Romantic Wedding Ceremony in The Trossachs of Scotland

Romantic Wedding Ceremony in The Trossachs of Scotland

Diana and Tomas celebrated their wedding day in the center of a stone circle overlooking the beauty of the hills. The Trossachs generally refers to an area of wooded glens, braes, and lochs lying to the east of Ben Lomond in the Stirling council area of Scotland. This Trossachs wedding adventure was intimate and romantic, but the wedding ceremony is the perfect inspiration for other couples to plan such an intimate wedding day together.

“Surrounded by the peaks and graced with an abundance of heathers and ferns, they became one with each other and one with nature.” [Radek, the photographer]

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About This Trossachs Wedding Ceremony

Photography by Photomagician

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, even elopement ceremonies, couples can include any traditions they want to. There is no right or wrong way to perform a wedding ceremony, and that’s the beauty many couples are learning as they plan a small wedding or elopement.

This Trossachs wedding ceremony in Scotland was a barefoot ceremony, which also included burning sage, a blessing of the Earth, and ancient Scottish traditions such as handfasting and the oathing stone.

“The celebrations were focused on the connection with nature stemming from Diana and Tommy’s deep appreciation of Slavic traditions. As Diana is a herbalist and keen forager, some of the gifts for the family and vendors included locally foraged plant mixes and traditional Latvian blackcurrant balsam.” [Radek, the photographer]

After their intimate ceremony, the couple had a picnic and then explored the banks of Loch Drunkie followed by a hike towards Ben A’an. They even stopped at a few places along the Trossachs to skateboard down the hills.

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Planning Your Elopement in Trossachs of Scotland

The Trossachs of Scotland is a gorgeous elopement destination for adventure elopements and micro weddings alike. It’s a part of the wider Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. It is also very well connected and there are plenty of hotels and cute Airbnb’s in the area.

Radek tells us there are thousands of beautiful spots to get married there. From hilltops, through ancient forests, to picturesque loch sides.

“If I could share one piece of advice with future elopers, it would be this: make sure to plan your ceremony for the right part of the day. As most of the area is covered in woodland and hills, light can be a bit tricky. I would suggest having the ceremony early on in the day or mid-afternoon. That will allow you plenty of time to explore the area, maybe have a picnic and take some great photos without having to worry that the sun is quickly disappearing behind the hills, which happens sooner than what the official sunset forecasts say.” [Radek, the photographer]

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Details From This Elopement

The details of this intimate wedding in Scotland are unforgettable for our team. From the couple’s detailed wedding ceremony to Radek’s epic photography. Radek shares some of his favorite details:

“The Slavic theme woven throughout the day – from jewelry, through the rituals to the hand-made gifts Diana and Tommy prepared for their guests, Andrea (the celebrant), and I. I also adored the thoughtful and spiritual ceremony that the couple and Andrea prepared. I couldn’t enjoy myself more knowing that we’d be skating in the hills on the day. The day was a perfect combination of quiet reflection on what it means to be married to someone, sharing stories about Diana and Tommy’s journey, and light-spirited fun in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland.” [Radek, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Wedding Adventure in the Trossachs

Radek tells us the couple skateboarding in the rain and their first look in the forest were memorable for him. However, a big thing that stuck out to this photographer was how thoughtful they were during their wedding day.

“The way they care about each other, the people they brought to the Trossachs with them, and their profound respect for surrounding nature is nothing short of incredible. It made a lasting impression on me and I aim to take that as a lesson for my own wedding and all my future elopements.” [Radek, the photographer]

This is also important for couples who are planning an adventure elopement. Respecting the land is what keeps elopements possible for future couples.

Advice For Couples Eloping Outside of the States

Thinking about eloping in Scotland? We wouldn’t blame you! Here’s Radek’s advice as you start planning:

“Make sure to allow plenty of time to tie in with your vendors and get familiar with the local rules and paperwork! It’s easy to elope to Scotland and the rules are not difficult to follow. You do, however, need a level of understanding (especially when it comes to the timelines related to filing your paperwork). You may be subject to immigration control. Otherwise, the arrangements are the same as those for a couple living in the UK.” [Radek, the photographer]

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Photography | Photomagician
Celebrant | Andrea Taylor – @soulful.celebrant
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Cake | @rawnchycafe
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