Elopement Planners: Why You Should Hire One For Your Adventure

Some couples may not think they necessarily need an elopement planner for their adventure together. Even though elopements can be simple, elopements can also be extravagant. There are multiple reasons why you should hire an elopement planner for your adventure.

We’re going to go over these reasons and present some advice from fellow elopement planners who are pros at putting together beautiful wedding days.

These elopement wedding planners we feature will answer these questions:

1) Why do you need a planner for your elopement?

2) How do you figure out what your elopement style is?

3) What tips do you have for couples who are planning their elopement?

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What Does an Elopement Planner Do?

When couples decide to plan an elopement, they tend to think there isn’t any planning involved. While the number of things you need to prepare for can be significantly less, it all really depends on your elopement vision. If you want to backpack in your elopement dress in the mountains together and have a commitment ceremony, then there isn’t much preparation you need. If, however, you want to include an arch, stationery set up, rentals, or even a post elopement ceremony, then a little more planning goes into it.

Since a lot of elopements are usually just the couple and a small number of guests, these planners often wear many hats since no elopement is ever the same. It’s important to ask the elopement planner your talking to what their experience is in the type of elopement you’re envisioning.

Here are some of the things an elopement wedding planner does:

  • Connecting couples with experienced vendors from their referral network. This can include anyone from the photographer to an officiant for your ceremony.
  • Planning a day that encompasses the couple, and their interests, fully.
  • Incorporating design elements that are authentic to the couple.
  • Scouting remote locations for couples to say “I Do.”
  • Sourcing accommodations near the elopement spot.
  • Creating a timeline to keep the day moving and on track.
  • Creating a budget and offering guidance on where to splurge and where to save.
  • Communicating often throughout the planning process to check-in and offer support when needed.
  • Design, style, and coordinate the elopement day, making sure everything is as seamless as possible.

Are you still not sure if you should hire an elopement planner? Check out what these 4 planners have to say below.

Magical Tree House Elopement in Concord, New Hampshire

Photography by Kelsey Converse

Planner: Dana Kramer from Wild + Wed

This Elopement: Jessica and Danny’s original plan was to elope in Costa Rica, but when Covid-19 hit, they had to shift their plans. They found a magical treehouse tucked in the woods and knew that it would be the perfect spot to say “I Do.” They incorporated their personalities and interests throughout the entire elopement. Jessica walked up the treehouse steps to the Lord of the Rings song, their vows were quirky, and they were unapologetically themselves. This was a special way of saying, ‘screw the norm, we are going to make this 100% us’.

1) Why do you need a planner for your elopement?

I think there’s a lot of common misconceptions about elopements, and I want to set the record straight! Most couples think because they’re having an elopement, they aren’t allowed to have elements of a traditional wedding. Some think they have to plan a quick ceremony and a few photos, and then that’s it. This is not the case at all.

The beauty of elopements is that they can be anything you want them to be. There are no rules, standards, or expectations. While an elopement is quite different from a larger, bigger affair, there is still absolutely a need for a planner! Elopements can be just the couple or include close family and friends. Some couples choose to have a first look, first dance, meal, photos, activities, cake – all the things. And this requires a lot of thought and planning!

Sometimes couples don’t tell their families that they’re eloping, and the planner is their sole source of guidance throughout the process. Or maybe they’re not even sure where to begin when it comes to sourcing vendors familiar with elopements, setting up a Pinterest-worthy table for two, or how to make the most of their day.

Do you know the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement?

2) How do you figure out what your elopement style is?

I recommend couples start by looking at popular wedding blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other place they find inspiration from. Once they figure out what they like, and don’t like, I ask them to send me a list! Color palettes, top inspiration photos, scenery, bridal style, anything, and everything! I’ll then create an initial mood board for them to review and see if we are headed in the right direction.

If they like what I send over, I’ll adjust it to get it just right and further hone in on their style. If they’re not vibing with the initial design, we will move in a different direction until it’s just as they envision. I also get to know my couples on a very personal level to help feel out their style and vibe, and then creating, planning, and designing their elopement day will turn out to be authentic, meaningful, and beautiful!

3) What tips do you have for couples who are planning their elopement?

If you’re considering hiring an elopement planner, I’d first recommend sitting down and outlining all the things that are important to you.

  • Check out some of the things you can include in your list:
  • What traditions do you want to honor?
  • Where do you see yourself tying the knot?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to do certain activities?
  • What time of year are you considering?
  • Do you want to add in an adventure element?
  • Is food important to you?
  • Do you want a traditional wedding dress?
  • Do you want an arbor, florals, candles, rugs? Or something more streamlined?

Once you narrow down the direction you’d like to take your elopement in, I’d reach out to a planner and see if the two of you would be a good fit. All planners are different, so make sure you do your research and find someone you connect with and love. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them!

Planning + Design | Wild + Wed
Photography | Kelsey Converse
Dress Shop | Madeleine’s Daughter Bridal
Dress Designer | Hayley Paige
Cake | @cicchetti.michael
Venue | NH Audubon


Styled Elopement at Silent Lake Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada

Photography by Brittany G Photography

Florist and Planner: Joni Van Wyk at The Wandering Ivy

About This Session: This is a styled session. The design of warm greys, earthy details, and vibrant ombre florals was created to complement the ethereal dress exclusive to a designer based in Ontario. We also wanted to showcase the stunning rocky and forested landscape of northern Ontario. Silent Lake Provincial Park was the perfect overall look for a luxury elopement inspiration.

1) Why do you need a planner for your elopement?

I recommend a planner in the very fact that they take the stress off of you. They can give you amazing recommendations for local vendors, for stunning locations at your destination, for bringing your overall design/theme together, and just be that third person on the day of to set up/run last-minute errands. If you truly want a day to kick back without distractions, I definitely say, hire a planner.

2) How do you figure out what your elopement style is?

There is no wrong or right as eloping gives you the absolute freedom to choose a style. However, there are definitely questions that can help you decide what direction you want to go. When you think of eloping, what destinations come to mind? What activities come to mind, and what outfit do you dream of wearing? When you think of eloping, what is one thing that you couldn’t elope without? What inspiration pictures are you constantly drawn back to? Ultimately, it comes down to what you feel suits you and your vision of a perfect day.

3) What tips do you have for couples who are planning their elopement?

  1. Set a budget that you feel you can work with as a couple to include all your most important elements or things you don’t want to do without. This helps you as a couple decide what locations work within it and what vendors you can work with.
  2. In whatever location you choose and whatever vendor is most important to you, hire the best and the one who’s work matches your ideal day. They will be able to give you amazing recommendations for other parts of your elopement such as locations, venues, and other vendors.
  3. Pick a florist who’s work you love already and trust them. They are going to help you plan what you can do within your budget, and what flowers will do well in your elopement location or time of year. All I recommend bringing to your consultation is a budget and a few photos that capture your floral ideas.
  4. If you haven’t considered an Airbnb yet for a venue, definitely do. They are a very cost-effective way to be in an amazing location and they come in so many epic styles. Whether you want a cabin in the woods or a modern industrial house, it’s such an incredible option to pull together your style.

Check out some of our favorite Airbnb wedding venues perfect for elopements. 

Videography by Aaron Daniel Films



Planning, Design, and Flowers | The Wandering Ivy
Photographer | Brittany G Photography

Hair + Makeup | Robyn’s Nest Makeup & Hair

Dress Designer & Shop | Jolicoeur Designs from Sinder’s Bridal House 

Menswear | Harris Tweed 

Stationery | Beetle and Quill  

Jewelry | On Trend 

Videographer | Aaron Daniel Films

Rentals | Wild Ivy Events 

Loch Lomond and Glencoe Elopement

Photography by Artisan X Photography

Elopement Planner: Nadia Wood, from Amulet Events 

About this elopement: On a gloriously sunny day in September in the Scottish highlands, the beautiful Vanessa & her Scotsman Nathan explored the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Loch Lomond is Britain’s largest inland stretch of water at 24 miles and is a well-known starting point to the Scottish Highlands. Here we explored the infamous mountains, lochs, forests, and glens, totally enchanted by each view that greeted us. The couple made promises to one another via the old Scottish tradition of an Oathing stone, followed by the ancient ritual of a handfasting Ceremony.

1) Why do you need a planner for your elopement?

Eloping is an incredibly exciting process and one that you can easily get swept away by. With just the two of you to consider, the possibilities are endless, but this can be overwhelming and daunting too. Working with a planner, experienced in the destination you have chosen to get married in, will elevate any additional pressure in the run-up to your special day. A planner can recommend the best ceremony locations and hidden gems in your chosen country. They will match you with the most suitable and reputable suppliers and vendors, plan a day that is effortlessly romantic and enjoyable, and ensure that you keep on track with your budget.

2) How do you figure out what your elopement style is?

Your Wedding day is immensely personal to you both as a couple, so think about the experiences, locations, and moments that capture your vision, align with your beliefs, and most of all give you that buzz of excitement. Think about the countries or locations that suit you and your personality. Do you dream of a ceremony in the sunshine overlooking the crystal waters of the sea, or does a mountain top hike in the snow followed by northern lights watching attract you? Do some visual research to narrow down your favorite vision for your ceremony backdrop, places you’d like to stay, and experiences you’d like to enjoy together. Then consider how you’d like your Wedding day attire, florals, and hair & make-up to blend into this style.

3) What tips do you have for couples who are planning their elopement?

  1. Pack Light – Consider your luggage and practicalities whilst traveling. Think of how easy it will be to transport your Wedding dress or suit and the weight of these along with your accessories in your luggage.
  2. Capture your Day -We all know how important it is to find the right photographer and videographer for your wedding day, and this is definitely true if you’re marrying abroad or eloping. You want to treasure the memories of your trip for a lifetime and what better way to share the day and involve your loved ones than a private and exclusive screening upon your return?
  3. Use Local Suppliers – Hiring a personable planner who knows local suppliers is more helpful now than ever, as there has been so much uncertainty and a lack of clarity in people’s lives recently. Find a planner working with suppliers who are reputable, trustworthy, and that you connect with as they can give informed advice and support to ensure everything comes together smoothly.
  4. Plan your Activities – The great thing about eloping is that you and your partner can do exactly what you want, when you want. Experience dog sledding, glacier hiking, or even snowmobiling under the northern lights! Do something memorable to commemorate your wedding day and make the most of your trip away.
  5. Legalities – Symbolic, Religious, or Legal? Once you have decided on a country or have narrowed down your preferred countries to get married in, I suggest researching venues and properties to host your Wedding. You will need to check if it is possible for non-citizens to get married in your chosen location. This can be done via your Wedding Planner or the local council or town hall independently, depending on the Country.

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Wedding Planner |Amulet Events 

Photography | Artisan X Photography
Florist | Annie Campbell 
Celebrant | Gail Brack [email protected]
Kilts | MacGregor and MacDuff – [email protected]
Stylist | Hayley Thurston

Styled Elopement at Albion Basin in Salt Lake City, Utah

Photography by Sav Brown Photography

Elopement Planner: Sydney Herring, Wildly In Love

About this Styled session: This shoot was an inspiration for what my company stands for – helping wildly in love couples say yes to forever with one another! Being wildly in love looks different to everyone, but to me it means running off with the person you love, dancing in the wildflowers, and having a picnic at bottom of some mountains.

1) Why do you need a planner for your elopement?

You may think that because you’re eloping, you don’t need to hire a planner. Well, my friend…I am here to tell you why you really, really NEED to. Good elopement planners do much more than make things look pretty – they get down and dirty in order to make your day more enjoyable, comfortable, and fun!

Here are 3 reasons why you need to hire an elopement planner like me …

  1. Logistics – Your elopement planner should tell you the things you need to know that you didn’t even know you needed to know, and take care of them for you! Many people don’t realize all the detailed logistics that go into an elopement.
  2. Someone to Make it Happen – You deserve someone who will be there for you, no matter what on your elopement day. Hiking up a mountain to say “I do”? No worries, I will carry your dress and bouquet the entire way up. raining on your wedding day? I’ll hold an umbrella over you two love birds. Your florist can no longer make it? I will get some flowers and make you a killer bouquet. Mosquitoes swarming as you’re trying to take photos? I’ll fan those suckers far, far away. That’s the type of elopement planner your want.
  3.  Someone to hype you – You’re freaking marrying the love of your life! That is a BIG DEAL  Why would you want anything less for one of the most special days of your life?

2) How do you figure out what your elopement style is?

A good way to figure out your elopement style is by starting with what you two love to do! Do you guys love to hike and thrive being outside? You should do a sunrise hike in the mountains and celebrate with a picnic after! Are you super laid back and want something simple? Maybe a courthouse elopement with a champagne celebration is the right fit. Your elopement should be a fun, intimate way to celebrate YOU two and your love.

3) What tips do you have for couples who are planning their elopement?

  1. Hire a planner – there are so many details and logistics that can go into eloping. The list is endless: the best season, locations, time of day, etc. I promise you that you can’t go wrong by hiring an expert to help you out!
  2. Do your research – think of hiring vendors for your elopement like creating a dream team of who will be by your side making sure you have the most incredible day! Hire vendors [photography, videography, etc.] who are people you vibe with, in addition to loving their work. That way you can truly relax and feel comfortable to tackle whatever adventure you set out for!
  3. Be flexible – since most elopements take place in the great outdoors, Mother Nature can play a huge role in your day! Everyone wants perfect weather, but be prepared for rain, snow, windy weather, humidity, bugs trying to bite you, etc. The season of year and location is a big factor in these variables [another reason to hire a planner to help guide you through the endless options until you find the right one!] As long as you have an open mind, your day will be its own version of perfect, even if it doesn’t go exactly the way you planned!

Planning + Design | WILDLY IN LOVE
Photography | Sav Brown Photography
Florals | Evergreen + Ivy 
Gown | Daci Gown
Jewelry | Eden Jewelry Co
Hair + Makeup | Hair by Sarah Schorr

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