helps both parties. Why? Linking to high-quality sites reflects on your own site’s authority. Linking to internal links within your website also helps because it helps your audience find other content that can be relevant to them.

5. Get Featured 

A good way to build outbound links that are relevant to your website’s content is by getting featured on websites. Submit your elopement session to our team to review. By submitting your work, you are also getting your photography in front of other couples.


Become a Member at Wandering Weddings to Help Your Website Authority

Here at Wandering Weddings, we feature multiple elopement photographers in our blogs. We also have multiple photographer members, including other wedding vendors who specialize in elopements. Our members are featured more often on our site and have a specific landing page that gets them unique leads. Apply to be a Wandering Weddings member to reach more couples.

If you are an elopement photographer, we also suggest joining our Wandering Weddings Photographer Community over on Facebook. It’s here that photographers can bounce around ideas with each other, share their work, and our team also engages with photographers to feature their work.

Now that you realize how SEO can play a big part in your elopement photography’s growth, we suggest you get started and optimize away. If you have any questions, our team would love to answer them.

What area of SEO would you like for us to talk about next?


Disclaimer: This post does include affiliate links. However, these are both products that we use and fully believe it. We would not promote them if they weren’t truly amazing.