A Moody Elopement Featuring Mount Hood Chalet

A Moody Elopement Featuring Mount Hood Chalet

This Mount Hood Chalet elopement screams mood and romance. Kaity and Peyton rented this Airbnb cabin within Mount Hood Village in Oregon. They got ready there and then headed off to a river on Mount Hood where they exchanged vows. This couple experienced it all: fog, rain, and snow!

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Planning Your Elopement at Mt Hood and Mount Hood Chalet

So are you thinking about eloping somewhere near Mt. Hood National Forest? Planning at Mount Hood Chalet?

Here’s what you should plan for:

For weddings within Mt. Hood National Forest, if you meet their criteria and have less than 75 attendees, you do not need a permit. Keep in mind this can always change, so please double-check when planning your elopement.

The criteria include:

  • Access for the general public to sites, trails, and/or roads must be maintained (no area may be closed or cordoned off).
  • Wedding ceremonies may not be officiated by individuals who are paid for their services; this is a commercial service widely available off of National Forest System land.
  • No vendors or food trucks or carts are allowed.
  • No excessive noise or public address systems near a campsite, developed recreation site, or over an adjacent body of water.
  • Throwing objects, including rice, birdseed, confetti, or lanterns, or the release of helium balloons is prohibited.
  • Decorations such as crepe paper and balloons are prohibited.
  • All litter must be disposed of properly.
  • Expect to have contact with members of the recreating public during your gathering, especially at popular sites.
  • Plan your event early or late in the day at developed sites to avoid peak visitation and congestion times (before 11 am and after 4 pm, April through September).

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Tips for Planning Your Wedding Accommodation at an Airbnb

Planning at an Airbnb makes for an amazing wedding venue location and accommodation in one for couples who decide to elope.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the homeowners know you’re using their property for an elopement/small wedding.
  • Consider how far your ceremony location is from your Airbnb.
  • Consider what type of getting-ready portraits you can take there.
  • Ask the homeowner if you can visit before your wedding day if you live in the area.

“This Airbnb was so cute! It was a little dark inside (it’s a cabin so to be expected) so, as a photographer, I’d suggest bringing a flash of some sort. For the couple–take advantage of the cozy & authentic nature of the cabin. Take time to sit by the fire or out on the deck and really take in the beauty.” [Ashley, the photographer]

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About This Elopement

“They got ready separately and Peyton even zipped up her dress with his eyes closed-to not spoil the first look surprise. Kaity wore boots and fleece lined leggings to make sure she was nice and warm throughout the day. We headed to Trillium Lake for the ceremony and were the only people around, thank you rain!

It was moody and rainy and so Oregon. We tried to head up the mountain for some better views but ran into more fog and some amazing snow to adventure in. We filled up on burgers and beer from @wraptitude before heading back to the cabin for some cake cutting, and soaking wet first dances.” [Ashley, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Photographer’s memorable moment:

“One of my favorite moments took place at the very end of the day. They hadn’t planned on a first dance, but they decided to go for it. They slow danced, in the rain, to Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey in front of their rustic Mt. Hood cabin. It was so quiet and peaceful that I had to just stop and admire their love.

Another favorite moment was right after they said their vows and began to exchange rings. Kaity put the ring on Peyton’s finger and immediately started clapping and was so giddy. It was just real authentic joy that warms my heart.”

Top Tips When Planning your elopement with multiple weather considerations?

Be prepared for anything! When planning this we knew the chance of snow or rain was possible because it was mid-November on the mountain but we did not expect an atmospheric river to be blowing through. We were prepared with winter coats, boots, and umbrellas. Kaity even wore fleece lined leggings under her wedding dress for an extra layer of warmth.

Know your limits. It’s easy to want to get those amazing and dramatic images but at what cost? We wanted amazing portraits as far up Mt. Hood as we could get, but we made it 15 minutes out of the car in a small corner to get the snow pictures they wanted and then we decided to call it. It was not only too cold, but we feared road conditions would worsen the longer we were up there. So we made our way back down the mountain to have dinner and portraits by the cabin instead.” [Ashley, the photographer]

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Why You Shouldn’t Let “Bad Weather” Ruin Your Experience

“I definitely learned that anything can happen with the weather. We believed we were prepared but we were still surprised.

I also learned that none of that stuff matters. These two got married in the middle of a downpour and they weren’t phased one bit.” [Ashley the photographer]

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Photography | Ashley Masters Photography

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