Sunset Salt Flats Elopement Inspiration in Utah

Sunset Salt Flats Elopement Inspiration in Utah

This sunset Salt Flats elopement inspiration in Utah is the perfect inspiration for couples looking to style their wedding day. This session plays off of the minimalistic nature of the Salt Flats and the time of day of the elopement itself.

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Photography by <span style="font-weight: 400;"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Forever to the Moon</a></span>

Photography by Forever to the Moon

Tips When Planning Your Elopement in Salt Flats, UT

We love Salt Flats because there are endless opportunities for couples who want to elope there. Alexandra, the photographer from Forever To The Moon, explains taking time to plan your activity is essential when planning.

“The Salt Flats are beautiful, but there is not a lot around them to hike to or do in general. So having decor like an arch, floral arrangement, candles, rug, ect… will make the location feel more special to you and will create a space for the ceremony. This will also give your photos more variety as the ceremony photos will have the decor and then you can play around with the beauty and vastness of the landscape for the couples photos after the ceremony.” [Alexandra]

Some ideas you can incorporate into your Salt Flats elopement are…

  • Planning a picnic or romantic dinner.
  • Teaming up with a planner to figure out the perfect aesthetic for your elopement decorations.
  • Bringing champagne, mini cakes, or anything special to celebrate your marriage together.

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sunset elopement dinner setup for salt flat elopement

Details We Love During This Sunset Salt Flats Elopement Inspiration

We love this inspiration session at Salt Flats in Utah because it’s minimalistic enough not to overwhelm couples when planning their elopement here. Since this area is a blank canvas, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by seeing a styled session with loads of floral arrangements.

“Having simple decor like a rug and florals to create a space for the ceremony truly adds to the wedding feel by creating a spot to stand together like at an altar. Elopements are supposed to be simple, but a little decor setup can go a long way to make the ceremony time extra special.” [Alexandra]

We also love the couple’s wedding attire, including the bride’s elopement dress and how perfect the burnt orange tones meshed with the sunset.

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exchanging vows during elopement ceremony

Advice For Couples Trying to Figure Out Their Elopement Style

We feature a bunch of elopements and talk to a lot of couples who tell us how overwhelmed they were at the beginning of planning their elopement because they saw something they loved on our blog or on social media.

We’re here to tell you to just worry about eloping! The whole point of planning an elopement versus a traditional wedding is to ditch any unnecessary stress and details.

“Don’t follow trends just because you think it’s cute or pretty at the time. Be inspired and get ideas from other people’s elopements, but look around at your home or how you already dress and be true to that. The last thing you want to do is look back at your photos and think it looks dated, or you went with a style that you liked at the time, but wasn’t really you. So, if you are a more traditional person in your everyday life, then embrace that! If your home is filled with bohemian style decor, then do that! Listen to who you are and what makes you happy! Don’t overthink it!” [Alexandra]

Sunset elopement portraits at Salt Flats in Utah

Why Are Sunset Elopements Epic

We love how this styled elopement at Salt Flats paired perfectly with the sunset and their surroundings. The colors that the sun makes as it sets are beautiful, and it gives your wedding portraits a dreamy feel.

“The surrounding mountains turn blue and purple, which contrast the white salt that then takes on hints of pinks, golds and oranges throughout the sun setting. And! Because everything is white, the time after the sun sets behind the mountains, blue hour, is long and beautifully lit because the salt is reflecting any ambient light. Lastly, with little light pollution around, the star show is usually pretty great too!” [Alexandra]

couple close up during sunset elopement in Utah

Are You Ready to Elope?

After seeing the details from this styled elopement, and how magical it would be to plan a sunset elopement at Salt Flats, are you ready to elope?

Alexandra reminds couples to take extra time on their wedding day. There’s no need to rush.

“It is really easy to underestimate how long things take or things pop up that we weren’t expecting so build in extra time to keep any potential stressing over timing away. Especially when eloping in a beautiful location, if there is spare time when something isn’t happening or you are early, it just allows for more time to enjoy the landscape, be with each other and relax a little.” [Alexandra]

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Photography | Forever to the Moon

Dress | Raw Golden Rentals 

Suit | Kenneth Boggs Suit 

Florals | Taylor Kelia Floral 

Cake | Sweet Temptations by Rashi 

Photos From This Sunset Elopement at Salt Flats in Utah

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