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Isle of Skye Elopement Guide

The Isle of Skye has to be the most magical area to elope in mystical Scotland. Oli and Steph, photographers, give us an inside scoop of what couples need to know when planning their epic Scotland elopement adventure. We’ll break down some of the best places to elope at Isle of Skye and additional tips and tricks to take with you on your journey.

Are you hyped to elope in Scotland but not sure if the Isle of Skye is right for you? Luckily for you, we have an in-depth Scotland elopement package with featured elopement vendors and other tops places to elope in Scotland.

When it comes to eloping in the Isle of Skye, there are a few things you should consider as you plan your special day. Feel free to jump to the section you’re interested in or have questions about.

Vendors For Your Isle of Skye Elopement Package

The best way to plan your Isle of Skye elopement is to team up with an experienced elopement vendor. When you’re thinking about how much your Isle of Skye elopement will cost, you’ll want to budget based on your vendors! Check out our members who specialize in Isle of Skye elopement and micro weddings below.

Best Places to Elope in the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is probably one of the most beautiful elopement destinations in the world! While we are going to mention some of our favorite places to elope, it’s always smart to team up with an elopement vendor to discuss your elopement vision. They are also amazing to team up and suggest more remote locations not many other people know about.

Fairy Glen

If you’re looking for a literal fairytale vibe for your elopement, then Fairy Glen is our top pick. Surrounded by greenery, rolling hills, and sparkling waters, this is a great spot to exchange your vows together. You’ll also see some of the most magical views from the top of the hill. This spot is pretty popular with tourists, so plan an early morning elopement ceremony or plan your elopement during the week.

A Beach

There are a few beaches you can either plan your ceremony or portraits within Skye. Beach elopements tend to be pretty popular for a lot of couples, especially if it’s a black sand beach. We definitely recommend picking a second spot to explore if you’re interested in having a beach ceremony, so you can get two completely different looks for your wedding photos.


The Ouiraing is an iconic place to elope in the Isle of Skye with dramatic views and gorgeous spots to have your ceremony. This is the site of an ancient landslip that has created a mystical landscape of rolling hills and cliffs. The Quiraing has often been the place to many moody and rainy elopements we have featured. For really adventurous couples, take the hike to the top, which will take you about 2 hours.

Old Man of Storr

Just north of Skye, you’ll find the picturesque Old Man of Storr. This location is a 45-minute hike up to the huge rock pinnacles with views out over the ocean. If you’re looking for something dramatic and different for your Isle of Skye wedding, then definitely consider this spot. A pro tip is to bring some rain gear for this location since the weather in this location can be a bit wet.


Are you looking for mountain views? Elgol is tucked away in the town of Broadford, and you’ll be able to enjoy views of the Cullin mountains and water here. We love this location because there’s an iconic honeycomb rock were many couples and their loved ones gather to have their wedding ceremony. This area is also less touristy than many of the other spots we mentioned.

Loch Coruisk

Loch Coruisk is an elopement experience to remember. You’ll need a private boat to visit this location, which is in the heart of the Cullin mountains. Another option you have is to plan your elopement overlooking the ocean at the ruins of Duntulm or Dunscaith castle. The one thing to keep in mind if you want to elope somewhere within the Loch Coruisk area is the boat schedule and the weather. Boats to this area run from March to October, but if the weather is bad for whatever reason, then no boats will take you there. Talk to your elopement team about alternative elopement locations if the weather were not to cooperate.

The Fairy Pools

The best thing about Scotland is the diversity you’ll see, especially in the Isle of Skye area. The Fairy Pools is a great idea for couples who want to incorporate the movement of water, without going to a nearby beach. The area around the Fairy Pool can take about 3 hours to explore, so this is a unique spot to either have your ceremony or take your wedding portraits

When to Elope at Isle of Skye in Scotland

The Isle of Skye can have a pretty rainy and unpredictable climate. This rainy season is what gives so many Scotland elopements that moody feel.

“The weather on the Isle of Skye is highly unpredictable, it could be sunny with blue skies, or rainy and windy, so we recommend that you come prepared for all weathers. Waterproof jackets are a must, alongside warm layers, and of course hiking boots.” [Oli and Steph Photography]

We personally recommend eloping in the Isle of Skye during May, August, or September. If you’re planning outside of those months, that’s ok too! Just ask your elopement vendor for any advice. If you’re planning during cooler months, then pack in layers underneath your wedding attire to help keep warm.

Isle of Skye Wedding License and Permits

How Can I get Married in the Isle of Skye?

In Scotland, there are no residence requirements for couples who want to get married. So this means you can be a citizen of any country and can marry in any district of Scotland. In Scotland, you can have a humanist, religious, or registrar to make your ceremony legal.

If you want to get legally married here, then you’ll need to give the district registrar notice (complete a Marriage Notice Form (M10) which costs about $96 ) in the area where you want to marry. For eloping on Skye, you will want to get in touch with the Portree & Raasay Office. You must give proper notice at least 30 days before your wedding ceremony. Remember to submit this completed form no later than 3 days after your ceremony.

The only other thing you need to keep in mind is you must have two witnesses, but talk to your elopement team if you’re struggling with this requirement.

Should I worry about permits in the Isle of Skye?

You can actually hold your ceremony anywhere on the Isle of Skye! This allows so much creative freedom for couples. Just keep in mind to get your elopement ceremony location approved by your elopement team and make sure your location is not on private property (there will be a fee for these types of locations).

Planning a Micro Wedding in Big Isle of Skye Versus an Intimate Elopement

“When considering a micro-wedding on Skye the key thing to consider is finding a venue that can host everyone in your party. Skye is more limited on larger venues, so we definitely recommend booking early. If you plan on an outdoor ceremony then ensure you choose a location that will be accessible for all guests, and as the roads are small and parking can be limited, we’d recommend using a local Skye taxi company to transport your guests around the island.” [Oli and Steph Photography]

Top Tips For Planning Your Isle of Skye Elopement

We want to thank Oli and Steph for helping us put this amazing resource together. We asked them what their top tips when eloping at this epic area in Scotland. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Embrace the weather

“One question that almost all couples ask us is ‘What if it rains, can we still have an outdoor ceremony?’ The answer is a massive yes! We’ve never had a couple not go ahead with their ceremony due to the weather. Sometimes we may switch the location to reduce the amount of hiking involved, but you are coming to Skye for the epic scenery and we make sure that is what you get. From the point of view of the photography, the rain with the swirling mist we often get on Skye gives so much mood and depth to images, and the raw emotions of the day really shine through when you are out in the elements.” [Oli and Steph Photography]

2. Book your accommodation early

The Isle of Skye is a really popular location and to ensure that you get a place to stay that you absolutely love, we recommend booking your hotel or cute Airbnb as far in advance as you can.

“For an easy elopement experience the three things you need to book as soon as you can are; your photographers, your accommodation, and your celebrant to marry you. Once you have those three things set you can relax and take your time to book your other vendors and to decide on your timeline, which your photographers should help you with.” [Oli and Steph Photography]

3. Choose a sunrise/sunset ceremony

In the summer months, the Isle of Skye can be busy so if you want one of the more iconic locations for your ceremony we recommend going either early or late to avoid any crowds, and also to get the best light so your photos will look even more amazing.

4. We recommend that you come to Skye for at least one week

There is so much to explore and do here, from eating local cuisine at Michelin star restaurants to hiking to whisky tasting, and have at least two days on the island before your elopement to relax and get over any jet lag.

Elopement Ideas For Your Isle of Skye Elopement

So what can you do during your Isle of Skye elopement adventure? Oli and Steph give couples some awesome ideas:

Hiking and Mult-Day Elopements

“For couples that enjoy hiking, we love overnight camping elopements way up in the mountains. Multi-day elopements give you the chance to really explore Skye and to get photos at sunset and sunrise in the most epic locations on the island. We work with some amazing mountain guides that can get you safely up into the world-famous Cuillin mountains and you could even do some abseiling and scrambling. For a less extreme version, we can stay in one of Skye’s bothy’s – mountain huts that are free for anyone to stay in, and are located in some of the most beautiful spots.” [Oli and Steph Photography]


“Picnics! We have some amazing suppliers on Skye that can create you the most beautiful styled picnic complete with a bell tent to enjoy after your ceremony. You could have your picnic on a black sand beach, by a river, or at a castle.” [Oli and Steph Photography]

Planning a Fun Activity

“Doing an activity on the morning of your elopement. Skye is the perfect place for paddle boarding and kayaking; imagine spending your wedding morning floating on the water watching the local seals and dolphins swim by, and seeing eagles overhead. If you don’t fancy paddling yourself, you could go on a morning boat trip to spot wildlife and you might even see a whale.” [Oli and Steph Photography]

Are you ready to elope at the Isle of Skye?