Mt. Hood Wedding Venues + Featured Elopement Locations

Mt. Hood, where snow-capped peaks, lush alpine meadows, and the crisp mountain air create the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding day. The Mt. Hood area is one of our favorite elopement destinations that surrounds a good part of Oregon. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of planning your dream wedding at Mt. Hood, showcasing some of the most enchanting Mt. Hood wedding venues that cater to small weddings and elopements in Oregon.

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Mt. Hood Wedding Venues

Mt. Hood is pretty iconic and a lot of couples ask us if you can get married at Mt. Hood, and the answer is YES! Mt. Hood has a lot to offer and there are actually a good amount of venues nearby the base of the actual mountain to have an iconic Pacific Northwest wedding. We’ll even touch upon some of our favorite Mt. Hood elopement locations within the state park below too. We also want to discuss how to plan a wedding at Mt. Hood, and what you should consider when picking the perfect wedding venue for you.

Deciding when to get married near Mt. Hood

You can plan your wedding year-round at Mt. Hood, but it’s important to remember where near and on Mt. Hood you’re planning to be. Some of these locations are usually more accessible during the warmer months and may require a hike during the colder months when it snows. It also depends on how high in elevation you are. Some of these intimate wedding locations are open seasonally, and others offer different packages throughout the year, depending on the season. Finally, think about what you want to be doing during your outdoor mountain wedding at Mt. Hood. Do you want to be snow-shoeing or do you want to be splashing in a lake?

Consider How Many People are Going to be in Your Wedding Party

A lot of these venues we’ll talk about below will cater to bigger weddings. However, at Wandering Weddings, we specialize in elopements and micro weddings, and a lot of these Mt. Hood venues take the growing popularity of intimate weddings into consideration when it comes to their packages. Ask what specials they offer for smaller weddings since a lot of these locations will offer a discount on weekdays versus weekends or offer a ceremony-only option.

Do You Want a Mt. Hood Venue That Also Has Reception and Accommodation Options?

If you’re planning a wedding near Mt. Hood, consider if you want a reception and somewhere to stay the night after your ceremony. A lot of these venues below offer reception options, but some are more personalized than others when it comes to the type of food they serve and the overall venue they’ll serve your food. If you’re not planning to elope at Mt. Hood, then you’re going to want an accommodation option where you and your party can all stay together. Some of the venues below offer just that to avoid having to travel to and from your ceremony location.

Check out our favorite Mt Hood wedding venues:

Mt Hood Skibowl

Within the breathtaking landscapes of Mt. Hood, Mt. Hood’s Ski Bowl emerges as an enchanting setting for intimate weddings and elopements. This alpine haven, with its snow-kissed peaks and scenic vistas, provides a magical backdrop for couples seeking a small, personalized celebration. The Mt. Hood Ski Bowl offers a range of options for smaller weddings and elopements. From the cozy mountain lodge to the serene slopes, couples can find the perfect spot to exchange vows. We personally love the mid-mountain overlook, which sits at 4000’ in elevation. You and your guests will even have to get there by chairlift.

Mt. Hood Meadows

Dreaming of an intimate celebration amidst the majestic allure of Mt. Hood? Mt. Hood Meadows is the perfect setting for intimate weddings. This picturesque venue offers a range of intimate spaces surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Oregon’s iconic mountain. Tucked away in the heart of the Cascade Range, at this alpine paradise you can choose to exchange vows amid alpine meadows adorned with wildflowers or against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks. With its cozy mountain lodge and panoramic views, this venue is one of our faves. They even offer an all-inclusive experience with custom seasonal menus and recreational opportunities for you and your guests.

Mt. Hood Oregon Resort

We personally love Mt. Hood Oregon Resort because they cater to both big and small weddings. Whether you envision a cozy ceremony within the resort’s rustic charm or a secluded elopement against the backdrop of the Cascade Range, Mt. Hood Oregon Resort caters to every couple. With its versatile event spaces and scenic vistas, this venue is a hidden gem for couples yearning to exchange vows in the embrace of the Oregon mountains. This venue is also great because even their indoor options have gorgeous mountain views.

Mt. Hood Organic Farms

With its lush orchards, blooming gardens, and breathtaking views of the mountain, Mt. Hood Organic Farms offers an enchanting backdrop for weddings. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the fragrance of blossoms, making your commitment to love in a setting that perfectly reflects the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. For couples in search of a distinct and eco-friendly Mt. Hood wedding venue, Mt. Hood Organic Farms is a great option close to Hood River and Columbia River Gorge.

Mt. View Orchards

This unique wedding venue in the Hood River Valley is surrounded by apple and pear trees and fields of flowers. Mt. View Orchards in Parkdale, OR is a great spot to plan your wedding. You can even include fresh fruit from the Orchards during your wedding, which are all grown and raised on the farm. They even ferment their own wine, hard cider, and small craft beer, which is a fun feature to include for you and your guests.

Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast

Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast is a family-run business and is also one of the oldest bed and breakfasts in Parkdale, OR in the Hood River Valley. This venue features 42 acres, a family ranch, and a pear orchard. This venue specifically caters to elopements as well, which makes it a nice little getaway for couples planning a destination elopement.

Timberline Lodge

Looking for a dreamy wedding venue that sits high up on Mt. Hood? Timberline Lodge is the perfect escape where you’ll feel like you’re literally walking on clouds. This venue does offer a couple of on-site locations to get married, but you can also explore the grounds for a more unique experience. Keep in mind because of the elevation clouds often cover the peak. However, when it’s sunny, there are some epic spots to enjoy the view.

Silcox Hut

One mile above Timberline Lodge is Silcox Hut, which is by far one of our favorite elopement locations, but could easily accommodate 24 people for a small wedding overnight and 40 guests for your ceremony indoors! It’s open year-round for overnight stays and includes your choice of dinner, transportation between the Timberline Lodge and Silxoc, down bedding, and breakfast. For pricing, overnight rentals start from $240 per person to $325 per person. The main ceremony location here is indoors, but it’s one of our favorites with its rustic charm in front of the stone fireplace.

Red Barn Park

If you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue near Mt. Hood, then Red Barn Park is worth checking out. It offers charm and vintage appeal with its historic barns and orchards. You’ll get your mountain view of Mt Hood, while enjoying the rural countryside of Parkdale, OR. Full-day rates start at $3,200 for this venue, and they provide additional vendors upon request to help put together your wedding day.

Gorge Crest Vineyards

Gorge Crest Vineyards is available for outdoor weddings from May through October. The indoor area is available year-round and both options give you scenic views of Mt. Hood. Surrounded by orchards, a vineyard, and a forest, this venue is located only 15 minutes from Hood River and an hour outside of Portland.

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort is located within Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon. It’s surrounded by pine trees, meadows, and lakes. It’s a rustic mountain lodge featuring a farm-to-table restaurant for you and your guests to enjoy during your wedding adventure. We love how this venue is situated in an area that can easily accommodate a bigger group, or be a romantic getaway for a couple and their closest family and friends.

Mt. Hood Elopement Locations

This wouldn’t be Wandering Weddings, if we didn’t provide some of our favorite Mt Hood wedding venues that are ideal for elopements rather than weddings with more than 30 guests. These Mt. Hood elopement locations below are the perfect locations to plan your Pacific Northwest elopement with the picturesque view of Mt. Hood.

Please keep in mind you’ll need to apply for a non-commercial group permit for your Mt. Hood elopement. Even though this permitting process is usually free for elopements, you still have to obtain this permit which will go over information to keep in mind during your wedding adventure.

Reminder: please respect your time slot and practice Leave No Trace (LNT) principles during your wedding day. Meaning, please leave the location as you left it, stay on the trail, and respect the land. Always double-check the rules and regulations of any outdoor wedding venue.

Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake offers a waterfront view of Mt. Hood, with its peaks reflecting in the waters. You’ll be able to appreciate the emerald green forest among the shore of the lake. Keep in mind that this elopeement spot is accessible during the Summer (you can drive right up to it), but you may have to hike to it during the fall through spring.

Paradise Park Trailhead

Who wouldn’t want to get married in a location that has the name paradise in it? Paradise Park Trail starts at Timberline Lodge, which is really ideal if you’re planning a small wedding experience at Timberline Lodge after your elopement within the trail. During the summer, you’ll be able to be surrounded by colorful wildflowers, which makes for the dreamiest view.

Salmon River Trail

Whimsical should be in this Mt. Hood elopement spot’s name because this place is pretty magical. Salmon River Trail features tall moss-covered branches and fields of ferns. We love this area because it isn’t tedious to trek through, and the light that comes through the treetops is nothing short of breathtaking for your elopement photos.

Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls is a short hike and features a 110-foot lava cliff, which creates a gorgeous waterfall. This area can look pretty whimsical with its surrounding moss-covered rocks and mist from the cascading waterfall from the base of the easter side of Mt. Hood.

Mirror Lake

Just like Trillium Lakes, Mirror Lake in Mt. Hood is another gorgeous but well-known spot to visit and elope to. You can get some fun photos of you both crossing the creeks together and exploring the forest. The lake itself does get crowded, so plan for a weekday elopement for a more intimate wedding experience.


Vendors For Your Mt. Hood Wedding Adventure

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our vendors below who specialize in elopements and small weddings in the Mt. Hood area. They’ll be able to provide additional insight and help you build your wedding timeline in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also important to remember you’ll be planning your wedding on a mountain, meaning you need to get together with a vendor who knows how to navigate lighting and the landscapes of Mt. Hood.

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