Featured Vendor Listings

Becoming a featured vendor gets your listing shown in more places across our website (see example below). More eyes on your listings = more leads and bookings for you. Approximately 75% of the leads that come in through our website go to featured vendors.


  • The price associated with becoming a featured spot is in addition to your standard membership. You must hold a base $200/yr membership to become a featured vendor.
  • Featured subscriptions come with an additional vendor listing. Meaning, your content, and portfolio on that listing can be specific to the location you are listed in.
  • Featured spots are month to month, with no contracts or commitment. You are able to cancel at any time.
  • Once featured spots are sold out, we will create a waitlist for other vendors interested in those spots. Spots will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Where and how do featured listings display?

We are going to use Northern California for an example. As a featured vendor, your listing shows first in the main search vendors page results. Meaning, if someone searches Northern California + Photographer on our website, you will be shown first followed by all base vendors for Northern California.

Your Northern California featured listing would also get you listed on our top landing pages for Northern California (where base members are not listed).

Right now these are the pages you would be featured on. These are pages we have significant organic search traffic for.


You would also be added to any/all future resources we create for Northern California

To check availability and sign up for a featured vendor spot, email us at [email protected].┬áPlease be sure to let us know what location or locations you are interested in so we can send the appropriate information.