Wandering Weddings Social Media Management Services

We hear over and over from photographers that they want to spend more time working with their clients, and more time shooting, but less time doing other mundane business tasks.

Since our Wandering Weddings staff knows the elopement space inside and out, we wanted to start offering additional services to our members to help them market their business.

But what’s more important than marketing and growing your business? TIME!!! TIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEE!!!! We all have limited time. We want to not only help you best utilize all of the tools to grow your business but ALSO give you time back.

What does the process look like? We meet with you and get to know you and your goals to see if we are a good fit. This happens during the discovery call which is 100% free. Then the onboarding process starts. We then create a client folder for you including notes on your tone/voice. We also love having your brand fonts and colors so we can use them in all content created for you. Our social media packages will include ALL scheduling and planning to fully take advantage of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We work with each client to create a custom package that includes everything you are looking for.  On top of consistent posting across all platforms, you also have access to our entire SMM team as a resource. We create a private Slack channel with each of our clients where we communicate together. Additionally, since we will have access to your galleries, your work is constantly in front of our team so there is a good chance we will pull from your content when looking for new things to share on Wandering Weddings accounts.

Packages starting at $800/month


The facts are, social media is still relevant, and more and more business owners don’t want to be spending hours a day on social media. All that stuff takes time. Let us handle it while you spend your time on better things!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in outsourcing, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with our availability and next steps.

I didn't know how much I needed somebody to run my social media until I opened my phone and saw that posts were made, reels were published and all comments were responded to - in my voice! I didn't have to worry about a thing!

Emett Joseph

Before Wandering Weddings got involved, my posting to Instagram was haphazard at best, which meant super low engagement when I finally found the capacity to share anything. And my business Pinterest was just a hot, incomplete mess of sloppy pins by a previous SMM. But then WW came along and just crushed it from the start! I finally have Reels! IG Stories with actual client interaction (outside of comments about my jerky pets)! In July alone, profile visits were up 111% and I reached 187% more accounts than before! Pinterest required a bit more work because of the sh*t storm left behind by the last person, but they got it all gussied up and Google analytics already shows traffic to my site from the new pins! So if you’ve been thinking about giving WW a shot for social media management, I couldn’t recommend them more!

Lisa Ruschioni
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